Chapter 570 - Brothers Meeting

MGA: Chapter 570 - Brothers Meeting

Within the Four Seas Academy, arbitrary fighting was forbidden, and even more so, arbitrary murder was forbidden.

So, if Shentu Jiang and Shentu Hai wished to take care of Chu Feng, they had to follow him all the way until he left the territory of the Four Seas Academy before they could do anything to him.

But Chu Feng was not as easy to handle as they had thought. After he left the grounds of the Four Seas Academy, Chu Feng used the bodily martial skill, the Dragon Travelling Through Nine Heavens, for quicker movement.

Although the speed of the Dragon Travelling Through Nine Heavens was not comparable to the Azure Dragon Dashing Technique, it was still very fast. It forced Shentu Jiang and Shentu Hai to use everything they had, yet they could still not catch up to Chu Feng.

Although the two of them could not catch up, they weren’t left behind by him either. They advanced forward with the same level of speed. At first, the two of them even thought that Chu Feng discovered them, but, they found out in no point in time was he anxious, and moreover, he even sang as he travelled. How was that leisure attitude even close to preparing for the arrival of an enemy?

So, the two brothers, Shentu Jiang and Shentu Hai, determined that Chu Feng had yet to discover them. But Chu Feng’s method of movement was too aberrant. Not only was his speed quick, when he moved, he didn’t even sleep or rest, didn’t eat or drink, and when he moved, he continued non-stop for several days.

But naturally, Shentu Jiang and Shentu Hai, who hated Chu Feng and the others down to the bone, and could only vent their anger by killing Chu Feng, were not willing to give up so easily. So, they kept on following him. Only after entering the grounds of the luxurious tavern did they discover that traces of Chu Feng disappeared.

“Dammit! Where did that brat go? How come he suddenly disappeared?!” Shentu Jiang stood above the luxurious tavern and looked down, yet could not see even Chu Feng’s shadow. He couldn’t help panicking because more and more, he felt that they were possibly being toyed around by Chu Feng.

“This is quite familiar… Heavens! This place, isn’t this place that tavern we rested in when we first came to the Eastern Sea Region?” After Shentu Hai detailedly observed the things below, he suddenly became shocked.

“That’s true! At that time, there was still people circulating in this place, and it was even very prosperous! Why has it been destroyed to this state? Something must have happened here.” Hearing Shentu Hai’s words, Shentu Jiang discovered as well that indeed, it was the tavern they had took a rest in before.

*gulugulugulu* But as they were baffled, from the center of the tavern, burst of strange sounds rang out.

“Some sound is coming from over there, let’s quickly go check it out.” Hearing those sounds, Shentu Jiang’s and Shentu Hai’s expression changed. They even thought that they had found Chu Feng, speedily flying towards the direction of the sound.

“This, what is this?” But when the two flew over and saw the object that the noise came from, they hurried covered their mouths and noses, almost vomiting.

Because, under them, there was a churning pit of excrement. Currently, bubbles kept on forming from the excrement, and gulugulu sounds came from it as well. At the same time, a revolting stench permeated that land.

*boom* But abruptly, within the pit of excrement, an explosion burst out. At the same time, like a volcano erupting, excrement soared into the sky.

“Damn!” Seeing the yellow-coloured object shooting straight towards them, Shentu Jiang’s and Shentu Hai’s faces greened. They quickly used their strongest bodily martial skills and dodged to the side. Only by doing that did they avoid being tainted by the poop.

“Haha, I’ve finally gotten out!”

But just as the two of them celebrated their successful evasion of such a catastrophe, an elated voice suddenly rang out in the sky full of excrement. Looking towards the origin of the voice, Shentu Jiang and Shentu Hai were immediately dumbstruck, and even rubbed their eyes quickly because they did not dare to believe the scene happening in front of their eyes.

Because, at that very instant, they recognized the person who was standing in the air and insanely laughing. He was the number one genius of the Shentu Dynasty, Shentu Lang.

“Big Brother Shentu Lang, it’s really you?!” With inconceivable emotions, Shentu Jiang and Shentu Hai yelled out at the same time.

“Little Jiang, Little Hai? What are you two doing here?” Seeing Shentu Jiang and Shentu Hai, Shentu Lang’s expression shifted, feeling very surprised.

“Big Brother, that’s something that we should ask you... Why didn’t you participate in the Four Seas Academy’s examination, and why were you there?” Shentu Jiang pointed at the pit of excrement underneath, replying to a question with a question.

“Ahh, it’s a long story, but damn, I truly stumbled upon bad luck.” Hearing Shentu Jiang ask about it, Shentu Lang didn’t hide anything and roughly outlined what happened to him.

“So something like that happened.” And after knowing that Shentu Lang was sealed into the pit of excrement by a person even younger than him, Shentu Jiang and Shentu Hai were both astounded, feeling quite a bit of disbelief.

After all, they understood Shentu Lang’s strength. He was the number one genius in the several hundred years of Shentu Dynasty history. That appellation was absolutely not falsely gained, and they even felt that if Shentu Lang had participated in the Four Seas Academy’s examination, he would have become the most well-known person there. Perhaps he would have even become the strongest person in the examination.

Yet at present, someone’s strength was actually above Shentu Lang’s while that person was younger than him. How could they not be astounded?

“That’s right. Little Jiang, Little Hai, at this time, the Four Seas Academy’s examination should have finished right? Why aren’t you waiting inside the academy, and have come to this place?” Shentu Lang curiously asked.

“Don’t mention that. We originally came here chasing after a brat, but who would have thought after arriving at this place, he disappeared.” Shentu Jiang said with a face packed with anger. The more he thought about himself and Shentu Hai, the more they felt that they might have been tricked.

“Little Jiang, what exactly happened? Quickly tell me.” Seeing their fury, Shentu Lang knew that his two brothers might have been wronged.

Shentu Jiang and Shentu Hai didn’t conceal anything either. They roughly narrated the events that had occurred to Shentu Lang.

“This is truly preposterous. There’s actually someone who dares to bully my brothers like that?!” Indeed, after knowing about it, Shentu Lang gritted his teeth with overflowing anger, then patted his chest and guaranteed, “Little Jiang, Little Hai, don’t worry. From what you’ve said, he shouldn’t have run too far. Right now, I’ll help you two search for him. With my strength, he shouldn’t even think of escaping from my palm.”

“That’s great! Big Brother, if it’s you, not to mention him, even those few in the Four Seas Academy will not end up well!” At that instant, Shentu Jiang and Shentu Hai acted as if they had found their backbone. Their faces were full of happiness and excitement.

“No need to look for me. I’m here.” But just at that time, a loud and clear voice suddenly exploded in the air. Soon after an imposing dragon’s roar suddenly resonated as well.

At that instant, they saw wind blowing everywhere in the sky. The clouds shifted around, and a huge azure-coloured dragon, with powerful might, appeared in the sky.

And on that huge azure dragon’s head, there stood a person. That person was none other than Chu Feng.

“Chu Feng, you actually dare to appear in front of us.”

“Big Brother, it’s him. He’s the person who humiliated the two of us publicly. Today, you must lend a hand to us to give this brat a good lesson!” When they saw Chu Feng, Shentu Jiang and Shentu Hai were endlessly ecstatic.

But when they cast their gazes at Shentu Lang, awaiting his attack to torture Chu Feng for a good while, their faces couldn’t help changing, and with extremely nervous tones, they shouted simultaneously, “Big Brother, you, what’s wrong with you?!”