Chapter 579 - Success

MGA: Chapter 579 - Success

“I...” At that instant, Li Chan went silent. Only after a long time did she speak, “In these years, the Ma family has hired quite a few experts and they are developing their own people extravagantly. In terms of total strength, my Li family is indeed inferior to the Ma family.”

“However, the Ma family has never made a move on my Li family. Rather, they have kept on maintaining this extremely good relationship on the surface. I’m guessing that they fear only one person, and that’s my father.”

“My father is a Martial Lord, and although he is only a rank one Martial Lord, after all, he’s still a Martial Lord. His strength cannot even be comparable to those in the Heaven realm. Even if a single Martial Lord faces several thousands of Heaven realm experts, they can easily kill them all, and stand in an undefeatable place.”

“Looking at the Ma family, although they had hired quite a few experts and developed quite a few experts of their own as well, only the Ma family’s master is a Martial Lord.”

“The Ma family’s master, like my father, is a rank one Martial Lord. If the two of them fight against one another, the outcome is very difficult to predict, but something that can be ascertained is the one who wins their battle will represent the victory of that family.”

“So, right now, I’m not worried that the Ma family will dare to directly attack my Li family. What I’m worried about is my father.”

“My father is the Ma family master’s sworn brother, and they grew up together since they were young. He trusts the Ma family’s master completely, and in his eyes, his sworn brother is even more important than his family.”

“So, I simply cannot tell him that the Ma family has selfish intentions, or else not only would he be enraged, he would even punish me, unless...”

“Unless there’s evidence right?” Chu Feng said smilingly.

“Mm. Although my father cares a lot about the brotherly affection with the Ma family’s master, he is definitely not an ignorant person. If there are certain evidences that show the Ma family plans to harm me, then that would be a lot better.” Li Chan endlessly nodded her head.

“That’s quite simple. For example, this Monstrous Beast. The reason it is like this is definitely because of some World Spiritist’s work. But as long as you give me some time, I can return it to its original state, and at that time, the person who did those things to it and sent it to this place will be known. Naturally, those proofs will point towards the Ma family.”

“Also, in a situation like the one right now, continuing to drag it out isn’t the way to go. So, I suggest you ask your father to join hands with the Ma family and open the sealed treasure. It cannot be delayed anymore.” Chu Feng said.

“What? Open the treasure in the Wolf Ivory Mountain Range?!” Hearing those words, Li Chan’s complexion couldn’t help changing, then she said, “Lord Benefactor, according to the mysterious expert’s words back then, the treasure right now should already have a certain amount of intelligence, and also very powerful strength. Without the cultivation of a Martial Lord, there is no way of suppressing it.”

“So, I’m really worried. If the treasure is opened and we enter, the Ma family will use my father. This is also why I’ve thought of all kinds of ways to delay the treasure’s opening.”

“You’re wrong. If this is continued, you will simply not be able to drag this out for long because this is not only your father’s personal wish, nor is it the Ma family’s master request. It is the teachings of the ancestors. Both family’s ancestors.”

“Can you change the teachings? Can you get your father to go against the teachings?” Chu Feng severely asked.

“I...” Li Chan was speechless, not knowing how to reply because Chu Feng spoke very correctly.

“But, if you let your father know that the Ma family has a selfish heart before opening the treasure, then when it is opened, as long as your father is on guard, it will no longer be certain who will die.” Chu Feng said.

“Lord Benefactor, you’re quite right. But I am just truly worried. Even if you can restore this Monstrous Beast’s original nature and make him speak the truth, my father may not believe that everything was directed by the Ma family’s master. I understand him too well. Not only does he emphasize camaraderie, he is very obstinate regarding that topic.”

“In these years, after combined operations between the Li family and the Ma family, when splitting the benefits, my father had always acted brotherly, and allowed the Ma family to take more. That’s also the main reason why, right now, the Ma family has more wealth than my Li family.” Li Chan worriedly said.

“Before you clear up the current situation, there are only two paths laid out in front of you. One, is to just stare as your Li family gets destroyed.”

“The other is to bet it all, and fight for the final chance you have. However, the chance of success will definitely not even reach half. So, do not have delusional thoughts and think you can have a total win.” Chu Feng reminded solemnly.

And looking at Chu Feng’s fierce gaze and clearly analysis, Li Chan’s expression changed. She felt more and more than the man in front of her was very powerful, and even felt that he sincerely wanted to help her Li family, and could really do such a thing.

At that instant, Li Chan, involuntarily, build up trust deep in her heart towards Chu Feng, despite only knowing him for a very short amount of time.

The reason why that happened was because Chu Feng used a special method. That special method came from the Heaven’s Eyes of the Pulse Searching Method. Not only could the Heaven’s Eyes see through everything, it could even bewitch the living.

Despite having a very poor grasp on the Heaven’s Eyes at present, after a series of actions, it wasn’t really hard to make a person like Li Chan build up trust and good impressions on himself.

So, Li Chan announced to everyone that Chu Feng was a cultivation expert, and was willing to work for the Li family. Because of that, she invited Chu Feng to the Li family.

“What? Chan’er, you were attacked?” Within the main palace of the Li family, a white- and grey-haired, yet spirited old man had shock and terror on his face after knowing Li Chan was attacked in the Wolf Ivory Mountain Range.

And that person was Li Chan’s father. The master of the Li family, a person with the strength of a rank one Martial Lord.

“Father, it was this Monstrous Beast that attacked me. But luckily, I was saved by this hero. If not, from today on, you wouldn’t have ever seen me again.” Li Chan had a face of suffering as she pointed at Chu Feng and the submissive and cowardly Monstrous Beast next to him.

“What happened? Didn’t I tell you to stay next to her side? Why was she still attacked?” Hearing those words, the master of the Li family furiously shouted at the old couple.

“It’s our fault, please punish us accordingly!” The old couple were cunning characters. In a situation like that, they did not beg nor explain in the slightest. Instead, they half-knelt on the ground, and with faces of sincerity, they asked for punishment.

“You two...” Indeed, when he saw their reactions, the master of the Li family immediately lost any rage he had. Then, he helplessly sighed, waved his hand, and said, “Whatever, whatever. Nothing happened to Chan’er anyway, and besides, you two didn’t intend for it to happen, so how can I give out punishments? Just return.”

“Thank you.” As if they already knew he would react like that, the old couple’s mouths rose to form a hint of a smug smile, then after deeply looking at Chu Feng and the Monstrous Beast behind him, they bowed, turned around, and left.