Chapter 1003 - Chu Feng's Father

MGA: Chapter 1003 - Chu Feng's Father

*ta ta ta*

After that voice rang out, footstep sounds resounded from the depths of this place. As the sounds neared, a person soon walked out from the darkness.

That man was not tall, nor was he well-built. He wasn’t all that handsome either; he could be said to be extremely ordinary.

However, the feeling he gave others was that different. One could even say the feeling he exuded wasn’t one of a person’s.

Indeed, the feeling he gave others made him seem he wasn’t a person. No matter how normal he looked, no matter how simple the clothes he wore, the unique demeanor emanated from his very being wasn’t incomparable to an ordinary person.

“Chu Xuanyuan, you…”

Chu Kongtong’s expression changed greatly. Within his widening eyes, there was indescribable fear. He said with a trembling voice, “How is this possible? How could your cultivation remain the same after being here for so many years?”

“Chu Kongtong, you truly don’t understand this situation. Right now, what you should be worried about is your safety, not my cultivation.” The corners of Chu Xuanyuan’s mouth curled up as he walked over with somewhat of a smile. The old ape also stood up and walked behind Chu Xuanyuan.

“Wh-wh-what are you doing? There was abnormal movement in the forbidden land, so by orders I came down to investigate. If you dare to do anything to me, the people above won’t forgive you!” Chu Kongtong knew this was bad. Gnashing his teeth, he wanted to free himself, but it was useless as he simply didn’t have that power before Chu Xuanyuan.

“The people above? Hoh. Actually, I’m quite curious. Who exactly are ‘the people above’ who so impatiently want to deal with me? How about you tell me about it?” Chu Xuanyuan walked up to Chu Kongtong. With a thought, he made Chu Kongtong, who was kneeling, float in front of him, straightening him out in the process.

“Chu Xuanyuan, don’t even think of using this to trick me! If you dare, attack me! I’ll let you know the consequences of your actions.”

A hint of resolution flashed into Chu Kongtong’s eyes—resolution to remain silent even if death was imminent. So, at that moment, he had closed his mouth—very, very shut.

“Hoh. Consequences? I’ll let you know the consequences of disturbing my son’s grave.” A chilly glint flashed into his gazes. Simultaneously, a blood-red light swept past Chu Kongtong’s eyes and he started painfully howling.

At that very instant, blood filled his eyes. His eyeballs were gone already.

“You’ve seen my son’s remains, so you should lose your eyesight.”

Chu Xuanyuan slowly spread open his palm. On there were two complete eyeballs. However, he left his palm open for just an instant before closing them shut, crushing Chu Xuanyuan’s two eyeballs.

“AH—” As if feeling them being squashed, Chu Xuanyuan cried even more painfully.

“Old Ape, I’ll leave the rest to you. Don’t be merciful. Just leave him breathing.” Chu Xuanyuan turned around and backed away to the side. The old ape walked up without saying anything else, and waved its sharp claws, tearing Chu Kongtong’s body.

*whoosh—* The old ape’s clawing was really merciless. It not only left bloody wounds on Chu Kongtong’s body, even his bones were snapped. His flesh was torn open, and organs were revealed. That was the degree of Chu Kongtong’s injuries.

But that was merely the beginning. The old ape did not leave the torture there.

That was truly just an appetizer because the further it went, the more bone-chilling the old ape’s torment became. Skinned and tendons extracted. Joints dislocated. In just a blink, nothing was the same with Chu Kongtong’s body as before.

But the most expected thing was before such torture, Chu Kongtong’s cries didn’t increase in pain. He endured it. In the end, he even started laughing.

“Haha… Old Ape, you’re truly old. Even your torturing methods are so mundane. This is just a physical body; I’ll give it to you for free! Do whatever you want with it. This doesn’t affect me at all. As for this tiny bit of pain, I, Chu Kongtong, can take it with no problem.” He not only laughed, he even smugly humiliated the old ape.

“You…” The old ape furrowed its brows slightly. It didn’t have too great of an expression. When one reached a realm like theirs, one’s physical body did indeed not matter all that much. It too knew, other than letting Chu Kongtong feel some pain, torture like this wouldn’t do much to him.

However, it couldn’t do anything. After all, Chu Kongtong was from the Chu family. There were definitely people who knew he came down here. So, it didn’t dare to kill him.

“Oh? Are you certain this is only a physical body?” But just at that moment, Chu Xuanyuan lightly smiled. Then, his palm moved slightly. A ray of light shot out and bore into Chu Kongtong’s body.


Chu Kongtong’s expression changed greatly. He couldn’t endure it anymore, and he once again let out a painful scream.

Runes started appearing within his body. They started crawling around inside, and as they moved about, Chu Kongtong’s body started collapsing. His physical body was being engulfed.

In the end, his body disappeared completely. His dantian changed into a strand of light, and that strand of light hovered in the air for a very long time. As it floated, it released a painful shriek. Only after an hour did it stop.

The body of light started stretching, becoming a rough humanoid figure. It was Chu Kongtong; his body was destroyed, and right now, only this Consciousness remained.

However, Chu Kongtong’s current Consciousness was different from other people’s. No matter how weak the brightness emitted from other people’s Consciousness, at least they had a complete body. But Chu Kongtong didn’t.

He didn’t have eyes, and there was no undamaged skin all over his body. He didn’t even have two legs, and only a single arm remained. Moreover, on that arm, only a finger remained. The most important thing, however, was that his cultivation rapidly fell.

“Chu Xuanyuan, wh-wh-what did you do to me?” Feeling the changes that had occurred to him, Chu Kongtong felt his mind crumbling.

Chu Xuanyuan merely gave a faint smile at his reaction. “If I were you, I wouldn’t stay in this place. I would quickly return and find your boss to help you heal your injuries.

“But, of course, the precondition for this is that they are actually able to provide such treatment.”

“You…” Chu Kongtong’s expression changed greatly again. He was furious and filled with hatred, yet didn’t dare to say anything.

He knew Chu Xuanyuan’s abilities. If this person’s cultivation had decreased, then that would still be acceptable. But now, not only was his cultivation the same, it was even unfathomable. There were no clues that pointed to the reason why that was the case. In a state like this, Chu Xuanyuan was very difficult to deal with.

Even if there was someone in the family who could heal him, they would still have to pay an enormous price. It would even affect their own cultivation. So, he didn’t think anyone would do that for him.

But no matter what, he was left with no choice. He could only move his body slightly and lay a Teleportation Formation. While he still had cultivation, he had to quickly leave this place.

“That’s right. Chu Kongtong, tell those people above this: if they have some opinion of me, they can come look for trouble themselves. But… only if they dare.”

Chu Kongtong’s body trembled after Chu Xuanyuan spoke those words. He didn’t dare to stay behind, and immediately left through a Teleportation Formation.