Chapter 574 - Wolf Ivory Mountain

MGA: Chapter 574 - Wolf Ivory Mountain

Sacred Entities were fated to be stronger than Queer Objects and Spiritual Beings.

However, Sacred Entities were existences that people always feared and dared not to disturb.

The energy that they, regardless if they had a shape or not, contained was too berserk. It could simply not be used by cultivators, and those who dared to refine them were undoubtedly suicidal.

So, though Sacred Entities were powerful, in reality, they were useless to cultivators. They were only existences that people dreaded.

But to Chu Feng, the Sacred Entity was a great cultivation supplement within great cultivation supplements. For example, the Son of Magma in Chu Feng’s hands currently. It was going to raise Chu Feng’s cultivation greatly.

“Let me see what you taste like!”

After Chu Feng finished the appropriate preparations, he impatiently started to refine the Son of Magma. Because of its body, there was something special about refining it. Chu Feng could not consume it directly.

So, he had to first use a Spirit Formation to bind it, then he had to enter the formation himself. After doing that, he used the power of the Spirit Formation, which borrowed the Source Energy consumption method, and refined the Son of Magma bit by bit.


When a nearly invisible strand of gas was taken out of the Son of Magma’s body and after it entered his own body, Chu Feng strongly felt how wild the power was.

If merely a single strand was like that already, Chu Feng could really imagine how berserk the body the Son of Magma was.

However, the Divine Lightning in Chu Feng’s body was not there for a joke. No matter how much wilder the power got, as long as it entered Chu Feng’s body, it would be immediately consumed by the Divine Lightning in his dantian. There would not even be any residue remaining.

Along with Chu Feng’s success in refining the strand of aura, the Refinement Spirit Formation also successfully functioned. Layers and layers of powerful aura started to endlessly surge out of the Son of Magma’s body and enter Chu Feng’s own body. They were all absorbed and refined by Chu Feng.

At the end, the Son of Magma’s body started to split. The faint gas started to become fiery-red gas.

With that, the Son of Magma’s power became even wilder, but to Chu Feng, it mattered not as he continued absorbing. Like that, the terrifying existence, the indestructible Sacred Entity, was thoroughly refined by Chu Feng.

After refining the Son of Magma completely, Chu Feng’s aura rose from the third level of the Heaven realm to the fifth level of the Heaven realm. Although he had already expected that, after he truly stepped into the fifth level of the Heaven realm, Chu Feng was still elated. His happy face was so happy that flowers bloomed.

It was because also, with his own Divine Lightning’s power, Chu Feng cultivation could become equivalent to the eighth level of the Heaven realm. The eighth level of the Heaven realm! In addition to Chu Feng’s special methods, it was not ridiculous to deal with those in the ninth level of the Heaven realm. So, with Chu Feng’s current cultivation, he was nearly invincible within the Heaven realm.

Although cultivation like that was only ordinary in the Eastern Sea Region, it greatly increased what Chu Feng had to protect his life. After all, Chu Feng only broke into the Heaven realm recently, but so soon already he was that near to becoming a Martial Lord. All of that completely relied on the assistance of all sorts of Natural Oddities and cultivation resources.

More and more, Chu Feng realized the strength of his Divine Lightning. As long as there were powerful cultivation resources available, Chu Feng did need to worry about being unable to break through. No matter how much higher the realms were, Chu Feng had no problem entering them.

“Haha, it feels so good! It is truly a Sacred Entity. Although its formation was quite recent, as it only formed for several years, Sacred Entities are after all, Sacred Entities! The Source Energy of Sacred Entities is indeed greatly beneficial!”

And as Chu Feng rejoiced, Eggy also cheered. It turned out that as Chu Feng refined the Son of Magma, the Source Energy within the Sacred Entity was also absorbed by Eggy. Her current cultivation had rose from the second level of the Heaven realm to the sixth level of the Heaven realm. It was even one level higher than Chu Feng.

“You’ve actually gotten a better harvest than I did.” Chu Feng also discovered that change, and other than being shocked, he also felt happy for Eggy.

Eggy was very strong. The unique power she grasped was very terrifying too, and even though Eggy was in the sixth level of the Heaven realm, in terms of her real battle prowess, those in the ninth level of the Heaven realm wouldn’t be able to defeat her.

And as Eggy was Chu Feng’s assistant, when his assistant became stronger once again, naturally, Chu Feng was joyful.

“This Son of Magma is truly a Sacred Entity, or else it would be impossible for it to contain Source Energy. Moreover, the length of its formation was very short. It has probably only been forming for a few years. It likely didn’t die because it left the depths of the ground, but rather it died before even leaving the underground world.”

“The time it had been congregating for is too short. Although it had the appearance of an infant, in reality, it had yet to have real life. Or else, we would have gained a lot more from it.”

“Sacred Entities are, after all, Sacred Entities. Even though it was just a few years, it is still this effective. What level of enhancement would it bring if it had formed for several tens of thousands of years? Haha.” Eggy was truly excited. Her stagnant cultivation finally moved forward again, so she truly felt exhilarated.

“Yeah! It didn’t even have true life and had only been congregating for several years, yet it already brings such effects. If it had been condensed for several tens of thousands of years, what would have happened instead?” Chu Feng was similarly ecstatic. After experiencing the power of the Sacred Entity, Chu Feng hoped even more that the Spiritual Being was real.

Although Spiritual Beings were far from being comparable to Sacred Entities, if the time it condensed for was long, then to Chu Feng, it would still have great effects.

So, after both Chu Feng and Eggy made their breakthroughs, they impatiently restarted their journey, and headed towards the so-called Spiritual Wolf Immortal Mountain as stated on the map.

But since it was the first time Chu Feng came to the Eastern Sea Region, he was not familiar to anything. When he asked for directions on the road, there was no one who knew what the Spiritual Wolf Immortal Mountain was.

But luckily, Chu Feng was a World Spiritist. With the map on hand, he himself could find the general locations, and finally, Chu Feng found the Spiritual Wolf Immortal Mountain.

However, despite being marked as the Spiritual Wolf Immortal Mountain on the map, it wasn’t called the Spiritual Wolf Immortal Mountain by the locals. It was called the Wolf Ivory Mountain.

According to the locals’ introduction, the Wolf Ivory Mountain was originally a nameless mountain. Roughly a thousand years ago, it suddenly rose from the grounds.

However, within the changes of the years, several mountain peaks were endlessly altered. At the end, they became as sharp as wolf ivories, so the mountain was named the Wolf Ivory Mountain.

Coming outside the Wolf Ivory Mountain and looking at it from the ground, it was indeed as how the locals described it as. The highest mountain peaks of the Wolf Ivory Mountain were like wolf ivories. They were very special, and very strange as well.

“This mountain range is not simple. It seems like the map is more or less real.”

Just by seeing the mountain peaks that were like wolf ivories, Chu Feng determined that the Wolf Ivory Mountain was very special, and in order to observe the mountain even better, Chu Feng rose into the sky, and only stopped when he was several tens of thousands of meters off from the ground and could put the entirety of the Wolf Ivory Mountain into his eyes.

“This is!!”

When Chu Feng used the Heaven’s Eyes to gaze down from above to see the Wolf Ivory Mountain, his calm face immediately changed because with the power of the Heaven’s Eyes, Chu Feng discovered that it wasn’t just a few ivories that made up the Wolf Ivory Mountain. Other than the ivories, there was even a hazy outline. The body of a huge wolf!

That, truly, was a place where a Spiritual Being congregated, and according to Chu Feng’s estimations, if that Spiritual Being finished congregating, it could not be underestimated, and it would be a very terrifying existence.

But currently, there were only a few ivories that were physically formed by the Spiritual Being. However, at least it meant that the Spiritual Being had been congregating for a minimal of a thousand years. If the Spiritual Awareness was still inside, it likely also congregating quite a bit of spiritual power.