Chapter 586 - Chu Feng Enters the Stage

MGA: Chapter 586 - Chu Feng Enters the Stage

“Hmph. A Purple-cloak World Spiritist? So what? I don’t believe you will break my giant sword!”

Although he knew that the Spirit Formation power his opponent grasped completely surpassed his own, Yuelao was unwilling to admit defeat. Gritting his teeth, he channeled all his power into the formation.

With merely a blink, the blue-coloured large sword that was only nine meters long expended rapidly, and actually became over a dozen meters long. Even its might increased by several times.

But that Mr. Gu still did not fear such a change. Rather, within his smile, a trace of mocking leaked out.


Suddenly, Mr. Gu loudly shouted. A purple-coloured formation towering in front of him spun quickly. Countless symbols swirled inside, forming a strange but gorgeous pattern. As radiance dazzled, powerful aura emanated from within.


Just as Yuelao’s huge blue-coloured sword was going to near Mr. Gu, an explosion came from the purple-coloured Spirit Formation. Coinciding with such an event was a large purple-coloured hand abruptly stretching out from the same formation. Five fingers spread out, aiming to grab the huge sword.

The large hand was very huge. It was simply like the hand of a giant. Moreover, its speed was quick, and its might fierce. It grabbed onto the blue-coloured huge sword, and with a light clench, a bang burst out, the blue-coloured sword becoming fragments.

*poof* Simultaneous to the shattering of the blue-coloured huge sword, Yuelao’s complexion paled, his mouth widened, and a mouthful of blood sprayed out, staining his clothes. Then, his legs went limp, and he powerlessly fell down. If it weren’t for the people from the Li family arriving on time, he would have definitely crashed onto the ground.


But as Yuelao was utterly defeated and suffered heavy injuries, a furious roar came from the purple-coloured formation. After such a roar, the huge hand that already appeared actually grew speedily. Under the crowd’s gazes, a huge monster walked out.

That monster had a purple-coloured half-transparent body. It was formed by Spirit Formations. It was humanoid, but had a beast-like face. It was almost dozens of meters tall, and its aura was very powerful, its strength extraordinary as well. Despite being created by a Spirit Formation, it was very lifelike, as if it had intelligence. It struck fear into many people’s hearts.

“So powerful. He has actually exhibited Spirit Formation techniques to such a realm.” Seeing the enormous monster, the people on scene exclaimed endlessly, convinced by Mr. Gu’s Spirit Formation techniques.

“Brother, it seems like this heavy responsibility of opening the treasure falls upon my Ma family’s Mr. Gu for completion.” At that instant, the Ma family’s master spoke with a smile. His face and words were brimming with smugness.

“Haha, good good good! Brother, you’ve actually found such an excellent World Spiritist. I can see that you’ve put quite painstaking efforts in order to open this place. Brother, I truly thank you for the hard work.”

But the Li family’s master wasn’t too displeased. Instead, he very happily laughed, and as he spoke, he and the Ma family’s master walked together towards Mr. Gu, preparing to hand the stone cases in their hands to him.

Although on the surface, the Li family’s master didn’t seem to be concerned about the horrendous defeat of that fight, the other people in the Li family had very ugly faces on. They, who even had so many airs of arrogance before, were currently extremely downcast.

It was because the exchange just now did not only represent the complete defeat of Yuelao, it also represented their Li family’s complete defeat. That made the people of the Li family feel that they had no face, and were endlessly ashamed.

“Mr. Gu, you are truly very skilled. But I have also studied Spirit Formation techniques, so I wonder if you can give me some pointers on it, Mr. Gu?” But as the people from the Li family felt that everything was set, a loud and clear voice suddenly rang out from the ranks of the Li family.

“Who?” After that voice rang out, almost everyone on scene couldn’t help being surprised. They quickly shot their gazes at the origin of the voice.

And when they saw him, their complexions changed once again because at that very instant, they could clearly see a handsome middle-aged man slowly walking out from the Li family’s crowd. That person was none other than Wuqing, transformed from Chu Feng.

“Wuqing, what are you doing? Are you looking to die? Quickly get the hell back here, don’t go out to lose face!”

“Bastard, does this guy want fame so much that he wants to go insane? Just look at his opponent. Even Yuelao could not defeat that Mr. Gu, yet he dares to walk out?”

“Ahh, this time, my Li family will truly lose a tremendous amount of face.”

After discovering that it was Chu Feng who called out, many people in the Li family felt extremely helpless. Some even sent hidden mental messages to Chu Feng, telling him to get back to avoid any more embarrassment for the Li family.

Actually, not only those who didn’t know Chu Feng acted like that. Even Li Chan and the Li family’s master who knew Chu Feng slightly more currently frowned strongly, not knowing what action was best because they too did not feel that Chu Feng, who was only in the eighth level of the Heaven realm, could defeat the Purple-cloak World Spiritist in the ninth level of the Heaven realm.

“My friend, you are quite courageous. May I have your name?” After derisively examining Chu Feng, Mr. Gu smiled lightly and spoke.

“I am Wuqing.” Chu Feng replied serenely.

“Ah, so it’s Wuqing. My friend Wuqing, do you truly want to have a Spirit Formation technique spar with me?” Mr. Gu very mockingly asked.

“Don’t tell me you do not dare?” Chu Feng replied with cold words.

“Haha, you jest. I don’t dare? Do you think I’m afraid of you?”

“Since you insist, I’ll grant your wish. However, the distance between our strengths is too big. If I truly attack, I’m afraid I will heavily injure you.”

“So, I won’t attack you. If you want to defeat me, that’s fine as well. So long as you use your strongest Spirit Formation technique to attack my Spirit Formation Giant and make it tremble, then it’s your win.” Mr. Gu smiled while looking at Chu Feng, his gaze full of disdain.

“Oh? Are your words really true? As long as I can cause the thing you made to shake, it’s my win?” Chu Feng loudly asked, almost disagreeing on the method of determining the victor.

“But of course. I’ve always kept true to my word. My friend Wuqing, please don’t think that I’m looking down on you. This is really for the sake of your safety. I have no other choice.” Mr. Gu spread open his hands, as though it truly did not matter for him.

“Then I must thank you for your kind intentions.” Wearing a light smile on his face that suddenly turned cold, Chu Feng opened up his arms, then rapidly waved them. Layers of odd symbols endlessly poured out and drilled into the air.

Chu Feng’s speed was extremely quick, so quick that one could not see his hands clearly, nor his movements. They could see only the countless afterimages formed by his arms as they kept on flashing in front of him.

In that situation, with Chu Feng in the middle, his surroundings started to change as well. At first, there were only bursts of rumblings, but then the earth started to faintly tremble. At the end, innumerable shattered rocks rose from the ground, rising gradually and even the air around him twisted.