Chapter 571 - Who?

MGA: Chapter 571 - Who?

Presently, Shentu Lang no longer had his former arrogance. His face was full of terror.

He, quivering, held up his hand, pointed at Chu Feng who stood atop the azure dragon in the sky, then asked Shentu Jiang and Shentu Hai, “You, you two, the person you two were chasing wouldn’t be him, would it?”

“It is him, Big Brother. Is there a problem?” Shentu Jiang and Shentu Hai were not idiots, so when they saw Shentu Lang’s expression, they knew some things must have happened.

“Dammit. The person who sealed me in this place is him! The person we were talking about are the same!” Shentu Lang spoke those words with a voice of hatred, but also helplessness.

“What? The person who defeated you was him? How is that possible? He’s only in the third level of the Heaven realm!”

After hearing Shentu Lang’s words, Shentu Jiang’s and Shentu Hai’s complexion changed. They couldn’t help looking at Chu Feng again, examining him carefully. Although Chu Feng’s current atmosphere was indeed extraordinary, in their eyes, it should still be impossible for him to defeat Shentu Lang.

“There’s no time for any explanations! Run! I’ll hold him off for you. Do not look back, and scram! The farther you go the better!”

Shentu Lang suddenly howled, and while doing that, he grabbed Shentu Jiang’s and Shentu Hai’s shoulders, and flung his arms with power that could uproot a mountain. Shentu Jiang and Shentu Hai, like arrows, shot towards the distant sky.

“Brat, you dare to lock me inside the pit of excrement and forcefully use such waste to prolong my life! I have never received such humiliation in my life, and even if I cannot defeat you, I will not stop fighting until one of us dies!”

The current Shentu Lang was completely different from the past. His gaze was like a torch. His bloodlust overflowed. He, who embraced a determined heart to die, had not the slightest bit of fear. He only had thoughts to delay Chu Feng.

*bang* Finally, he stepped forward. Boundless aura exploded from the ground as he rushed towards the clouds, heading straight for Chu Feng.

Holding nothing back, he released the aura of the fifth level of the Heaven realm. It surged forward, and even the air twisted when it passed by. The might it had was not weak at all.

But in Chu Feng’s eyes, no matter what Shentu Lang did, he would never be able to defeat him. He was like an ant in front of him. A raise of a hand or foot could crush him.

So, a hint of a smile formed, and he said, “There’s quite the bond you have between you and your brothers, and because of that, I won’t touch your Shentu Dynasty. But, you three brothers must die. This is the reasonable price you pay for your own actions.”

Immediately after he finished speaking, lightning surged within his eyes, and the Heaven power within his body started to quickly change as well, causing his aura to instantly rise rapidly.

Fourth level, fifth level, sixth level. In merely an instant, Chu Feng’s aura rose from the third level of the Heaven realm to the sixth level of the Heaven realm.

*boom* After his aura finished adjusting itself, Chu Feng wasted no breaths saying anything. He opened his five fingers slightly, he leveled his arm slightly, and very easily, casually, palmed towards Shentu Lang who was dashing straight at him.

The earth and heavens were shocked by that palming. The might it contained was strong; it was as powerful as a dragon!

*boom rumble rumble rumble*

With such a simple palm, Chu Feng overwhelmed Shentu Lang’s aura by several times.

At that instant, explosions burst out in the sky, the winds and clouds were altered, and the world trembled, as if everything went into chaos.

Looking at the roiling Heaven power coming towards him, Shentu Lang’s complexion distorted greatly as well. Although he had a very grand demeanor before, and even tossed away any thoughts of living, when he truly saw Chu Feng’s strength and truly faced death, he still feared.

But, this time, Chu Feng really did not give him any chances of survival. So, one saw only see the Heaven power streak across the sky, and the places it passed were all torn into pieces.

As for Shentu Lang, he was the same. With a puchi, the number one genius of the Shentu Dynasty, a cultivation expert in the fifth level of the Heaven realm, became a pool of blood within the turbulence of Heaven power. He could not even form a Consciousness.

“Heavens! Is-is-is he still human?!”

“How can he be that terrifying? He is simply like a demon!”

In the distant sky, there stood two people. They were precisely Shentu Jiang and Shentu Hai. They had not left yet, because they did not believe that Chu Feng could kill Shentu Lang.

But at that instant, they did. Chu Feng, who they didn’t even put into their eyes, was the most terrifying out of the five-man group. At that instant, they were truly afraid. It was impossible for them, who personally saw Chu Feng kill, to be not afraid.

*whoosh* But just at that moment, Chu Feng who stood in the faraway sky, turned his head around. He cast his cold gaze at Shentu Jiang and Shentu Hai.

“Crap, he has seen us! Run, run!!”

Their hearts immediately wavered when they met Chu Feng’s eyes. Their legs went limp, as if their blood was frozen. That kind of fear made them crawl back up while in the sky, and they almost fell down. Only after struggling for a good while could they stabilize their bodies.


But just as they prepared to use their bodily martial skills and escape with all they had, a burst of gale whooshed past them from behind. An enormous monster had appeared in front of them.

That enormous monster had shining green scales and mist surrounded it. It was a huge azure dragon, and on the head of the azure dragon, Chu Feng was chillingly staring at them. Though it lacked strong killing intent, his icy gaze was still frightening.


“Big Brother Chu Feng, we were wrong! We had eyes but couldn’t recognize Mount Tai! We shouldn’t have been disrespectful to you, so please give us a chance!” Shentu Jiang immediately knelt in the air and pleaded.

*bang bang*

Shentu Hai was even fiercer. Not only did he kneel in mid-air, he first unforgivingly slapped himself two times, before speaking painfully with tears and snot, “Master Chu Feng, it was my fault, it was my fault! I shouldn’t have looked for trouble, I shouldn’t have insulted your friends! Please, as a great character, have benevolence! Please be broad-minded with us, and give us a chance to start anew! I’m begging you, have mercy!”

Chu Feng’s emotions did not shift in the slightest when he looked at those two, because when he wished to kill a person, he would not be swayed.

So, Chu Feng said only one sentence, “Both of you are less than Shentu Lang.”

*boom* Immediately after he spoke, his thoughts spun around. Chu Feng did not use Heaven power, but Spirit Formation power. Blue-coloured Spirit Formations became a cage, and from all directions, locked the two of them inside.

Quickly after, it rapidly shrunk, then with two “poofs”, they were forcibly crushed into pieces, and died very thoroughly.


He killed them with lightning-like methods. Then, Chu Feng spread open his palm slightly, then two faint lights, like meteors going backwards, flew towards his palms from the place they died at.

Looking closely, they were two Cosmos Sacks, and those two Cosmos Sack were naturally the remnants of Shentu Jiang and Shentu Hai.

*whoosh* However, just as he obtained the Cosmos Sacks, Chu Feng flipped his palm, throwing them into his pocket, then cast his incomparably serious gaze behind him, and said, “Who?”