Chapter 578 - The Specific Events

MGA: Chapter 578 - The Specific Events

“This...” Although currently, Li Chan felt that there was danger ambushing from all directions, she was not so stupid as to tell her family’s secret to a person she just met.

But, if Chu Feng were to leave and the old couple were truly traitors, then it was very likely that she would die immediately. So, she was in a really difficult situation.

“Honestly speaking, I can dispel the poison within the Monstrous Beast, given that sufficient medicine is gathered. At that time, various questions such as who fed it poison, or who it met before it changed, will be solved easily. Then, the truth of who wished to harm you can very likely be known. Evidence can even be obtained.”

“Of course, if you don’t believe me, then assume I said nothing. I have never enjoyed coercing people into difficult circumstances.” Chu Feng spoke those words with a smile, then turned around, and prepared to leave.

“Lord Benefactor, don’t leave!” Seeing that, Li Chan tensed up, and hurriedly pulled onto the corner of Chu Feng’s clothes again, then said, “I believe you, please stay behind and help me!”

“This isn’t a place for speaking. Follow me.” Seeing Li Chan agree, Chu Feng willed, then an azure dragon appeared under his feet. At the same time, he waved his big sleeve and brought Li Chan onto the azure dragon. Then, it shot into the blue sky, very quickly leaving the Wolf Ivory Mountain Range, and arrived at a hidden area.

“Lord Benefactor, what martial skill did you just use? It was so fast! I have never seen such impressive methods.” After feeling the power of the Azure Dragon Dashing Technique, Li Chan’s face was full of perplexity, and thought even higher of Chu Feng’s strength. She felt, more and more, that the man in front of her eyes was not to be underestimated, and was very powerful.

Chu Feng only smiled lightly at Li Chan’s praise. He intentionally used that technique because his goal was to make Li Chan trust him even more, and make her believe that he could help herself.

So, Chu Feng didn’t explain anything, and said, “Speak. What happened to you or to your family?”

In a situation like that, Li Chan still hesitated for a while, but at the end, weighing the situation, she decided to tell Chu Feng the truth.

And after Li Chan’s narration, Chu Feng couldn’t help but rejoice. It seemed like the treasure that the Li and Ma family were talking about was truly related to the Spiritual Being.

The beginning of the events had to be started from five hundred years ago…

Five hundred years ago, the Ma family’s ancestor and the Li family’s ancestor were people of impoverished origin. Relying on the widespread cultivation chants in the Eastern Sea Region, they did become cultivators, but because their talents were too ordinary, they stalled in the Spirit realm, and could not advance forward.

The cultivation of the Spirit realm was very common in the Eastern Sea Region, so they could only be counted as the pettiest existences. Naturally, the Ma family’s and the Li family’s ancestors could not rely on the cultivation of the Spirit realm to make any name for themselves.

They, at that time, reached the extremities of poverty. They couldn’t even marry wives, and were spat on by others. They, sworn brothers, could only rely on one another to survive, and survive relying on hunting in the Wolf Ivory Mountain.

But one day, the Ma family’s ancestor and the Li family’s ancestor discovered an injured person in the Wolf Ivory Mountain. They knew that he was very possibly a cultivation expert, and if they were to save him, it could possibly change their fates. So, the two of them carried him back to their home, and earnestly took care of him for over three years.

It was exactly as the proverbs said: “Those who put their heart into working will not be disappointed”. In a certain day in autumn, that person finally reawakened. Moreover, using special medicines and abilities, that person, very quickly, thoroughly recovered. And as it turned out, he was truly a cultivation expert.

In order to thank the Ma family’s ancestor and the Li family’s ancestor for saving his life, that cultivator left behind a huge sum of wealth for them, and even passed down profound cultivation methods, as well as large amounts of cultivation resources.

Before leaving, not only did he use his skills to help the Li family’s ancestor and the Ma family’s ancestor raise their cultivation in the Spirit realm to the Heaven realm, he even told them that there was a special treasure impregnated within the Wolf Ivory Mountain.

However, the time was not yet ripe, and the treasure could not be used. However, if too much time passed, the treasure would gain intelligence and powerful strength, and it would be very difficult to deal with then.

So, the mysterious expert laid a special seal, concealing the treasure’s entrance, and left behind two keys that could open the Spirit Formation, giving them to the Li family’s ancestor and the Ma family’s ancestor.

Before he left, he instructed the two to open the Spirit Formation five hundred years later. At that time, they were destined to gain some benefits from inside. But they could not be too early, nor could they be too late. With their attainments, it was best to wait for five hundred years, or else they would gain nothing.

Afterwards, the mysterious expert left, and with everything that he bestowed, the Li family’s ancestor and the Ma family’s ancestor rose very quickly in power. Not only did they marry wives, they even became local prominent characters.

But it was useless as after a few short dozens of years, their lives came to an end. They could simply not wait until five hundred years later to gaze upon the sealed mysterious treasure.

So, before death, they combined their powers to occupy the Wolf Ivory Mountain Range, and told their successors about the treasure inside the mountain range, and also told them to follow the mysterious expert’s instructions, to open up the treasure in a certain year and month to strengthen the Li family and the Ma family.

At present, it was five hundred years later. The relationship between the Li family and the Ma family was still very good, and they were also preparing to open the treasure within the Wolf Ivory Mountain Range.

But, Li Chan did not trust the Ma family’s master, and felt that he held selfishness in his heart. Moreover, in recent years, he had started to spend great sums and hired quite a few experts. Currently, the Ma family’s total strength already far surpassed the Li family’s.

If they were really going to open up the treasure, she was worried that the Ma family was going to take that chance and destroy the Li family, then take the treasure all for themselves.

So, Li Chan always rebelled against their actions and dragged out the treasure opening date. During that period of time, she also spent great sums in hiring experts to join her Li family.

But, Li Chan also knew that she would anger the Ma family if she did that, and indeed, a dangerous scene like today occurred. If it wasn’t for Chu Feng, Li Chan would have definitely died.

So, Li Chan immediately felt that the Monstrous Beast was the Ma family’s handiwork, and the old couple were the ones who sold her out.

“To be honest, I heard a conversation between that old couple just now, and it’s as you guessed. The Ma family is indeed planning kill you, and yes, it was the old couple who sold you out. As for the reason, it seems like their son committed some sort of offense, so he was taken away by the Ma family. Now, the Ma family is using him to coerce the old couple.” After knowing what happened, Chu Feng smiled while looking at Li Chan. He already knew that she reached a dead end, and would definitely ask him for help.

As expected, after hearing Chu Feng’s words, Li Chan tightly furrowed her brows, confirming her own guesses and worries because the old couple did indeed have a quite disappointing son.

“Lord Benefactor, please help me! As long as you bring me back to the Li family, I will repay that kindness with rewards!” Li Chan begged sincerely.

However, Chu Feng indifferently smiled at Li Chan’s plea, then said, “I can bring you back to the Li family, and you can also tell the truth to your family, but do you have proof? Can you guarantee that your family will trust you? Even if they do, does your Li family have the strength to oppose the Ma family?”