Chapter 582 - Son of a Martial Emperor

MGA: Chapter 582 - Son of a Martial Emperor

At the start, Chu Feng could already feel the horrifying aura behind the enormous door. That aura made Chu Feng feel terror from the bottom of his heart, deterring him from approaching the huge door that was full of chains. Even though the World Spirit Space was his territory, he did not dare.

Back then, Chu Feng even thought he could gradually resist that aura as his strength rose, making him dare to go near the door, even open the door and control the existence behind it.

But he discovered that he was wrong. The stronger his strength became, the more he felt the overwhelming strength of that existence. If that door did not exist, he simply didn’t dare to imagine what would happen.

Especially, just now, when the thing inside pounded against the huge door, aiming to break the Spirit Formation, it was the first time that Chu Feng felt peril.

It was because the horrifying power was truly too horrifying. Even though Chu Feng had yet to face it head-on, he already strongly felt how powerful the existence behind the huge door was.

Its power was like an endless great ocean.

And Chu Feng himself on the other hand, was nothing but a tiny speck of dust floating around in the sky.

So, when he compared himself to the huge existence within the door, it was the difference between a speck of dust and an ocean. If the thing inside suddenly broke the bindings of the Spirit Formation, then Chu Feng was definitely going to die.

“It is merely a World Spirit from the Asura Spirit World that has a deranged nature and is full of hatred. Since the seal on this door is specialized for World Spirits from the Asura Spirit World, I am sure that it is from the Asura Spirit World.”

“As for its cultivation, I was unable to confirm it before, but looking at the power it used to smash against the Spirit Formation just now, it seems to be quite a bit stronger than my expectations.” Eggy sweetly smiled and said.

“Exactly what realm is it in?” Chu Feng restlessly asked.

“According to the cultivation realms you have here, very barely, I suppose it can be counted as a Martial Emperor.” Eggy smiled, downplaying the significance of her words.

“What? Martial Emperor?!” Hearing the two words “Martial Emperor”, Chu Feng couldn’t avoid being dumbstruck, his face astounded.

There was actually a Martial Emperor locked within his own World Spirit Space. That was rather shocking, especially so since Chu Feng went to the Imperial Tomb and experienced the power of the Imperial Might. Whenever he thought of the fact that there had always been a Martial Emperor in his World Spirit Space, he truly had no choice but to be stunned.

“What’s there to be afraid of? It’s not like this guy has been locked in your World Spirit Space for one or two days. If it could escape, it would have already. How would it even let a boy like you continue living so leisurely?”

“You need to know that its malice is very strong. I’m sure it already hates you straight to the bone, and if it does escape, the first thing it will do is skin you, drink your blood, and take your life! Hehe!” Eggy strangely smiled, scaring Chu Feng.

“I’m not afraid, just shocked. Shocked that a Martial Emperor is imprisoned in my World Spirit Space.” Chu Feng shook his head, but very quickly, a thought popped up, and he asked, “Eggy, does this mean that you’re also a Martial Emperor? And wouldn’t the person who sealed you two in my World Spirit Space also be a Martial Emperor?”

Seeing Chu Feng’s dumbfounded and tongue-tied reaction, Eggy couldn’t help tidying up her skirt and hair, then very pleasedly said, “Accurately speaking, that’s true. My cultivation back then, according to your cultivation ranking here, was indeed of the Martial Emperor level, unlike that guy over there who can only barely be counted as a Martial Emperor.”

“As for the person who sealed my cultivation here without me knowing, I’m afraid I cannot be sure of his cultivation.”

*gulp* At that instant, Chu Feng strongly gulped, then said, “Heavens. You were actually a Martial Emperor.” Although he already had his guesses, when Eggy personally admitted her cultivation, Chu Feng was still quite surprised.

“Hmph. You brat, what is this attitude? Do I not look like a Martial Emperor? I’ll even tell you this: I am not simply a Martial Emperor. I’m also a great demon who kills without blinking! Even in my Asura Spirit World I’m an infamous existence! You better not anger me!” Seeing Chu Feng’s reaction of disbelief, Eggy pouted, seeming very displeased.

“Haha, of course not of course not. How could I dare to doubt Milady Queen’s strength?” Seeing Eggy angry, Chu Feng hurriedly shook his head, denying her words. But, he wasn’t able to hold back his laugh.

“You damn Chu Feng! Just you wait. On the day that I restore my strength, see how I’ll take care of you.” Eggy gnashed her teeth in anger, but regardless what expression she had on her absolutely beautiful face, it was so pretty that it did not seem serious. In Chu Feng eyes, she even seemed to be nothing but cute.

And after attempting to destroy the huge door two times, the Martial Emperor level World Spirit sealed behind the door quieted down as well.

As for why that happened, Eggy explained it as possibly because Chu Feng successfully linked himself to the purple-coloured Spirit Formation power, making the World Spirit feel a familiar scent, which in turn agitated it.

But Chu Feng had no need to worry about anything. The Spirit Formation in the World Spirit Space was very powerful. It was not something that the World Spirit could break. As for the reason why the person who laid such a formation sealed Eggy and such a horrifying World Spirit in Chu Feng’s World Spirit Space, it was simple.

Obviously, that person wanted Chu Feng to use Eggy and the World Spirit. However, with Chu Feng’s current cultivation, he was unable to grasp such power.

After that, Chu Feng left the World Spirit Space. Despite already calmed expressions on his face, his heart was still quite excited because to him, at present, if he thought of exactly who sealed Eggy and the horrifying World Spirit in his body, he was able to think of his father.

Back then, after confirming that Huangfu Haoyue’s cultivation was of the Martial King rank, Chu Feng had felt that his father was a great Martial King, but right now, he couldn’t help destroying that thought. His father was definitely not a Martial King. He was very possibly a Martial Emperor, perhaps even stronger.

And as a cultivator who was advancing forward bit by bit in the vast world of martial cultivation, when Chu Feng recollected that his own father was a mighty Martial Emperor, he couldn’t help but feel his blood boil because that was definitely something to be proud of.

“Father. Although I don’t know what happened back then, I will find you. I will find the answer. As your son, I will not disappoint you.” After speaking those words with great confidence, he cast his gaze at the Monstrous Beast that knelt obediently nearby, and still had frenzied blood circulating its body.

*hmm* Suddenly, Chu Feng waved his sleeve. Purple-coloured Spirit Formation power visible by the naked eye poured out from his body. Afterwards, his finger was like a brush as it drew on the ground. With practiced actions, a grand Spirit Formation was gradually rising.

Chu Feng wanted to quickly destroy the Spirit Formation sealed in the Monstrous Beast’s body. That was not something simple, but Chu Feng was totally sure and had absolute confidence he could break it open in a short amount of time.

It was for no other reason but because his blood boiled. As long as he recalled that his father was a Martial Emperor, and that he was a son of a Martial Emperor, he blood truly boiled and burned, strongly pushing him forward.