Chapter 577 - Ploy

MGA: Chapter 577 - Ploy

“Lord Benefactor, you said that this Monstrous Beast is odd. May I ask which part of it is odd? Can you tell me?” Hearing those words, Li Chan’s eyes couldn’t help trembling as she quickly asked.

She also knew that the Monstrous Beast was a bit off. After all, Monstrous Beasts were not Fierce Beasts, they were intelligence, and had some reason. But that Monstrous Beast acted as though it was a Fierce Beast. It only wanted to take her life, which made her feel that there was definitely something fishy about it.

“I can, in fact, tell you, but those two must stay far away from me.” Chu Feng coldly said as he looked at the old couple.

“What did you say?! Say that again if you dare...” Hearing his words, the couple who already hated Chu Feng deeply gnashed their teeth in anger, their faces flushing red.

“Uncle Sha, Aunt Bi, don’t be impolite. He’s a person who saved my life.” But before letting them finish their words, Li Chan spoke to silence them, and urged them, “You two, leave for a while.”

“Miss, we know nothing about this person. If we leave you here alone, that will be too unsafe.” The old man advised worriedly.

“Yeah, Miss. This person has unknown origins. Maybe he’s even with that Monstrous Beast!” The old woman advised as well.

“Don’t worry. I trust Wuqing.” Li Chan said with a smile.

The old couple couldn’t really say much when Li Chan acted like that. So, after they glanced at Chu Feng, they warned, “Brat, you better pay attention to what you’re doing. This is my Li family’s territory! If you dare to do anything disadvantageous to my family’s Miss, don’t even think of leaving this place alive.” After speaking those fierce words, the old man and the old woman left.

“Hoh.” Chu Feng merely smiled disdainfully at their words. Naturally, he could hear that the old man was warning Chu Feng on the surface, but in actuality, was threatening him. He was telling Chu Feng to not speak rashly, or else he would not restrain himself against Chu Feng.

“Lord Benefactor, I wonder, what have you discovered? Can you tell me now?” After the old couple left, Li Chan asked once again.

However, Chu Feng did not reply. Instead, loudly yelled, “Two old things, you’re hiding here and eavesdropping! Don’t you feel any shame?”

“God damn. Truly, damn it. Where did this brat come from? He can even detect us hiding here. Don’t tell me he’s a World Spiritist?” After hearing Chu Feng’s words, the old man hiding in a nearby forest cursed in a low tone.

“Old guy, what should we do? That young man doesn’t seem to be simple. He wouldn’t have truly discovered something and reveal us two right?” Simultaneously, the old woman’s face was full of worry.

“Right now, nothing can be done. We can’t really attack him in front of the Big Miss right? This brat does have some strength. If we can kill them, then great; but if we can’t and anger Big Miss, we would have to face the consequences.”

“This brat does indeed have some ability, but there’s no need to worry too much. That Monstrous Beast has been altered by an expert hired by the Ma family. No matter how much stronger this brat is, at most, he can only see that something’s wrong with the Monstrous Beast, and would not be able to return it to its former nature.”

“Besides, even if the Monstrous Beast is reverted, how is it related to us? Don’t worry. First, report this matter to the Ma family and see what they have planned. If worst comes to worst, we’ll take care of this brat and the Big Miss altogether. For our own damn boy, we can do anything.” After the old man said those words, he leaped, and left.

“Ahh~” The old woman looked at Chu Feng meaningfully again before following the old man’s shadow.

“Your two servants don’t seem to be too obedient huh?” Only after knowing that the old couple left for quite a distance did Chu Feng smile and speak to Li Chan.

“Hoh.” Li Chan was a smart person, so naturally she understood what happened. But, after all, that couple was her Li family’s people, so she could only bitterly smile, not knowing how to explain.

“That Monstrous Beast was likely fed special poison by someone, and its nature was also sealed by a special Spirit Formation. So, that’s why it was so bloodthirsty and lost its rationality.”

“It also means that the reason why this Monstrous Beast appeared at this place is because it’s a plot. It was likely waiting for you here.”

“As for why you’ve appeared in this place and who knows that you will appear here, I’m sure you’re aware of the answer to those questions right?”

“Also, I might as well tell you this. I’m a World Spiritist. When that Monstrous Beast attacked you, I felt the old man and woman just now were hiding nearby. They were watching.”

“Of course, they’re the ones who are close to you, and I am merely a stranger. If you believe me, then be more cautious against them in the future. Otherwise, just assume I told you nothing.” Chu Feng didn’t conceal anything, and just directly stated that the old couple were traitors.

At that instant, Li Chan sank into silence. Her expression kept on altering for a while, her eyes showing some helplessness and uneasiness. There were even bursts of fear.

In reality, before Chu Feng said all that, she already had some suspicious because it was indeed that old couple who brought her here, and after bringing her to this place, they, for some reason, left.

When she encountered the Monstrous Beast, no matter how she yelled, the old couple did not show themselves; but after the Monstrous Beast was suppressed, the old couple immediately appeared. That made her feel distrust.

Currently, after Chu Feng spoke, she believed her suspicion even more: that the old couple had likely betrayed her Li family.

“We’ve met only by chance, and I didn’t come out because of you. I was worried that this Monstrous Beast was going to harm others. As for the reason why I told you all that, it’s because I feel like you’re a decent person, and I don’t want a decent person to be harmed by someone in such a way.”

“So, you also don’t need to thank me, and let us say our farewells here.” Seeing Li Chan’s powerless and scared reactions, Chu Feng smiled smugly in his heart. Then, he acted as if he was going to leave and not care about anything else.

“Lord Benefactor, don’t leave!” Indeed, as Chu Feng predicted, when he prepared to leave, Li Chan instantly panicked. When she was agitated, she actually grabbed Chu Feng’s hand.

“Miss Li, unfamiliar men and women do not touch one another. What are you doing?” Chu Feng flung Li Chan’s hand away. He was not acting there. Other than the women he felt were suitable, Chu Feng could not bear other females touching him.

“Lord Benefactor, I am truly sorry. I was too nervous.”

“But, can you be a good man to the end, and help me out? I’m begging you, help me! Save my Li family! If you’re willing to help me, I will pay a hefty sum!” After Li Chan let go of Chu Feng’s hand, she then pulled Chu Feng’s clothes, sorrowfully pleading. She was even going to kneel on the ground.

“Miss Li, don’t be like this. If you have anything you want to say, just go ahead. Looking at you right now, it does seem like a catastrophe is approaching. What exactly happened? There’s no harm in telling me.”

“Although I, Wuqing, am not any righteous and benevolent great hero, I’m also not willing to see honest people abused by bad ones.”

“So, if I can help you out, I’ll give it a try. If I can’t, then I will still give it a try. As for reward… If I can truly help with anything, then it’s not late to talk about that thing when everything concludes.” After hearing the word “reward”, Chu Feng immediately swapped his expression. Currently, he seemed more like a businessman.

But in reality, it was intentional. He wanted to give Li Chan an illusion. A person who only aims for profit, but has some sort of rules he abides by.

Of course, Chu Feng’s real goal was not the reward given by the Li family. It was the treasure that the Li and Ma family knew about.