Chapter 580 - Best Treatment

MGA: Chapter 580 - Best Treatment

“Young hero, thank you for saving my precious daughter. May I have your name?” After the old couple left, the Li family’s master was full of smiles as he examined Chu Feng. It could be seen that he felt very grateful.

“I am Wuqing!” Chu Feng replied, hands clasped.

“So it’s Young Hero Wuqing! Your talent is truly good, already in the eighth level of the Heaven realm at this age. I’m sure you won’t have any difficulty becoming a Martial Lord.” After the Li family’s master looked at Chu Feng for a while more, he nodded his head, satisfied, then clapped and said, “Servants!”

After speaking, two young female servants walked out of another room in the hall. Both of them held an exquisite tray, and on the trays, there were rows of sparkling beads displayed. They were Heaven beads, one thousand of them.

“Young hero Wuqing, it’s all because of you that my Chan’er is alive. These are only small gratitudes, think nothing of them, but please accept them.” The Li family’s master said.

“Milord, I’ve already agreed to the Big Miss’ invitation and I will use my power for the Li family. She has also promised me a reward of equivalent degree already. Thus, as a person of the Li family, protecting her is my responsibility! Milord, how can I possibly take another reward?” Chu Feng tactfully refused.

“Young Hero Wuqing, you are truly wise. Then, just assume these Heaven beads are rewards for what you’ve previously done.” The Li family’s master smiled and said.

Naturally, he knew when Chu Feng saved Li Chan, he hadn’t joined the Li family yet, so at that time, Chu Feng did not have any responsibility nor obligation to protect Li Chan. Reasonably speaking, there was no shame in Chu Feng taking the extra reward.

Yet Chu Feng still refused, which meant he wasn’t a person who only thought of profit. Instead, he had his own principles he abided by, and the Li family’s master respected Chu Feng a lot on that, because people who were like that could always be greatly used.

“Wuqing, since my father’s already spoken in such a way, just accept it.” Li Chan also urged.

“If it is like so, I’ll humbly accept them. Thank you milord, thank you Big Miss.” Hearing that, Chu Feng could only accept.

Although a thousand Heaven beads had extremely minuscule effects to Chu Feng, as one would say, “although a mosquito is tiny it’s still meat”. Besides, the thousand Heaven beads were willingly gifted to him. If he didn’t accept them, wouldn’t that just be hurting himself instead?

“This Monstrous Beast’s cultivation is not weak, but it is absolutely not one from my Wolf Ivory Mountain Range. Why has it come over here, and without any reason, attack you?” Only after rewarding Chu Feng did the Li family’s master carefully examine the Monstrous Beast kneeling by Chu Feng’s side.

“Milord. This Monstrous Beast has likely consumed some sort of special poison from a World Spiritist, and its reason and intelligence were sealed away as well. So, that’s why it became so violent and bloodthirsty.”

“However, as long as a certain amount of time is given to me, I will be able to open the seal. At that time, the reason why this Monstrous Beast appeared in the Wolf Ivory Mountain Range will be easily found.” Chu Feng replied.

“So you’re also a World Spiritist” Hearing those words, the Li family’s master couldn’t help lighting up his eyes. After all, not everyone could become a World Spiritist. They were superior to others from birth, and regardless of time or location, they were respected by others, and looked upon differently as well.

“I am indeed a World Spiritist.” Chu Feng nodded his head.

“Good, good! This time, my Li family has gained a blessing from misfortune, and invited such an excellent person like Young Hero Wuqing!”

“Servants! Quickly arrange the best residence for Young Hero Wuqing, and from today on, he will receive the finest treatment from my Li family.” The Li family’s master said cheerfully.

“Yes sir!” After that, under the arrangements of a servant, Chu Feng brought the Monstrous Beast and left the hall.

“Ah Chan’er, your Uncle Ma personally came over to see me again and talked about opening the treasure in the Wolf Ivory Mountain Range.”

“He said that everything has been prepared, and they even invited a Purple-cloak World Spiritist over! There will absolutely be no problem opening the treasure, so I’ve already agreed to do so ten days later.” After Chu Feng left, the Li family’s master spoke to Li Chan.

“Since Father has already agreed, what can I do? I’ll follow your arrangements.” If it were before, Li Chan would have definitely been like thunder when hearing that news: extremely furious.

But at present, she was only a bit angry and simply didn’t argue against her father. The reason she did that was naturally because Chu Feng advised her to do so.

“Chan’er, don’t worry. My Li family and the Ma family has been very close for generations, and your Uncle Ma is even a brother who grew up with me.”

“So, Chan’er, you don’t need to worry about anything. Even if the Ma family sends out a few more forces this time to open the treasure, your Uncle Ma will definitely split it evenly with my Li family.” Seeing Li Chan’s angry appearance, the Li family’s master smiled while conciliating. It could be seen he loved his daughter a lot.

“Father, everything that I’ve done before was to better our Li family, so I hope you can understand my efforts.”

“But you are my father, and since you’ve made the decision already, as your daughter, I can only support you with all I have.”

“I’ll go organize the Li family’s troops and make plans for opening the treasure ten days later.” Li Chan said.

“Heh, Chan’er, I don’t doubt your ability, but your marriage… That’s truly something I worry about.”

“Look at you! You’ll be thirty-five this year, and if you don’t quickly find a person to marry, you’ll really became an old woman soon! I see that young man named Wuqing is quite nice, how about...” On the face of the Li family’s master, there appeared a smile that was a bit shameless for his age.

“Father, what are you talking about?” Hearing those words, Li Chan immediately tensed up.

“Don’t pretend. Your eyes when looking at that Wuqing were very strange. In all the years that I’ve had you as my daughter, this is the first time that I’ve seen you look at a man like that. Both of your ages are quite close as well, so how about I talk to him for you?” The Li family’s master continued smiling and said.

“Father, don’t say random things! Or else, or else, I’ll!” At that instant, Li Chan seemed even more tensed up, but at the same time, a hint of redness spread across her face, then she quickly ran out of the room.

After leaving, Li Chan put her hand to her chest, feeling her intense heartbeat. Her gaze glittered uncertainly as she said in a low voice, “What’s with this feeling? I’ve only known him for less than a day… Have I truly been moved by him?”

Actually, it was very normal for Li Chan to have that feeling. After all, more or less, she was affected by the enchantment of Chu Feng’s Heaven’s Eyes. Besides, even without the effects of the Heaven’s Eyes, Chu Feng’s strength and attitude in handling matters contained limitless charm.

Chu Feng did not know anything about the conversation between the Li family’s master and Li Chan. Being led by a servant, Chu Feng arrived at an elegant and vast manor.

Within the manor grounds, there were quite a few cultivators, though not a single was from the Li family. All of them were experts hired by the Li family with hefty sums. Their cultivations were not weak, and more or less, they each grasped their respective unique powerful skills.

While in the Li family’s lands, those people could relish excellent treatment meant for distinguished guests. However, the treatments varied. As for which were better treated, it depended on their strengths and abilities.

But after Chu Feng entered, he directly occupied the most luxurious palace of them all, and even had the most excellent servants. That attracted quite a few people’s attention as gazes of displeasure were condensed on the palace Chu Feng stepped in.