Chapter 576 - Odd

MGA: Chapter 576 - Odd


Looking at the huge falling hammer, no matter how much stronger the woman’s cultivation was, she couldn’t help shrieking.

Not only was that hammer huge, it also contained horrifying pressure. If she was struck by it, she would definitely forcefully become a meat patty with flesh and blood mashed together. It was something that she could never, ever, accept.

“It’s time.”

But the woman did not know that as she was facing death, a person was hiding in a dark place, watching, awaiting the opportunity to appear. And that person was none other than Chu Feng.

From the old man and woman’s words, he roughly learnt of some things. So, since he chose to save the woman, naturally, he had to choose the most dangerous moment to appear because only then would she strongly remember that favour.


The time was ripe, so naturally, Chu Feng held nothing back. He leaped, and like a dragon, flew out. At the same time, lightning flashed in his eyes, his aura already raised to the eighth level of the Heaven realm.

Chu Feng descended from the sky, and just stood in front of the woman. Then, he stuck out a single fist, and punched the approaching big hammer.

*boom* That one punch made an explosion. Heaven power surged, and the terrifying huge hammer was shattered by Chu Feng.

*aoo* The Monstrous Beast roared in pain, concurrent to the destruction of its hammer, and it was forced back by the ripples of the explosion.

Succeeding with that one strike, Chu Feng struck again. Boundless might of the Heaven realm’s eighth level burst out, forming a formless giant net, imprisoning the Monstrous Beast inside.

*aoo, aoo~~*

The pressure that Chu Feng emanated was too strong. So strong that even those in the ninth level of the Heaven realm were inferior. Being pushed down by Chu Feng’s pressure, the Monstrous Beast in only the seventh level of the Heaven realm was like a mouse frightened by a cat. It started to howl in fear, scuttling randomly.

But Chu Feng did not give any chances to it. With a thought, the power of the pressure instantly strengthened. It endlessly pressed upon the Monstrous Beast, through its physical body, straight into its soul.

Being under such horrifying might, the Monstrous Beast’s eyes glittered. From insane struggling, its movements slugged, and even its body shrunk. From the size of a small hill into a tiger, and at the end, it even knelt obediently on the ground, dispirited.

At that moment, the Monstrous Beast did not even have the slightest bit of its previous might. It was like a little cowardly Monstrous Beast brat as it knelt in front of Chu Feng, not daring to even twitch. With only a thought, Chu Feng completely suppressed the Monstrous Beast.


Seeing that, the woman was completely nonplussed. She even assumed she would die, without a single doubt, but never in her imaginations would she have thought that a person would appear in front of her, and with powerful methods, suppress the frenzied Monstrous Beast.

*whoosh whoosh*

Immediately after Chu Feng took care of the Monstrous Beast, two people also shot out from nearby. They were none other than the old couple.

“Audacious bastard, you dare to harm my family’s Miss?!”

The couple never would have expected the emergence of a man out of nowhere. But no matter what, Chu Feng clearly disrupted their plans. So, immediately after they emerged out of hiding, they made a surprise attack, aiming to put Chu Feng to death.

“Hmph.” Although their strength was in the eighth level of the Heaven realm, in Chu Feng’s eyes, they were frail. Chu Feng did not even glance at them. He merely snorted coldly, waved his big sleeve, releasing a layer of Heaven power.

That Heaven power seemed to be gentle, but concealed within was brutally powerful might. Being caught off guard, the couple suffered. They were thrown several hundreds of meters away before they could stabilize their bodies. They were almost heavily injured.

But they were ignorant to the fact that they were in that situation only because Chu Feng held himself back. If not, he could have, just now, easily killed them both.

However, the old man and woman clearly were not aware of that, and even assumed they were struck because of their own carelessness. Not only did they not retreat after knowing the difference in strength, they even explosively yelled, gathering power outside their bodies, wanting to throw an even stronger attack at Chu Feng.

“Uncle Sha, Aunt Bi, don’t attack him! Just now, he saved me! I owe a favour to him.” Just at that moment, the middle-aged woman suddenly spoke.

And after hearing those words, the couple couldn’t help but be taken aback. Despite their reluctance, it was not good for them to continue attacking, so they could only quickly come up to the woman, feigning worry and guilt, and say, “Miss, are you alright? It’s our fault, we shouldn’t have left you here.”

“It’s all thanks to Lord Benefactor for saving me, or else I truly don’t know if I could have survived or not.” The woman looked at the two, though her gaze wasn’t really grudgeful. She then walked up to Chu Feng.

First, she looked meaningfully at the Monstrous Beast that wanted to kill her before, yet was compliantly kneeling on the ground, then bowed to Chu Feng, saying very appreciatively, “I am Li Chan, thank you for saving me. May I know Lord Benefactor’s name?”

“Wuqing.” Chu Feng did not even look at the woman. He only crouched down, and stroked the Monstrous Beast.

Although the Monstrous Beast was already under control, by force, because of Chu Feng and was as submissive as a sheep, Chu Feng could still feel its bloodlust.

So, when Chu Feng stroked the Monstrous Beast, in reality, he was imbuing his Spirit power into the Monstrous Beast’s body, to search for the origin of its problem, and currently, he obtained the answer. The Monstrous Beast was fed special medicine, making it lose its reason and become bloodthirsty.

“So Lord Benefactor is called Wuqing. This name is quite special.”

“Just now, thank you for willing to come out and save me, or else my life would have ended there. If it’s convenient, please come over to my Li residence for a small rest as thanks for saving my life.” Li Chan was not displeased because of Chu Feng’s coldness. Rather, from start to finish, she looked at Chu Feng with a very grateful expression.

Only after seeing Li Chan’s good attitude did Chu Feng turn around and look at Li Chan again. He discovered that despite being already in the middle-ages, she took good care of her face, and her body was very nice as well. Not only was she alluring, she was very appealing too. If Chu Feng hadn’t determined her age with Spirit power and purely looked at her outer appearance, he would have truly been unable to see that she was a middle-aged woman.

It had to be said that an attractive and mature female like Li Chan could enchant quite a few males.

But sadly, she wasn’t up to Chu Feng’s taste. At present, there was really too few number of women who could enter Chu Feng’s eyes, let alone one that already passed the middle-ages.

Thus, Chu Feng only simply examined Li Chan, then asked, “There’s no need for any reward. I wasn’t saving you. I just discovered that this Monstrous Beast was odd, and was afraid that after killing you, it would go hunt others. It doesn’t matter much if it kills cultivators, but if commoners get harmed by it, that would not be too great.”