Chapter 1000 - Thing of Burden

MGA: Chapter 1000 - Thing of Burden

“I know.

“As the proverbs say, ‘There are skies beyond this sky, and men beyond this man.’

“Of those in my own generation in the Eastern Sea Region, I am indeed not considered weak.

“But in the Holy Land of Martialism, there are definitely many people superior to me while being in the same generation. In comparison to them, I am indeed not strong,” Chu Feng replied.

“Wrong. Absolutely wrong. In the Eastern Sea Region, or the Holy Land of Martialism, either of them is just a part of this world. The difference is only the outside and the inside. What are the people there comparing to you?” However, after hearing Chu Feng’s words, the old ape appeared very agitated. It looked at Chu Feng and berated with a fierce tone, “You have the nine-coloured Divine Lightning in your body—it was given to you by your father.

“There’s even a World Spirit from the Asura Spirit World sealed in your body—it was given to you by your mother.

“And right now, their blood of nobility is flowing within your veins, yet you are still comparing yourself to the trash of this world? And you dare say you’re not weak?

“You aren’t just pathetically weak in cultivation, you’re pathetically weak in knowledge. Chu Feng, you’re truly so weak you’re a failure. Not only have you shamed the family’s name, you’ve also shamed your parents’ name.”

The old ape’s words stupefied Chu Feng and froze him. Even though its words were lashing out of Chu Feng for his weakness, it was simultaneously giving him some information.

His nine-coloured Divine Lightning was given by his father, and Eggy, the horrifying World Spirit, was given by his mother. From the old ape’s tone, which was resentful from disappointment, Chu Feng could tell that his father and mother were absolutely not ordinary people. They were likely very impressive as there were hints of respect within its tone.

The old ape was a Martial Emperor—there was no doubt to that. As for a person who could make the old ape so respectful… it was simply unimaginable.

Although his heart was shocked, Chu Feng didn’t interject. He silently awaited the old ape to leak more information. Only when it was unwilling to reveal any more would he analyze the information.

“Ahh…” After venting out such fierce words, the old ape’s mood was much calmer. As it looked at Chu Feng, whose face was serene yet had eyes filled with longing, it heaved another long sigh and said, “As they say, ‘If you near red, you become red. If you near black, you become black.’ You’re in such garbage lands, so it does make sense that you’re so weak. After all, you don’t belong to this place.”

“Don’t belong to this place?” Chu Feng’s heart was moved. He couldn’t help asking, “Then where do I belong?”

“You come from the Outer World,” said the old ape.

“Outer World?” Chu Feng was shocked.

“Ahh, whatever. Since you’re so lacking in knowledge, I’ll make an exception and tell you about this. I’ll let you know what burden you’re carrying on your back,” said the old ape.

“Your family comes from this world, but it has already been forgotten by this world’s people because long ago, your family left this world. However, undoubtedly, your family’s strength can bring forth admiration from everyone in this world, including many forces in the Holy Land of Martialism.

“As for the nine-coloured Divine Lightning in your body, that’s the symbol of your family. That’s the Inherited Bloodline only your family possesses. That’s the power that allows you to surpass all else in this world.

“As for your father, he was the family’s pride. But sadly, because of your birth, you and your father were driven away. All of your father’s honour had been stripped away. One could even say that the criminal who did that was you,” said the old ape with solemnness.

“What? I took away my father’s honour?” Chu Feng was shocked again. He couldn’t understand what was happening. However, recalling the old ape’s attitude before, and recalling the things that had happened to him, it seemed that Chu Feng understood something.

The old ape said the nine-coloured Divine Lightning was the power of his family’s bloodline. However, the Divine Lightning only entered his body at the age of ten. Which also meant before the age of then, there was no power from any Inherited Bloodline within his body. Even now, he simply hadn’t completely grasped the bloodline’s power.

That was sufficient evidence to the “weakness” the old ape spoke of before. A person who couldn’t even grasp their own bloodline. A person who didn’t even have any bloodline power within their body before the age of ten. Was that not weak?

So, he asked, “Senior, it was because of me? Was it because I was too weak, so the family drove me and my father away, so my family stripped away my father’s honour?”

“No. The one who drive you two out is indeed your family, but the one who stripped away your father’s honour is you. You! Do you understand?” the old ape furiously roared as it pointed at Chu Feng. It looked like it was gazing at an enemy; there was even some hatred within its eyes.

At that instant, Chu Feng felt extremely complicated emotions in his heart. An indescribable sorrow surged out from his heart and filled every single corner of his body. This was an emotion he had never felt before.

Chu Feng knew a very long time ago that his family was very powerful. He knew, a very long time ago, he disappointed his father. Although he hadn’t seen him before, he admired him a lot.

So, he worked hard at cultivation. On one side, it was to meet a goal; it was for himself. On the other side, it was to make his father proud. To make his family proud. He wanted, when he reunited with his family, to let them know he hadn’t ashamed them.

But it was actually himself who drove his father away from their family. It was even he who deprived all his father’s honour. That was really a bit hard to accept.

“Crap.” When Chu Feng entered a daze, the old ape’s expression suddenly changed greatly. There was actually a hint of fear that surged within its eyes.

*hmm* Suddenly, it willed the formation’s light in the coffin to shine with brilliance. It was beginning to activate. Then, it grabbed Chu Feng and threw him into the coffin. It said, “Stay there, and don’t move. No matter what happens, do not come out. Let this formation take you away.”

After speaking those words, the old ape shifted the Profound Stone lid and wanted to seal Chu Feng inside.

Seeing that, he hurriedly stopped the lid that was going to close him away. Looking at the old ape outside, he asked, “Senior, what happened?”

“Don’t ask so much. Just follow what I say.” The old ape’s eyes suddenly became mysterious and gentle. There was even a hint of sorrow and wistfulness. Its tone also became extremely warm as it said to Chu Feng, “Chu Feng, you must remember you were the one who took away your father’s honour. However, the one who can take it back will also be you. You’re his hope.”

“Hope?” Chu Feng’s heartbeat quickened when he heard that word. In that instant, he seemed to have understood something. So, he asked again, “Senior, when can I return here? What level of cultivation do I need to have in order for my father to be willing to meet me?”

The old ape hesitated a bit at Chu Feng’s question. Then, it said, “You can return whenever you feel like you can.”

*bang* Afterwards, a gentle power pushed Chu Feng down, and the coffin also closed completely shut.