Chapter 584 - Exploitation

MGA: Chapter 584 - Exploitation

“Wuqing, you actually have something like that?!” Seeing the black and white pellet in Chu Feng’s hand, the Li family’s master was bewildered.

Forbidden Medicine could raise a cultivator’s cultivation in a short period of time. That was something everyone knew. However, the medicinal power of Forbidden Medicines varied, and colours were used to differentiate the strong ones from the weak ones.

After reaching a realm such as a Martial Lord, ordinary Forbidden Medicines didn’t really have any use. Similarly, they were not affected by the backlash from ordinary Forbidden Medicine because their bodies truly reached extremely terrifying states.

However, high-quality Forbidden Medicine contained power that could even affect Martial Lords, but those kinds of Forbidden Medicine were always difficult to create, and even the method of creation was a secret that wasn’t spread to others. Moreover, after producing such an item, there were at least two different colours. Forbidden Medicine like those had names unique to them.

For example, the one Chu Feng took out just now. It was a type of high-quality Forbidden medicine, and its medicinal power was so strong it could change a Martial Lord’s cultivation. Especially for a rank one Martial Lord, its effects were the most distinct.

But even in the Eastern Sea Region, it was not easy to find Forbidden Medicine like that. It was something that truly lacked in supply, and was something that could only be found by chance. That was why the Li family’s master seemed so astounded when Chu Feng took out that Forbidden Medicine.

“I am indeed unable to produce this Black and White Rakshasa, and indeed, I found it in a certain remain.” Chu Feng nodded his head, smiling. The Forbidden Medicine was plundered from the Ji Dynasty. Since he knew that he would have a use for it in the future, Chu Feng did not sell it, and left it by his side.

“Wuqing, this Black and White Rakshasa is truly too valuable. I cannot take it for nothing. The market price for a Black and White Rakshasa should be fifty thousand Heaven beads. I’ll give you sixty thousand Heaven beads. Take them as the cost for the pellet.” As the Li family’s master spoke, he cast an eye gesture at Li Chan.

After Li Chan nodded her head, she turned around and left. When she returned, in her hand there was a Cosmos Sack, and inside were sixty thousand Heaven beads.

Chu Feng did not oppose the Li family’s action, and gladly accepted the beads. Although he knew that the Black and White Rakshasa wasn’t a simple thing, he never expected it to be so valuable. Sixty thousand Heaven beads was not a small number. There was no reason for any refusal.

“Wuqing, it is my Li family’s luck to be able to invite you to this place. With this Black and White Rakshasa, I will have absolutely no problem defeating Ma Yukun.” With the pellet in his hand, feeling the berserk medicinal power contained within, the Li family’s master mouth couldn’t help rising into a confident smile.

And seeing her father praise Chu Feng in such a way, and thinking about the things Chu Feng did before, Li Chan was a bit proud too. After all, Chu Feng was brought back by her.

“Chu Feng, do you feel that this Li family’s master is trustworthy? I keep on feeling something wrong with him. Either he is extremely stupid and has nothing in his heart called suspicion, or his scheming ability is so great that even you and I cannot see through it.” But just at that moment, Eggy spoke, expressing a bit of worry.

“Don’t worry. Unless he doesn’t take the Black and White Rakshasa, otherwise, I can control him within a short period of time. Even if I can’t control him, his cultivation will completely disappear if I wish it to.”

“Besides, regardless of how much stronger he gets, he is only a rank one Martial Lord. So, even if he doesn’t take the Black and White Rakshasa and retains his own cultivation, and also wants to harm me, if I put my full strength in the Azure Dragon Dashing Technique, he may not be able to catch up to me. Also, intuition is telling me that this Li family’s master is not a person who has extremely complex schemes. Rather, he’s a person who reaches the extremities of stupidity. He is probably one of those legendary idiots who are never willing to change their minds and keep on trusting.”

Chu Feng lightly smiled. There was a special Spirit Formation added into the Black and White Rakshasa. After the consumer refines it, the Spirit Formation would enter their body without them knowing.

As long as Chu Feng activates that Spirit Formation, it would control the consumer for a short period of time. Even if he was unable to control the consumer, he could restrain his power.

Chu Feng, at present, wanted to use the Li family’s master to take care of the Ma family. After removing the Ma family, he believed that the Li family’s master wouldn’t just watch as Chu Feng took the Spiritual Awareness in the Wolf Ivory Mountain Rang. So, the Black and White Rakshasa was Chu Feng’s trump card.

However, it was definitely not his final trump card. Those were still the three Secret Skills he grasped. Chu Feng knew that Martial Lords were very powerful, and with his current strength, despite being invincible within the Heaven realm, he was still unable to kill a Martial Lord.

But, the three Secret Skills Chu Feng grasped had evolved. If Chu Feng used them with his full power, it was likely even a Martial Lord could do nothing to him. That was also why Chu Feng was so confident.

After that, exactly as it played out in Chu Feng’s head, the Li family let out information and announced to the outside that Chu Feng attempted to break open the Monstrous Beast’s Spirit Formation, but at the end, was unsuccessful, causing it to go mad. As nothing could be done, he could only kill it.

When that was known, many Li family members who didn’t know the truth were very disappointed. After all, they hoped Chu Feng could break open the Spirit Formation so they could find out the criminal who aimed to assassinate their family’s Big Miss.

But that put the Shabi couple and the Ma family’s members at ease. They truly thought that the Li family knew nothing, so everything went according to their original plan.

Just like that, a few more days passed, and finally, the day that the Li and Ma family agreed to open the treasure within the Wolf Ivory Mountain arrived. The Li family gathered all of the experts and grandly flew over to the Wolf Ivory Mountain Range.

“God damn, that bastard really has some luck. He actually saved the Big Miss! Right now, he has really thoroughly gotten good impressions from her and the family master.” When an expert invited by the Li family looked at the lively conversation between Chu Feng and Li Chan, and when even the Li family’s master chatted occasionally with Chu Feng, he was permeated with envy, and such envy gave birth to hatred as well.

“In the world of cultivators, strength will forever rule supreme. The Li family did not invite us here for chats and laughs.” Just at that time, Yuelao spoke.

“Yuelao, what do you mean?” Hearing that, many experts went close to him. They felt very displeased when they looked at Chu Feng, and really wished something bad would happen to him. They even wanted to give him a lesson.

“What day is today?” Yuelao asked.

“I’ve heard that there’s an ancient remain in the Wolf Ivory Mountain Range, and the Li and Ma family will open it together.” Someone replied.

“Since they’re opening it together, then there will definitely be a contest. In this world, there are no true alliances, only true benefits.”

“I’ve heard that the Ma family invited quite a few experts from the outside as well. So, when we meet later, there will definitely be clashes. At least there will be a time when we compare our might. That time will be the time when we show our strengths. With only the cultivation of the eighth level of the Heaven realm, what can that brat Wuqing do?”

“Later on, if the Ma family does not jeer, then it’s fine. But if they do, I will be the first to make my move and shame the Ma family. If the Ma family doesn’t take that loss, they will definitely send another person up. At that time, all of you can recommend Wuqing to go. With his cultivation, he will definitely be greatly defeated, and his great defeat would also shame the Li family. So… Hmph!” Yuelao coldly snorted, his face completely chilly.

“Excellent idea Yuelao, excellent idea!” And after hearing Yuelao’s words, those experts sneered, and the gaze they looked at Chu Feng with was filled with expectation.