Chapter 583 - Black and White Rakshasa

MGA: Chapter 583 - Black and White Rakshasa

The Li family’s manor. Li Chan was invited to the palace Chu Feng lived in.

“Lord Benefactor Wuqing, you asked for me in such a hurry. Is there something wrong?” Li Chan’s position in the Li family was not low. Other than the family master, it was reasonable to say she was the one with the most authority.

But a woman who had such a high position, when she personally saw Chu Feng, couldn’t help referring him as “Lord Benefactor”. Moreover, she had a very good attitude, so much that something seemed to be wrong.

“Iron Beast, go ahead.”

“Truthfully tell Big Miss exactly what happened.” Chu Feng cast his gaze towards the Monstrous Beast next to him.

“This is?” Only then did Li Chan discover that the Monstrous Beast which attacked her back then seemed different. Although it was still submissive, it clearly lost its former oddness. Looking at its clear gaze, it seemed to have its own awareness.

Indeed, after Chu Feng spoke, the Monstrous Beast actually stood up, walked up to Li Chan, and very apologetically bowed to Li Chan before saying, “Big Miss, I express my apologies for the matters on that day. However, I hope you can understand that I was truly helpless.”

“You, you’ve recovered your nature?” After the Monstrous Beast named Iron Beast spoke, Li Chan was instantly elated. Quickly after, she looked at Chu Feng and said, “Lord Benefactor Wuqing, you’ve succeeded?”

“Yes. With Mr. Wuqing’s powerful methods, not only did he restore my nature, he even recovered my memories regarding everything that happened in these past days. So, even though I lost my awareness since a few days ago, I remember everything that I experienced.”

Before letting Chu Feng speak, Iron Beast took the lead and spoke first. Furthermore, from its words and attitude, it could be seen that it was actually really grateful to Chu Feng for breaking open his seal and returning his nature.

“Then, what exactly happened? Who sealed your nature, and who brought you into the Wolf Ivory Mountain?” Li Chan impatiently asked.

“As predicted by you and Mr. Wuqing, it was the Ma family, and the person who caught me was the master of the Ma family, Ma Yukun.” The Monstrous Beast calmly spoke, but the truth immediately came out, in a single sentence.

“It was truly them?” And after hearing those words, Li Chan’s expressions changed greatly. Although she had already thought of the answer, when it was confirmed, she still felt disbelief.

Afterwards, Li Chan immediately brought Chu Feng and the Monstrous Beast to her father’s residence. Moreover, she told everything to him.

As per Chu Feng’s arrangements, the Monstrous Beast even supplemented details and said many things that did not exist in order to make the Li family’s master believe that his brother held malicious thoughts for a long time already, and that he wanted to take over his Li family.

“Dammit! What a waste it was to see him as my brother. He dares to entrap me like this, and even wanted to kill my daughter?!” Indeed, with the combined assistance of Chu Feng, Li Chan, and the Monstrous Beast, the Li family’s master, who knew the truth, clenched his fists in anger and gritted his teeth.

Chu Feng, who was already a Purple-cloak World Spiritist, could feel the surging fury in the Li family master’s body, as well as his boundless bloodlust.

“Father, what should we do now? His Ma family clearly harboured selfish thoughts and has schemed for a long time. In a few more days, it will be the day to open the treasure. He will definitely make a move on us.” Li Chan asked with a face of worry.


“The treasure opening date has already been set. If I suddenly go back on my word, he will definitely be suspicious. Right now, it is really not a good situation.” Being questioned by Li Chan, the Li family’s master felt himself to be in quite the predicament.

“Milord, Big Miss, I do have a plan.” Just at that time, Chu Feng spoke.

“Wuqing, what plan do you have? Quickly tell us!” Hearing that, the Li family’s master hurriedly asked.

“The near-death experience that the Big Miss had, despite being carefully planned out by the Ma family, was still set up by the Shabi couple [1]. If it weren’t for those two traitors, she wouldn’t have possibly entered such a perilous state.” Chu Feng said.

“Hmph. In these years that the Shabi couple followed me, I had never maltreated them. If it weren’t for my development, they simply wouldn’t have had their current cultivations. I treat them in such a kind manner, yet they repay that kindness in such a way. I will definitely make them pay the price for their actions.” When the Shabi couple was mentioned, the Li family’s master was as furious as the thunders, his killing intent boiling.

“Milord. Naturally, this Shabi couple must be punished severely, but right now, we can use them.” Chu Feng said smilingly.

“Use them? How?” Li Chan asked closely.

“They know that the one who saved you is me, and also know that I’m a World Spiritist. I subdued the Monstrous Beast and brought it back, so they can definitely suppose that I want to find clues regarding the attempted murder from the Monstrous Beast.”

“Tomorrow, announce my failure to remove the seal in the Monstrous Beast, which caused the Monstrous Beast to thoroughly lose control, and as nothing could be done, it was killed. I will also use special Spirit Formation methods to generate a fake Monstrous Beast corpse to show to the public, and make them believe it to be genuine.”

“With that, the Shabi couple will definitely report this to the Ma family, and because of that, they will not know that we have knowledge of their secret. In addition, the camaraderie between you and the Ma family’s master will make them assume that you’re still oblivious.”

“As for the treasure opening a few days later, we will undergo it normally. However, we must move before the Ma family moves. The so-called ‘beating someone in their own game’.” Chu Feng said.

“But the total strength of the Ma family is already superior to my Li family. Moreover, they have planned for a long time. I’m afraid we won’t be able to defeat them a few days later.” Li Chan worriedly said.

“Actually, that’s not a very hard problem either. Although the Ma family’s total strength is likely greater than the Li family, they have only one Martial Lord: the Ma family’s master. Milord, as long as you can defeat him, the Ma family will be undoubtedly defeated.” Chu Feng smiled and said.

“Wuqing, you’re quite logical, but I’ve personally sparred Ma Yukun many times before and we have always ended up with a draw. If I need to kill him, I’m afraid it won’t be easy. If the surprise attack fails, then the two of us will be forced into a dragged out battle. I would be quite fine, but it’s likely that all of you will be in danger.” The Li family’s master expressed worry as he spoke.

“Milord, there’s no need to worry about that. I, Wuqing, have studied Spirit Formation techniques carefully, and have once stumbled upon luck. Milord, as long as you’ve firmly decided in killing Ma Yukun, then I can guarantee that you’ll defeat him.” Chu Feng said while being full of confidence.

“Wuqing, I wonder...what methods do you have? Speak your mind!” The Li family’s master asked.

“I have here a single forbidden medicine obtained from an ancient remain. Although it cannot make you into a rank two Martial Lord from a rank one Martial Lord, it will have no problem increasing your strength greatly so you can kill the Ma family’s master.”

“However, after all, it’s a forbidden medicine. Ten hours after consumption, the medicinal effects wear off, and when it does, you will feel pain akin to ten thousand insects gnawing upon your bones. But with your current cultivation, you will definitely not die. Rather, it will help your future cultivation.” As Chu Feng spoke, he took out a black and white pellet.

“This is, the Black and White Rakshasa!”

And when the Li family’s master saw the pellet, his expression changed greatly, his aged face full of shock.