Chapter 572 - The Queer Taikou

MGA: Chapter 572 - The Queer Taikou

“Quite sensitive Spirit power. You’ve actually detected me after I approached.” Just as Chu Feng spoke, a nearby space in the sky twisted. A single-legged old man appeared inside Chu Feng’s line of sight, and was chuckling while looking at him.

“Who are you. Why are you following me?”

After seeing that person, Chu Feng couldn’t help lightly knitting his brows because before, he wasn’t really able to ascertain whether a person was near him or not. He only felt that something was off, but couldn’t confirm if it was really a person.

The shout just now was merely a test, so he didn’t expect a person to truly come out. Thus, that old man’s appearance really did frighten Chu Feng.

In addition, not only did the old man in front of him wear clothing of a Four Seas Academy instructor, he even had unfathomably deep cultivation. And just now, Chu Feng killed two disciples from the Four Seas Academy. All of that made the situation head towards a disaster.

“You don’t need to be afraid. Although I am from the Four Seas Academy, I won’t charge you for any crimes because of two useless disciples. Rather, my thoughts are the same as yours; I feel that those two disciples should be killed.” The single-legged old man seemed to know what Chu Feng was worried about, and quickly smiled, explaining.

“Who are you? What are you planning by following me?” Chu Feng only determined that his strength was very strong, but could not determine whether he was an enemy or a friend. So, he was very cautious towards him.

“Hehe. My name is Taikou, and I’m a Divine Instructor of the Four Seas Academy. I have but one goal for coming here: I feel that you’re a genius, so I hope you can become my disciple. If you do, I will do all I can to develop you.” Taikou was quite straightforward, and spoke his intentions directly.

“What? You’re a Divine Instructor? You want me as your disciple?!” And after the old man spoke his words, Chu Feng was shocked.

Given his strength, he was indeed qualified to be a Divine Instructor, and was even a lot stronger than the Divine Instructors Chu Feng saw before. So, when he stated his name and identity, the first thing he thought of was that the old man in front of his eyes was very possibly the strangest but most powerful instructor out of the Ten Divine Instructors.

But that person clearly never took any disciples, and clearly Chu Feng wasn’t a Four Seas Academy disciple. Yet, he actually ran over here and said he wanted him as his disciple? What was all that for? It really made Chu Feng a bit speechless, and made him very stupefied.

“When I, Taikou, speak, I am always straightforward. My friend Chu Feng, I just wonder... are you willing to or not?” Taikou said with a light smile.

And at that instant, Chu Feng felt even more uneasy. Since the old man in front of him knew his name, he seemed to have done a bit of investigation. But Chu Feng still didn’t understand why he wanted to take him as a disciple. But, regardless if it was real or fake, or if there were other intentions, Chu Feng did not plan to enter the Four Seas Academy.

So, he clasped his hands, and politely said, “It is my honour to able to catch your eyes, Senior Taikou. However, I haven’t entered the Four Seas Academy. It doesn’t seem to be too appropriate to be your disciple given that, right?”

“Don’t worry. As long as you are willing to be my disciple, you will naturally be a disciple of the Four Seas Academy. Rules such as ‘you must pass the examination’ are only restrictions for ordinary people. You have no need for them.” Taikou waved his hand. His attitude towards Chu Feng was very friendly.

But Chu Feng truly did not plan to enter the Four Seas Academy. So, he could only shake his head, saying, “Senior Taikou, I am truly sorry. I do not wish to enter the Four Seas Academy.”

“Oh?” Hearing his words, Taikou’s sword-like brows slanted inwards, and he seemed a bit displeased, but that displeasure passed by within a flash. Very soon, he sighed, releasing the tension inside him, and said, “Those who wish to become my disciple are not suitable for me, and those I wish to become my disciple do not find me suitable. Such is fate. Whatever, I capitulate.”

As he spoke, Taikou turned around, and disappeared. But at the same time, a mental message was projected into Chu Feng’s ears.

“My friend Chu Feng, I’ll be blind to today’s matters, but in the future, if anyone dares to bully you in the Eastern Sea Region, you can use my name, Taikou. If there comes a day that you want to become my disciple, I, Taikou, welcome you with open arms.”

“Thank you Senior Taikou!” Chu Feng quickly saluted and thanked, but he did not receive any response from Taikou.

After waiting there for a while, Chu Feng concentrated and used his Spirit power to observe his surroundings. But, he could not detect any change, so he determined that Taikou truly left.

“That instructor is really as the rumours say. Extremely odd.” Chu Feng was fairly speechless when facing Taikou, but he did leave quite a nice impression behind. Although Taikou’s strange nature was a bit queer, at least he seemed to be an honest and broad-minded person.

But after experiencing such an event, Chu Feng also became more alert. He wore the Transformational Mask he got from the Hundred-faced Old Man back then, and made the illusion of an ordinarily-faced middle-aged man with a large build.

Chu Feng decided he would show himself to the public as that man. With that, even if he were to stir up some trouble, it wouldn’t affect himself, nor would it affect Jiang Wushang, Zhang Tianyi, and the others.

Moreover, Chu Feng gave himself a new name: Wuqing. As for the reason, it was very simple as well. In order to reach his goal, Chu Feng had to be a heartless [1] person.

After changing his face, Chu Feng set his first destination. The Lovers Terrace.

Qiushui Fuyan was in the Lovers Terrace. She was the Holy Daughter of the Burning Heaven Church, and also Huangfu Haoyue’s former lover.

So, Chu Feng felt that when Huangfu Haoyue still held his rationality, he should have said something to Qiushui Fuyan. Thus, Qiushui Fuyan was likely the only other person who likely knew Chu Feng’s ancestry.

However, the Eastern Sea Region was vast. If he wished to reach the Lovers Terrace, he would have to spend quite a bit of time.

Before that though, Chu Feng needed to raise his cultivation. So, he first found a hidden place, and prepared to refine the Son of Magma.

“Chu Feng, why not take out the Elite Armament fan Shentu Jiang obtained from the auction? Perhaps you can discover something.” However, just as he found a hidden place and before he started refining, Eggy spoke.

“That fan? On the fan, there is indeed a picture, but it’s a bit blurry and there’s no way to determine what is imprinted on it. I can’t even be sure if it’s a map or not.” Chu Feng said.

“Idiot. To normal people, indeed, it would be challenging, but you’re different. Don’t forget, you’re a person who has cultivated the Heaven’s Eyes. With a glance, you can see the essence of something like this.”

“Although you haven’t thoroughly grasped the Heaven’s Eyes, after all, you have already cultivated it for such a long period of time. The picture on the fan coincidentally serves to test the results of your cultivation.”

“No matter if it’s real or fake, as long as you can confirm either, it means that you have grasped the early stage of the Heaven’s Eyes. If you run into a place that conceals strange treasures, you should also see it.” Eggy said.

“Yeah! How did I forget about it? The Heaven’s Eyes that I cultivated allows me to see things that others cannot. It can also reconstruct incomplete things!” After hearing Eggy’s words, Chu Feng realized it as well. Without saying anything more, he quickly took out the Elite Armament fan.