Chapter 569 - Road of Death

MGA: Chapter 569 - Road of Death

The next morning, when Chu Feng reawakened, he discovered that Su Rou was there no more, but next to the bed, she left behind some bodily fragrance, letting him know that Su Rou did indeed accompany him for a night.

When he walked out of the room and saw Su Rou and Su Mei again, he discovered the sisters were holding each other’s hands, and smiling while chatting. Their serene appearances made it look as if nothing happened last night at all.

It made the piece of worry in Chu Feng’s heart disappear like a sliver of smoke. He once again felt how strong the two sisters felt about one another, as if nothing could make conflicts arise between them.

“How was it? Did you sleep comfortably last night?” After Su Mei saw Chu Feng, with her little hands behind her back, she walked up to Chu Feng and asked naughtily next to his ear.

“Eh, you little girl...” There was guilt in his heart, so he was a bit embarrassed. He couldn’t avoid casting his gaze towards the nearby Su Rou, but discovered she only curled up her red lips and beautifully smiled, then turned her head away and no longer paid attention to Chu Feng.

At that instant, Chu Feng could really do absolutely nothing. He even thought that Su Rou told Su Mei what they did last night, or somehow Su Mei learnt about what he and Su Rou did.

But when Su Mei’s red lips quivered and a mental message was projected into his ears, Chu Feng was instantly speechless.

“Next time, find a secretive place, and I’ll give myself to you then. But be careful, we can’t be discovered by my sister or else she will definitely not forgive me~”

Just like that, on the special day of the Moon Festival, though Chu Feng was unable to be “complete” with Su Mei, he shared a bed with Su Rou once again. Although the process in which that happened made Chu Feng a bit lost, he once again experienced how much the sisters loved him.

The reason why they acted like that was because they were loath to separate with him. After all, from today on, Chu Feng was going to leave the Four Seas Academy and step onto an uncertain trek.

This day was also the final day of the Four Seas Academy’s disciple examination. The disciples who passed the examination before already had their respective instructors, and were currently entering the Four Seas Academy.

Of those people, the ones most focused upon were, of course, Su Rou and Su Mei. Their instructors were Divine Instructors! They really gave rise to envy.

But other than Su Rou and Su Mei, there were also many people who were admired, and those included Zhang Tianyi and Jiang Wushang. They had already gained the qualifications to enter the Four Seas Academy, and also gained the chance to become disciples of Divine Instructors.

That chance was currently grasped within their own hands. Whether they could successfully become disciple of Divine Instructors, and from then on rise greatly in position, depended on their own abilities.

Those who fought to become disciples of Divine Instructors were all from the young generation. Their strengths were not weak, and they were all geniuses. However, in Chu Feng’s eyes, not a single one could defeat him.

Looking at those in the young generation, the ones with the highest strengths were only in the sixth level of the Heaven realm, and if Chu Feng used the power of his lightning, his cultivation would also enter the sixth level of the Heaven realm. In the same level, who could defeat Chu Feng? At least, up until now, only Zi Ling could.

In reality, not only Chu Feng, even Jiang Wushang and Zhang Tianyi didn’t have too much pressure. Not only did they destroy all the obstructions in the examination, they even defeated all their opponents, and at the end, became disciples of Divine Instructors, genius disciples who would be gazed upon by many.

In the process, they, with the cultivation of the third level of the Heaven realm, fiercely beat up Shentu Jiang and Shentu Hai, who were both in the fourth level of the Heaven realm. Those two battles were one of the few, out of the many, fights that made people exclaim in admiration.

Chu Feng also felt happy for Su Rou, Su Mei, Zhang Tianyi, and Jiang Wushang when they were stared at by countless admirative and praiseful gazes as they become disciples of their respective Divine Instructors and also became disciples who were the most excellent and had the most potential in the Four Seas Academy.

It at least meant that they weren’t only geniuses in the continent of the Nine Provinces. Even in the Eastern Sea Region, they similarly could make a standing for themselves.

After Jiang Wushang and Zhang Tianyi successfully became disciples of Divine Instructors, Chu Feng decided to leave on the exact same day because on this day, those who weren’t able to enter the Four Seas Academy had to leave.

But when leaving, Chu Feng didn’t let them send him off because he didn’t want to leave on a sad note. He wanted to keep a cheerful heart before stepping onto his next journey.

And just as he arrived in front of the Teleportation Array, Chu Feng recognized two familiar figures. It was Shentu Jiang and Shentu Hai. Currently, bestowed by Zhang Tianyi and Jiang Wushang, their noses were blue and their faces swollen. As they walked in the crowds of people, many whispers arose. It was extremely shameful.

Seeing their lips moving slightly yet no sound was made, Chu Feng knew that they were sending mental messages.

So, Chu Feng spread out his Spirit power, and with its immense strength, caught strands of their voices, and with that, listened into their mental conversation.

“God damn, we were actually defeated by those two guys in the third level of the Heaven realm. This time, we’ve truly lost a lot of face.”

“Sigh. If Big Brother Shentu Lang were here, he could definitely fiercely give those two a lesson.”

“Of course! If he was here, out of this year’s new disciples, he would have definitely become the most well-known person. When would it even be their turn to take the spotlight?”

“But, why hasn’t he still not arrived yet? Didn’t we say he was going to enter the Four Seas Academy as well? What the hell is he doing?!”

“Who knows? But I’m sure Big Brother Shentu Lang must have his own plans.”

Shentu Jiang and Shentu Hai, indeed, were complaining about everything because of their defeat in battle. Moreover, from their words, Chu Feng also confirmed that they were indeed in the same group as Shentu Jiang.

“Oh? Who’s this? Shentu Jiang and Shentu Hai right? What happened? I haven’t seen you for only a day, yet your heads have become pig heads?”

“Ah, I know. You must have taken quite a few blows from today’s fight right? Who was it from? It wouldn’t be from Zhang Tianyi and Jiang Wushang right?”

“This is truly embarrassing you guys! Last night, you even put the word out there, and said you were going to beat up Zhang Tianyi and Jiang Wushang. How come today, when you really go fight, you’re beaten to this state? So you only know how to brag and nothing else?” After eavesdropping on their mental conversation, Chu Feng intentionally walked up to them and jeered loudly, as if wishing the entire world could hear him.

“You!!” The two already had stomachs full of anger, so when they were made fun of by Chu Feng, their faces immediately turned livid, and were so furious that their veins popped out.

“Hmph.” But the two of them did not say much, and turned around with a cold snort because they were, indeed, defeated. It was something that everyone knew. If they continued defending themselves or hurling insults, they would get nothing but more ridicule. So, they could only endure.

“Ahh, don’t leave! Come chat for a bit longer!”

“What? You can’t take a few more words? Don’t you know what ‘wise advice goes against the ear’ means?”

“Trash! If I were you two, I would have burrowed myself into some hole in the wall. Pfs, some dog-butt Shentu Dynasty. So it’s a place specialized for raising up garbage!” Although the two of them already turned around, Chu Feng did not let them go easily. His insults were extremely loud, and only after the two of them disappeared from his line of sight did Chu Feng smile lightly, as if some evil plot succeeded.

Quickly after, relying on Teleportation Arrays, Chu Feng left the Four Seas Academy. However, he found out that two people were secretly following him.

As for who those two were, Chu Feng knew even with his eyes shut. They were definitely Shentu Jiang and Shentu Hai. The two of them were already displeased at Chu Feng, and just now, he mocked them in such a way as well. How could they truly endure that?

This time, by following him, they naturally aimed to give Chu Feng a lesson. Little did they know that the humiliation before was merely a scheme set up by Chu Feng. They even thought they could fiercely beat Chu Feng up, but were ignorant to the fact that they were already led onto a road of death.