Chapter 573 - Sacred Entities

MGA: Chapter 573 - Sacred Entities

Chu Feng opened up the Elite Armament fan. At a near distance, he found out that on the fan, there was really a picture imprinted.

There were still a few distinct lines on the picture, but most of them were blurry. In a normal person’s perspective, indeed, it was a useless picture. However, when Chu Feng gazed with greater detail, his eyes couldn’t help lighting up, because he subconsciously felt that there were a few hidden things in the picture.

So, he quickly revolved the Spirit power in his body, and concentrated it into his eyes. When the Spirit power finished condensing, Chu Feng’s eyes instantly changed greatly. Special power was inside his eyes, and in short, the fierceness was a bit frightening.

That special change happened because Chu Feng used the Heaven’s Eyes. He grasped but the most basic level of the Heaven’s Eyes power. To be more precise, he was just barely into the introduction.

So, he was still unable to control the power of the Heaven’s Eyes. If he used it, immediately, it would make his gaze appear incomparably ferocious.

However, if Chu Feng became proficient in the Heaven’s Eyes, he could make such ferociousness fade away, and invisibly see through everything. It was very powerful.


And the most mystical thing was when Chu Feng used the Heaven’s Eyes and looked back at the Elite Armament fan’s picture, he discovered that the picture was actually changing. Many hazy lines started to become clear.

At the end, the initially very blurry picture, being gazed at by Chu Feng’s Heaven’s Eyes, became a half-finished map, and that map was, indeed, a treasure map.

In the heart of the map there were four big words. Spiritual Wolf Immortal Mountain.

“Spiritual Wolf?”

“Organisms formed by the congregation of natural essences, because they have unique spiritual natures and bodies, are named Spiritual Beings. When Spiritual Beings are successfully shaped, they can shock the world with their supreme divine might.”

“Chu Feng! If this map is real, you will definitely be able to find a very superb treasure, because the Spiritual Awareness of Spiritual Beings are great supplements for cultivation!” Just by seeing the four words Spiritual Wolf Immortal Mountain, Eggy exclaimed excitedly.

“You’re right, but sadly, the level of my Heaven’s Eyes is not sufficient. I can merely find the rough location of the Spiritual Wolf Immortal Mountain, and I am also unable to restore the paths within the Spiritual Wolf Immortal Mountain on this map. I’m afraid it is not easy to find the Spiritual Lair and Spiritual Veins.”

“Besides, even more, I cannot determine the genuineness of this map.” Chu Feng sighed with a bit of regret.

After some Pulse Searching Method studying, Chu Feng roughly understood the various types of treasures hidden in the world.

One was the tomb type, meaning the location of powerful cultivators’ tombs, or the artifacts constructed by powerful cultivators. Most of them were manmade.

The other was the Natural Oddity type formed from the gathering of natural essence. However, Natural Oddities branched out to many different types as well.

One were Queer Objects. For example, they were flowers, grasses, trees formed by natural essence accumulation, or extremely strange rocks, or just some random odd things.

Those things, despite containing enormous power and even had intelligence and the ability to move, ultimately had different bodies than humans or beasts. So, they were named as Queer Objects.

Other than Queer Objects, another type were Spiritual Beings. Spiritual Beings were similarly born from the accumulation of natural essence, but after maturation, not only would they acquire intelligence as well as power that belonged to themselves, they would even have a body of a human or a beast.

Spiritual Beings always took longer to form than Queer Objects, but after they did, they would always be stronger. Some would then just hide within the mountains, some would just stir up chaos in a certain area, but one thing unquestionable was their strength.

According to the indication of the map, the so-called Spiritual Wolf Immortal Mountain was obviously an area where a Spiritual Being was being formed. When a Spiritual Being was being formed, it would use the earth as its body. Their own awareness was hidden within the earth.

Along with the Spiritual Awareness’ growth in strength, their external telluric appearance becomes clearer as well. When matured, the earth and the Spiritual Awareness combines, and at that time, the vessel it grew in, an enormous mountain range, or a special forest, becomes its real physical body. They were incomparably huge, and they had peerless divine might.

From one sentence of the Pulse Searching Method’s chant, Chu Feng learnt that there was once a Spiritual Being with the body of a continent after it matured. From that, it could be seen how strong Spiritual Beings were.

And if he were to find the Spiritual Being, what Chu Feng aimed to do was to search for the Spiritual Awareness within the special land because Spiritual Awarenesses were great cultivation resources. They were the foundations of Spiritual Beings, and to cultivators, there were endless beneficial effects.

But how could Spiritual Awarenesses be that easy to find? First, you had to find the entrance, also known as the Spiritual Lair. Then, you had to find the paths to the Spiritual Awareness after entering the Spiritual Lair. Those were also known as the Spiritual Veins. So, even if you found the entrance, you had to find the veins. If one wished to obtain Spiritual Awareness, they had to plan and spend quite a bit.

That map indeed recorded the place where a Spiritual Being concealed itself, and likely also recorded the positions of the Spiritual Lair and Spiritual Veins, but Chu Feng could do nothing as with his current Heaven’s Eyes, he could simply not clear up Spiritual Lair on the map, nor the lines of the Spiritual Veins. That also infinitely increased the difficulty in finding the Spiritual Awareness.

However, that was not the most important thing. Most importantly, even if Chu Feng restored a large portion of the map, he could not determine if it was real or not.

“Ahh, if you have to blame something, you can only blame your incompetence in cultivating the Heaven’s Eyes. If you had cultivated them well, how could you possibly not see the genuineness of this map?”

“Regardless, you’re in control. To go or not to go, choose yourself. I will not meddle at all.” Eggy poke at his hardships jokingly.

“Really, I didn’t plan to go. After all, you also know I still have a weak grasp over the Pulse Searching Method.”

“But, according to the indications on this map, the so-called Spiritual Wolf Immortal Mountain is truly not far from this place. Since we’re so close, it’s rather worth it to go take a look. It wouldn’t matter if it’s real or fake, since I should be able to tell when I see the real Spiritual Wolf Immortal Mountain.” Chu Feng smiled and said.

Spiritual Beings could not be underestimated. Although they took a long time to shape, several tens of thousands of years if short, several tens of millions of years if long, Spiritual Awarenesses that existed for only several thousand years, or several hundred years, or even a few dozen years, still had very outstanding effects.

Besides, looking at the Elite Armament fan, it seemed to be a bit aged. If that map was real, it meant that the Spiritual Being inside the Spiritual Wolf Immortal Mountain likely existed for quite some time. Of course, Chu Feng was not willing to give it up.

“Tch. If you want to go, then go! No need to make up excuses. But before going, increase your strength.” Eggy naughtily curled her lips. She understood Chu Feng very clearly. Not to mention it being close, even if it were far, judging by his character he would definitely go and check it out.

“Mm. It’s time see what this Son of Magma tastes like.”

Chu Feng chuckled. After putting away the Elite Armament fan in his hand, he took out the Son of Magma. Looking at it, Chu Feng’s face was filled with expectation.

That thing was very impressive. Saying that it was a Queer Object wasn’t too right, and saying it was a Spiritual Being wasn’t right either. Queer Objects were not humanoid, nor did they really have physical bodies.

So, precisely speaking, Queer Objects were spiritual consciousnesses without physical bodies of their own.

As for Spiritual Beings, they could only use the earth itself as a body after maturation. Only then could they count as having a physical body.

So, it could be said that Spiritual Beings were Spiritual Awarenesses that could combine with the earth.

But the Son of Magma started out as a humanoid shape. Its appearance was the exact same as a human infant, and the natural energy it contained was very terrifying as well.

So, Chu Feng determined that the Son of Magma was another type of Natural Oddity, also the strongest and most terrifying type. A Sacred Entity.