Chapter 575 - Deciding to Interfere

MGA: Chapter 575 - Deciding to Interfere

Chu Feng stood in the air, looking down. After observing for a long time, he was still unable to see where the Spiritual Lair was at, let alone the positions of the Spiritual Veins and Spiritual Awareness.

As he could do nothing, Chu Feng had no choice but to fly down and start to search the vast Wolf Ivory Mountain. He wanted find the Spiritual Lair by searching every single inch.

*boom, boom, boom*

But just as Chu Feng arrived at the middle section of the continuous mountain from the east side of the mountain, he heard deafening explosions bursting out endlessly.

Approaching closer and taking a look, Chu Feng discovered that it was a battle between a Monstrous Beast and a person.

That Monstrous Beast was twenty meters tall, dozens of meters long, and as it stood there it was like a small hill.

Its appearance was like a pangolin. All over its body there was indestructible armor, but more importantly, it had the cultivation of the seventh level of the Heaven realm.

That Monstrous Beast could not be looked down upon. For each step it took, everything within the circumference of a hundred miles would shake. The surrounding trees were already forcibly split and had fallen from the shock.

The huge hammer it held in its hand was even incomparably ferocious. Every time it spun a wild gale would be created. When it slammed down, it would create a deep pit. There were already thousands of holes in the mountain range it was in, making it completely unrecognizable.

The person fighting against it was not simple either, also being in the seventh level of the Heaven realm. Moreover, it was a female.

She had already passed the middle-ages, and was likely a bit over thirty. She still retained her grace, but more importantly, her cultivation. At that age, it was very impressive for her to have stepped into the seventh level of the Heaven realm.

After all, in the continent of the Nine Provinces, those who stepped into the seventh level of the Heaven realm could be counted by your own fingers, and not a single one wasn’t an old person. To be able to enter that level, at that age, did not mean that she was powerful though. It just meant that the cultivators in the Eastern Sea Region were on a completely different level than the people in the continent of the Nine Provinces.

*boom boom boom*

The Monstrous Beast and the woman fought against one another, continuously creating terrifying ripples. But Chu Feng could see that the woman was going to be defeated. At present, all she thought of was how to escape the attacking range of the Monstrous Beast, yet she was firmly held in place by the Monstrous Beast, and had no chance.

“This Monstrous Beast seems a bit off, as if it lost its awareness.”

Chu Feng examined with his sharp Spirit power, and discovered the Monstrous Beast was bloodthirsty and furious. Despite the woman asking why it was attacking her again and again, the Monstrous Beast did not reply, and did nothing but continue throwing out fatal attacks at the woman.

It meant that either the Monstrous Beast was insane, or some problem must have appeared. In addition, Chu Feng had speedily went around the mountain range and discovered that even though there were quite a few Monstrous Beasts, there weren’t many in the Heaven realm. Why did such a powerful one appear suddenly?

Those strange things overlapped one another, and there must be some reason for all of it. However, regretfully, “it’s not related to you, so you need not worry”. Chu Feng was not that irked and that bored to care about another person’s life. If the person in front of him was swapped with one that had a great disparity in strength against their opponent, or if a cultivator was bullying a commoner, then Chu Feng would definitely interfere.

But right now, two existences with similar strengths were fighting. Perhaps there was some misunderstanding in between them, or grudges, or maybe some other reason, so Chu Feng did not want to bother with it.

In the world of cultivators, the powerful reigned supreme. There were too many battles, too many killings. If Chu Feng interfered with those things every time he saw them happen, he simply couldn’t handle it, nor have the time.

“Wait, there are other people.” But just as Chu Feng left for a short distance, he discovered that two people were hiding within a nearby forest.

One was a male, one was a female, and both were old. Their cultivations were not weak either, both being in the eighth level of the Heaven realm, even stronger than the woman before. Looking at their clothes, they were likely with that woman.

But currently, not only were they not helping the woman out with her battle against the Monstrous Beast, instead, they were watching as though they were watching two tigers brawling.

Such a twist in circumstances caught Chu Feng’s attention. With the propulsion of curiosity, he concealed any traces of himself, and gradually neared. At the same time, he started to concentrate his Spirit power to eavesdrop into their conversation.

“Old guy, are we really going to just watch as the Big Miss gets killed by this Monstrous Beast? Aren’t we a bit too black-hearted? After all, in so many years, the family master has treated us quite well.” As the old man looked at the scene in the distance, her face revealed some unwillingness.

“Do you think I want this? But our damn boy has been locked up in the Ma family! If we don’t follow their instructions to kill her, the one who will die is our boy! Do you hope that she dies, or our brat dies?” The old man rebuked.

“That god damn brat! He really gives us nothing but troubles. If this becomes known, where will our faces go!” Hearing those words, the old woman started to curse, but never mentioned anything regarding saving the Big Miss. From that, it could be seen that she had decided.

“Our damn brat is disappointing, but if there is blame, the Big Miss can only be blamed for being too serious. The Li family and Ma family have already allied and both hold the key to open that treasure. Right now, the time is ripe, so what’s wrong with directly opening it together with the Ma family?”

“But Big Miss disapproved regardless of anything. She did whatever she could to disrupt them and even recruited soldiers with high prices and looked for people she could trust. Clearly, she aimed to strengthen the Li family’s power and wanted to open up the treasure alone.”

“Obviously, the Ma family will not be happy with her actions. Thinking of ways to remove the Big Miss is some reasonable. So that’s why I say that she simply looked to die!”

“In other words, if Big Miss continues this, sooner or later, there will be a huge battle between the Li family and the Ma family. If that happens, many innocents will be dragged in. So, our current actions can be said to be helping the Li family. We are saving the Li family! There is nothing to blame on ourselves.” The old man very eloquently turned the betrayal of their own family into such a righteous action.

“Treasure?!” However, Chu Feng’s eyes lit up when he heard that word.

If the Wolf Ivory Mountain had a treasure, what treasure was it? The first thing Chu Feng thought of was the Spiritual Being hidden within the Wolf Ivory Mountain.

Could it be that it was already discovered?

“It seems like I must interfere with today’s matters.”

At that instant, Chu Feng spun around and flew towards the circle of battle between the woman and the Monstrous Beast. The events of today were very possibly related to the Spiritual Being and the Spiritual Awareness within the Wolf Ivory Mountain.

Even if they were unrelated to the Spiritual Awareness, since there was a treasure, Chu Feng would definitely not merely watch with hands inside his sleeves. He decided to barge into that matter.

“There is no enmity between us. Why must you continue pressing on and desire to kill me?” At that very instant, the woman was completely exhausted. She was completely pressured by the Monstrous Beast. She kept on questioning the Monstrous Beast, but it was useless as it responded with only deafening roars and boundless bloodlust.

*wuao* And just at that moment, another furious roar sounded. The huge hammer in the Monstrous Beast’s hand slammed downwards at her once again.

At that moment, the woman subconsciously moved to dodge, but she could do nothing as her Heaven power was completely drained. Her speed did not match her thoughts, and it was already impossible to evade that strike.