Chapter 585 - Spirit Formation Technique Contest

MGA: Chapter 585 - Spirit Formation Technique Contest

After a short trip, Chu Feng and the others very quickly arrived at the agreed location in the Wolf Ivory Mountain Range, a small ravine within some mountains. At the bottom of the ravine, a large group of people had gathered, and judging by the clothes they wore, they were from the Ma family.

The cultivation that the Ma family had was all quite good. The weakest were in the fifth level of the Heaven realm, but most were at the peak of the Heaven realm. They even had eighteen Blue-cloak World Spiritists, but the Li family only had a number that could be counted with one hand: five.

So, it could be said that in terms of the number of people and total strength, the Ma family did indeed far surpass the Li family. That was not only limited to the experts the Ma family invited. Even the people from the Ma family surpassed those from the Li family.

There was especially an old man within the crowd who had an extraordinary complexion and powerful presence.

He was near three meters tall, and his body was so sturdy that even through his clothes his chucks of healthy muscles could be seen. Even the wrinkles on his face did not seem like wrinkles, but more like scars.

Although he neared the age of a hundred, the feeling he gave off was as if he was at the peak of his life. Without much thinking, Chu Feng knew who that person was. He was certainly the master of the Ma family, a rank one Martial Lord, Ma Yukun.

“Brother, you’ve finally come! I’ve waited quite a long time for you.” Seeing Chu Feng and the others, Ma Yukun first rose into the sky and while full of smiles, he initiated a conversation with the Li family’s master. The Li family’s master was also very enthusiastic, like nothing had ever happened. Both of them exhibited the brotherly affection between themselves.

Chu Feng was used to seeing such a scene, so his focus did not stop on the Ma family’s body, but at the ravine.

When he used his Heaven’s Eyes and looked down from above, he discovered that the ravine did look quite like the location of a Spiritual Lair.

However, after Chu Feng descended, he simply could not find anything out of the ordinary, let alone the entrance. Now that wasn’t because Chu Feng’s cultivation was too weak. It only meant that the mysterious expert who sealed that place was too strong. It wasn’t the terrain that hid itself from Chu Feng’s Heaven’s Eyes, but the Spirit Formation laid that was hidden from Chu Feng’s Heaven’s Eyes.

“Brother, I have waited dozens of years for this day, and our ancestors are always watching us from above.”

“Right now, we can finally open this place. We must be early with matters, so why not open it right now?” As the Ma family’s master spoke, he took out a stone case from his Cosmos Sack. Although there wasn’t anything special about the stone case, the patterns in the center of the stone case told Chu Feng it was not simple at all. The object inside the stone case was even less simple.

“Mm. Brother, you’re correct. However, our ancestors had made it clear that it must be a World Spiritist who opens this place, but neither of us are a World Spiritist. Who should such an important responsibility be given to?” The Li family’s master also took out an almost identical stone case.

“Brother. Although neither of us are qualified for this matter, right now, what we don’t lack are people like World Spiritists in our families. However, such a significant duty can only be bore by a single person. Who exactly to send is a problem...”

“But the solution to that is very simple. From what I see, choose your Li family’s most excellent World Spiritist, and I’ll also choose a decent one from my Ma family.”

“Let them two compare their Spirit Formation techniques, and the victor will bear this heavy responsibility. They will then open this place with both our keys. How about it?” The Ma family’s master smiled and said.

“Sure! Brother, we’ll follow your words.” The Li family’s master nodded his head in approval. Then, he looked at the Li family crowd behind him, and locked his gaze on Yuelao after lightly scanning over them. He said, “Yuelao, I’ll pass my Li family’s heavy responsibility to you.”

“Yes sir!” Seeing that, Yuelao hurriedly replied. He first tidied up the blue-coloured World Spirit Cloak on him, then complacently looked at the crowd. Particularly, he looked at Chu Feng with a special gaze, as if saying, “Little boy, can you do this? In this crucial moment, the one who represents the Li family is still me.”

“Mr. Gu, go.” At the same time, the Ma family’s master waved his hand.

Immediately after he finished speaking, an old man also wearing a blue-coloured World Spirit Cloak walked out from the Ma family’s mass of people.

Not only was the old man a Blue-cloak World Spiritist, his cultivation was not weaker than Yuelao, also having the cultivation of the ninth level of the Heaven realm. Moreover, in comparison to Yuelao’s smugness, he seemed quite tranquil, but his gaze emanated absolute confidence.

“My friend, I wonder… How do you wish to compete?” After the old man called Mr. Gu walked out, he very politely asked Yuelao.

“Is there even a need to ask? Since it’s a spar between World Spiritists, naturally, we compete with Spirit Formation techniques.” However, Yuelao coldly snorted, then willed. With a “hmm”, boundless blue-coloured Spirit Formation power surged out from his body.

*whoosh whoosh whoosh* Afterwards, he moved his palms around, facing the sky and very quickly drawing. A large Spirit Formation was then erected in mid-air.

*whoosh* And when the boundless blue-coloured power coming from Yuelao’s body passed through the huge Spirit Formation he created in the air, a blue-coloured sword of three-meters width and nine-meters height formed, and slashed down towards Mr. Gu.

It was not a martial skill, nor a Secret Skill. It was a special Spirit Formation formed by a combination of formation, so it had a certain amount of offensive nature. The blue-coloured huge sword that Yuelao formed was a rather brilliant method.

“As expected of Yuelao. Such a powerful Spirit Formation technique!” Indeed, after the blue-coloured huge sword appeared, all of the World Spiritists in the Li family couldn’t help lighting up their eyes and praising, because they, who were also World Spiritists, absolutely could not do the thing that Yuelao did.

But even though the Li family’s crowd was exclaiming in surprise, the World Spiritists from the Ma family were very calm, as if they had absolute confidence that they would win.

“My friend, you truly do have great methods, but sadly, if it is only a blue-coloured Spirit Formation, I’m afraid you will not be able to defeat me.”

Just at that moment, Mr. Gu coldly smiled. Then, he raised a single hand and drew in the air. A purple-coloured Spirit Formation quickly condensed in front of him.

“What? How is that possible? He’s a Purple-cloak World Spiritist?”

“Heavens! That too inconceivable! He’s actually a Purple-cloak World Spiritist! Isn’t that power only Martial Lords can grasp?”

After seeing the purple-coloured formation, the faces of the people from the Li family changed. Formerly very smug, their faces were now full of shock.

Normally speaking, purple-coloured Spirit Formation power should be power only Martial Lords could grasp. Those who became a Purple-cloak World Spiritist before being a Martial Lord could be said to be a dragon within men.

At present, Mr. Gu of the Ma family was obviously a person like that. How could the Li family not be astonished? After all, there was an impassable distance between Blue-cloak World Spiritists and Purple-cloak World Spiritists. All of them knew that the Li family had lost.