Chapter 1001 - Chu Kongtong

MGA: Chapter 1001 - Chu Kongtong

The coffin was sealed, but the formation was still firing up. Chu Feng could feel that the formation was very powerful. However, at that instant, it hadn’t been activated completely. It was still gathering power. Only when it finished could Chu Feng be sent away.

However, right now, what surprised Chu Feng wasn’t the profound and mystical formation but the coffin itself.

Although it was made by Profound Stone, it was very special. If one looked from the outside, it could block off anything. Nothing could be seen; even if Chu Feng used the Heaven’s Eyes, it was useless.

But at that instant, when the coffin was completely shut, it was the opposite. Chu Feng was actually able to see everything outside clearly through the coffin, as if it and the soil were transparent.

Right now, Chu Feng could see that the fear and uneasiness in the old ape’s eyes didn’t diminish at all. However, it was still doing its best to conceal it. Very soon, it acted as if nothing had ever happened. It turned the lantern in its hand to a pile of fire, and sat cross-legged by the flames.

The old ape’s series of strange movements made Chu Feng know that something was going to happen. So, he really did hope this formation would take a little longer to fire up so he could learn what was about to happen that made this old ape so afraid.


Just at that moment, radiance shone in front of it. A blinding golden light appeared. It was too bright; it completely lit up this pitch-black land.

Before the golden light, Chu Feng could see that this place was truly gorgeous and great. There were many structures around, and every single one was enormous. They were like mountain peaks that led to the skies, and as they were shone by the radiance, they were also incomparably brilliant.

Some were like crystals, some were like diamonds, some were like ice and snow, some were like flames… They were all made by special materials, and they were both grand and imposing. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say these were the greatest structures Chu Feng had ever seen in his entire life.

But right now, Chu Feng wasn’t in the mood to admire these buildings. Putting aside the fact that this place was too big, the place that the golden light shone was merely the corner of an iceberg. More importantly, however, when the golden radiance appeared, an extremely horrifying aura also descended.

That aura was extremely powerful. It was the most horrifying aura Chu Feng had ever felt in his entire life. Before such an aura, Chu Feng truly felt he was not even worth a speck of dust. He was so pathetically minuscule.

“Old Ape, you truly have quite the nerves!” Suddenly, a fierce and arrogant voice rang out amidst the golden light. That tone was very lofty, akin to a lord descending into this world.

After that voice rang out, quite a bit of the golden light was retracted. Finally, a person appeared in front of the old ape.

It was a very huge figure—a dozen or so meters tall. Its body shone with golden light and emanated an incomparable might. Chu Feng could only see his blurry outline also because the golden radiance was too blinding. He simply could not see this person’s complexion; he couldn’t even see their clothes clearly.

Everything was being separated by the golden light and Chu Feng could only feel its strength. He simply couldn’t observe anything else. This person was a true nobility, so noble that commoners weren’t even qualified to see his appearance.

But if Chu Feng were to judge, he would say this person seemed more like a warrior who won all battles and was unstoppable. Even the old ape was quite a bit weaker when it was in front of it.

However, even though this person was unimaginably powerful, the old ape was still very calm. There was no more fear in its eyes, and it simply didn’t even look straight at that person. It remained sitting and kept lightly poking at the firewood in front of it.

“Old Ape, who let you summon the statues without permission? You should know you are not allowed to use the things here!” The person who came was even more furious when the old ape used such an attitude to face him.

“Something that shouldn’t have appeared in the Heavenly Road appeared. It affected the order of things. I was just removing harm for those who pass and cleared some obstructions,” said the old ape calmly. However, it still didn’t look straight at the newcomer.

“Oh? Old Ape, when have you become a Good Samaritan? You use my clan’s power to help the garbage from this place?” said the person mockingly.

“When have you become so free? You always have your eyes on this place. When there’s just a slight bit of movement, you just rush over here. You’re simply more sensitive than dog’s nose,” said the old ape with also a mocking tone.

“Hmph.” The person coldly snorted. Then, with a thought, a boundless Spirit power was released and swept across everything.

“Crap,” Chu Feng cursed. He could feel how horrifying that Spirit power was. It was something several tens of thousands of times stronger than his own. Before that Spirit power, Chu Feng simply could not hide.


However, Chu Feng’s worry was redundant. When the Spirit power came attacking, the formation within the coffin changed slightly and blocked it for Chu Feng. The horrifying Spirit power was unable to cover Chu Feng’s body.

“Mm?” His Spirit power being blocked made the person aware that something was wrong. He raised his palm, and a golden light shot out and flew towards the coffin that held Chu Feng.

Seeing the incoming golden light, Chu Feng’s entire being was frozen. He felt a dangerous feeling he had never felt before. He could feel what sort of power was concealed within the golden light. Not to mention the light itself, even the remnants of the golden light could shatter his soul and he’d die instantly.

*boom* But just when Chu Feng felt he was dead, the old ape made its move. Not only did it stop the golden light, it even dispelled the remnants. It stopped the attack completely.

“Chu Kongtong, are you looking to die? You dare attack my young master’s grave?” the old ape furiously questioned after stopping the attack.

“There is movement within the grave. I suspect someone’s inside. And since you’re protecting it so much, it seems that you’re hiding someone.” Chu Kongtong was even more furious and he actually attacked the old ape itself.

*hmm* Golden radiance shone. Everything in his surroundings became incomparably minuscule, and that golden radiance became the only thing one could see within this world.

Before that light, the old ape made a painful expression on its face. It used everything it could to withstand that attack, but it was unable to and was forced to kneel onto the ground.

“Hahaha, Old Ape, you’ve gotten weak! And not just a little bit weaker either!” Chu Kongtong suddenly laughed smugly when he saw the old ape kneeling in front of him. His laughter was even quite mad.