Chapter 581 - Purple-coloured Spirit Formation Power

MGA: Chapter 581 - Purple-coloured Spirit Formation Power

“Who was that person just now? He’s actually using the best palace in this manor?”

In a certain area within the manor rounds, after a woman, who had a ugly appearance and heavy makeup on, and also had the cultivation of the eighth level of the Heaven realm, saw Chu Feng enter that palace, her face was full of displeasure.

“I’ve carefully examined him just now. His cultivation is also only in the eighth level of the Heaven realm. I wonder why he is qualified to go into that palace.” A big man with scars across his face, also having cultivation in the eighth level of the Heaven realm, spoke very displeasedly.

“If you have time to be concerned about others, why not spend it on how to improve yourself.” Just at that moment, an old man holding a cane, wearing a blue-coloured World Spirit Cloak, walked over. That old man was not only a Blue-cloak World Spiritist, he even had the aura of the ninth level of the Heaven realm. He was the one with the strongest cultivation in the manor.

“Yuelao!” Seeing that old man, the people there more or less revealed reverence. Since those people had very arrogant attitudes and no one viewed another as superior, it was hard to avoid some clashes of the tongue. Some even fought against each other, but without exception, all of them were given a lesson by Yuelao, so they deeply knew how powerful he was.

“Yuelao, we were only crying out injustice for you. Whose strength can be comparable to yours out of all the people the Li family invited? You should be living in that place, but the Li family did not have such arrangements.”

“We even thought that the reason why the Li family didn’t arrange for you to live in there was because they could find an even more powerful character. I even thought they could get a super-expert, a Martial Lord! But who would have thought that ultimately, they got a person like him.”

“What virtue or ability does he have? Not to mention you, it’s likely many people in this manor can defeat him.” After Yuelao appeared, the crowd tried to instigate a fight between him and Chu Feng by stating how he deserved to be in that mansion instead of Chu Feng.

“Do I need you to cry out injustice for something like this?” Yuelao lightly chuckled. He, who was old and cunning, clearly saw through their instigation.

“The Li family is wealthy, but they only give chances to people with strength. I’ve gotten news that in the next few days, the Li family will have an important operation, and the Li family has hired us for this exact operation.”

“So, if you want to obtain even greater rewards, you shouldn’t envy other people’s treatment. The best thing to do now is to prepare, and exhibit your own strength soon.” Yuelao said seriously. His tone was like an elder brother scolding his younger brothers.

“We understand.” After hearing Yuelao’s words, not a single person on scene dared to have any complains.

“Okay, you’re dismissed. Go back and prepare well. Whether he’s a dragon or an ant, it will naturally be revealed on the day of the operation.” Yuelao casually waved his hand, but the meaning behind his words was very clear.

None of the people on scene were stupid, so of course, they understood what he meant. Hence, after the greetings, they went back to their respective residences.

“Hmph.” However, after everyone left, Yuelao cast his gaze back at the palace Chu Feng was in, his gaze surging with a hint of a chilly aura.

As a World Spiritist, Chu Feng, as expected, felt the crowd’s hostile gazes in the manor, but he simply didn’t put them in his eyes.

So, after entering the palace, Chu Feng ordered the servants assigned to him to prepare a quiet cultivation location. After entering the cultivation location, Chu Feng laid layers of Spirit Formations, preparing to train.

Chu Feng needed to open the Spirit Formation that sealed the Monstrous Beast’s nature, but he also discovered that the Spirit Formation was purple-coloured, which meant it was a Spirit Formation laid by a Purple-cloak World Spiritist.

A Spirit Formation laid by a Purple-cloak World Spiritist was definitely not something Chu Feng could destroy, but since Chu Feng dared to make a promise in front of the Li family’s master and Li Chan, of course, he had absolute confidence.

So, what Chu Feng needed to do right now was nothing other than to make a breakthrough in terms of his strength as a World Spiritist. He wanted to try to make a link to the power of purple-coloured Spirit Formations, and step into the realm of Purple-cloak World Spiritists.

Reasonably speaking, Chu Feng’s real cultivation was the fifth level of the Heaven realm. It was impossible for him to make a link to the Spirit Formation power with that kind of strength, because his body could not bear such a burden.

But in reality, Chu Feng astonishedly discovered when he stepped into the Heaven realm and obtained the power of the third lightning, the very essence of his cultivation changed.

At present, Chu Feng’s real strength was not the fifth level of the Heaven realm. It was the eighth level of the Heaven realm. That was Chu Feng’s real strength.

The power of the three lightning was no longer additional external power. It already thoroughly belonged to Chu Feng. It was his own power. It was his real cultivation. So, in that situation, Chu Feng could naturally make a link to the Spirit Formation power.


Indeed, after Chu Feng made sufficient preparations, he willed. Boundless purple-coloured gas surged out from the World Spirit Space, and was then led into Chu Feng’s own Spiritual World.

At that instant, Chu Feng felt his own Spirit power becoming a bit stronger, and with another thought, the purple-coloured Spirit Formation power could be controlled however he wished to.

He succeeded. On his first try, Chu Feng successfully connected himself to the power of the purple-coloured Spirit Formations, and grasped power only Purple-cloak World Spiritists could grasp. It was simply a piece of cake.

“Eggy, how is it? I’m quite impressive aren’t I?” Even though Chu Feng was completely confident he could gain the power of the Purple-coloured Spirit Formation, when he succeeded on his first attempt, even Chu Feng himself couldn’t help being a bit complacent, and bragged at the little beauty Eggy.

“Tch. It’s barely satisfactory.” Eggy alluringly curled her lips and said.

*boom rumble rumble rumble* However, just at that moment, the World Spirit Space trembled violently, just like an earthquake.

Such a change made Chu Feng’s expression change greatly. He hurriedly cast his gaze towards the huge door behind him. Because, as a World Spiritist, he immediately felt that the reason why the World Spirit Space trembled was all because of the door behind him. It was from the power that exploded inside the door that affected the World Spirit Space.

*boom* Indeed, as Chu Feng tightly stared at the huge door, another burst of frenzied power was shot out from inside, causing the World Spirit Space to shake once again.

“Powerful!” At that instant, even if it was Chu Feng, he couldn’t help inhaling deeply because even with the door separating them, Chu Feng could feel what kind of horrifying power surged within.

“You’ve finally gotten impatient? But sadly, the Spirit Formation here is too powerful. Even I can only obediently give up, let alone you.” Just at that moment, Eggy also came over, but on her exceptionally beautiful face, faint excitement emerged.

“Eggy, do you know what kind of an existence is locked inside, and what cultivation it has?” Chu Feng asked seriously, because he was truly aware that the thing inside was very terrifying.