Chapter 1002 - Who Gave You These Nerves

MGA: Chapter 1002 - Who Gave You These Nerves

“Old Ape, to think how mighty you were back then. Clearly, you were only a foreign Monstrous Beast, yet in my Chu family, you held even a higher position than my family members.

“Back then, just because my big brother spoke a few disrespectful words, you slapped him three thousand times in front of the rest of the family. The effect it had on him was so great he felt he had no more face so he destroyed his own cultivation, thus cutting off his future.

“Had you ever thought a day like today would come? Have you thought that you, who came from the Fighting Ape clan, would one day kneel in front of me?” said Chu Kongtong coldly. His words were extremely mocking.

“Chu Kongtong, twenty years ago, would you dare to speak to me like this?” shouted the old ape. At the same time, the fur on its body all stood on end. A boundless power burst from his weak body. The old ape actually stood up amidst the golden light.

“Kneel back down!” However, just when the old ape stood up, Chu Kongtong strengthened the golden radiance by several times and once again forced the old ape onto its knees.

“Hmph.” After doing that, Chu Kongtong coldly snorted and said, “Twenty years ago? Of course, I wouldn’t dare to speak to you like this twenty years ago, but it’s twenty years later now.

“Old Ape, if you must blame someone, you can only blame yourself. You can only blame yourself for following the wrong master. You wouldn’t have fallen to this state and be bearing this pain here right now otherwise.

“I know how arrogant you were. You came from the Fighting Ape clan, had extraordinary bloodline, overwhelming strength, so you thought even my Chu family’s forbidden land could do nothing to you.

“But now, you know you’re wrong, right? Your fallen cultivation and this powerless body have represented everything. This place can not only engulf my Chu family’s cultivation, it can also engulf yours.”

“Chu Kongtong, less rubbish! If you want to avenge your elder brother, then kill me. Why speak these inane words so indirectly?” the old ape shouted mockingly.

“Heh. Kill you? That would be too good for you! To think this master and servant were so arrogant in my Chu family… yet you want to die and end it all? In your dreams!

“I want you alive. I want you two to barely survive in this place until you become trash who don’t even have a trace of cultivation! Then, I’ll have you pay the price for your very action.

“As for now, I want to torment you. There’s movement in the grave. I know you must have concealed someone. You two can’t leave this place, so you want to access the outside to help you, right?

“Let me tell you this: as long as I’m here, you should never even think of playing any tricks! Stay here and receive the punishments for your crimes!” Chu Kongtong sneered, then some golden light left his body.

It became a hoe and shovel and arrived in front of the grave that held Chu Feng. He was preparing to break the coffin.

Seeing the incoming tools flying over, Chu Feng was not afraid. Instead, on his face, there was an indescribable fury.

Chu Feng had heard everything that Chu Kongtong and the old ape said. Although they had only exchanged a few words, Chu Feng had still caught a few things: this person called Chu Kongtong seemed to be someone from the Chu family. Moreover, he held quite some resentment for Chu Feng’s father and the old ape.

At first, since Chu Kongtong had insufficient strength, he didn’t dare to do much to them. But now, they had clearly suffered in some way and thus their strengths were far inferior to before. So, this despicable and shameless Chu Kongtong was taking this chance to deal with Chu Feng’s father and the old ape.

Although Chu Feng didn’t want to die, that depended on the situation. Chu Feng could not tolerate his father’s dignity being challenged. So, when the golden tools were flying down into the ground, Chu Feng stood up and wanted to break through the coffin and leave. Even though he knew it meant certain death, he still wanted to fight that Chu Kongtong.

*hmm* However, what Chu Feng didn’t expect was just when he stood up, the coffin’s formation finished channelling. It was now activating.

At that instant, Chu Feng felt his vision swirl. Very soon, he lost consciousness.


Just at that moment, hoe and shovel made by the horrifying golden light fell down at the same time. With destructive power, it scattered the soil that buried the coffin, and also shattered the Profound Stone coffin lid.

However, after it was destroyed, Chu Feng wasn’t inside. Similarly, there wasn’t any formation. There was only a little child skeleton that lay within the enormous coffin.

The skeleton was covered with special cloth. It shone with golden light, but the skeleton itself wasn’t all that bright. It was even a bit yellowed; clearly, its owner had died for quite some time.

“What? I clearly felt something before.” Seeing the coffin completely empty, holding only a child’s skeleton, Chu Kongtong was taken aback. He felt very surprised at that result.

“Chu Kongtong, you filthy animal! You dare take apart my young master’s grave and break his coffin? You don’t even allow his young soul to rest?! I’ll kill you!” the old ape furiously howled. The deafening sound made everything tremble.

This time, Chu Kongtong did not retort. Instead, he said without much confidence, “It’s just breaking the coffin. It’s not like the skeleton’s been damaged. Besides, I’m doing official duties. I felt there was movement in this coffin, so it was reasonable that I checked it out. After all, this is my Chu family’s forbidden land. I cannot allow outsiders to enter.

“However, since there’s nothing abnormal within the coffin, I let you two off for now.

“In the future, you better guard this place well and don’t even think of having any unbefitting thoughts. Otherwise, even if I forgive you, they won’t.”

After speaking, Chu Kongtong retracted the golden light that oppressed the old ape. At the same time, the radiance surrounding him became strange. Layers of odd ripples started emerging. He was planning to leave.

*hmm* However, just at that moment, an invisible power suddenly came down from above and engulfed Chu Kongtong’s body.


The invisible power was really too terrifying. It could simply destroy everything. It was so indescribably powerful. Before such power, even Chu Kongtong let out a painful cry. Like mud, he lay on the floor and couldn’t even move.


Moreover, this invisible power became stronger and stronger, causing Chu Kongtong’s cries to become more and more intense. Even when being suppressed by such power, the golden light on his body started twisting and changing. It gradually faded away, and it looked as if his body was being disintegrated.


When pressed by this invisible power, an explosion finally rang out. The light on Chu Kongtong’s body disappeared completely, and at that very instant, Chu Kongtong revealed his true appearance.

He wasn’t a golden warrior some dozen meters tall. Instead, he was a gorgeously dressed middle-aged man who wasn’t even a meter and a half tall.

Chu Kongtong was not only short, he was incomparably ugly. More importantly, his ugly face was filled with a fearful expression. In just that instant, large amount of cold sweat seeped out of his face and, like rain, showered down.

“Not only do you bully my person, you even dare break my son’s coffin. Today, you even want to leave.

“Chu Kongtong, who gave you these nerves?”

Just at that moment, a voice as calm as a gentle wind yet could petrified one’s soul suddenly rang out from the depths of this land.