Chapter 999 - Chu Feng's Gravestone

MGA: Chapter 999 - Chu Feng's Gravestone

With the old ape leading the way, Chu Feng headed deeper into this place. After a short distance, they stopped.

At that moment, a gravestone appeared in front of Chu Feng. His expression changed greatly when he saw the name written on it. An indescribable emotion surged into his heart .

The name written on the gravestone was “Chu Feng”. With the Heaven’s Eyes, he discovered it was made by normal Profound Stone. The marked time was actually the exact same as his current age.

But sadly, the only thing he could discover was the things written on the gravestone. When he looked into the grave, he could see nothing.

“Senior, what is this?” Chu Feng asked the old ape amidst his confusion.

“Hoh…” The old ape calmly smiled. It was a smile filled with complex emotions. Then, it said, “Actually, I really should be calling you ‘Young Master’.

“However, right now, you aren’t qualified for that because title respect is gained through strength.

“As for this grave, it had saved your life before. And right now, it can save your life again.” An invisible wave surged out behind the old ape and into the grave.

The soil started churning and bursting outward. Very soon, a coffin appeared. It was also made by Profound Stone, but it was enormous. It was more than ten times the size of typical coffins.

When he looked at it, the complicated emotions in Chu Feng’s heart became more and more intense. He truly wanted to know what was inside this coffin and how it was related to him.

Before, the old ape said this grave had saved his life, and now, it could save him again. What did that mean?


Just at that moment, a loud muffled sound rang out. The lid of the Profound Stone coffin opened. What appeared within was a blinding light.

It was a formation. An extremely profound—so profound Chu Feng comprehended nothing—and indescribably powerful formation. Despite its complexity, Chu Feng could still tell it was a Teleportation Formation, one far superior to ones from the Ancient Era.

“Go. This formation can bring you safely to the Holy Land of Martialism,” said the old ape indifferently.

“Senior, you want me to leave?” Chu Feng asked in bewilderment.

“Of course. You aren’t thinking of staying here, right?” The old ape calmly shot Chu Feng a glance. Its gaze was like saying, ”You must leave now!”

“Senior, do you know how I found this place? Do you know how I’ve been in all these years? After countless tribulations, I found where you were. After countless tribulations, I came here. I don’t have any other goal. I just want to know who my parents are. I just want to know how they are.

“But… I don’t even understand anything. I don’t even know who I’m a child to. I don’t know even know who my family are. I don’t even know why they abandoned me. And now, you want me to leave?”

Chu Feng was clearly a bit agitated. In his eyes, there was a trace of desire. He hoped this old ape would tell him a few things because he knew it definitely had information he wanted.

“Ahh…” Indeed, the old ape was moved after hearing Chu Feng’s words. It said, “Oh Chu Feng, it’s not that I’m unwilling to tell you, it’s just that your father is unwilling to let me tell you. He’s here right now, actually. However… he doesn’t want to see you because you're too weak. So weak you’re unworthy to be his son.”

“What?” Chu Feng’s heart couldn’t help but tremble. That reason was quite a devastating one.

His father, who he dreamt of meeting, who he wholeheartedly admired, wasn’t absent. Rather, he was here right now. He was just unwilling to see Chu Feng. And it was because Chu Feng was too weak?

“Hoh…” Suddenly, Chu Feng smiled. It was an abnormally happy smile; but in reality, his heart was filled with extreme anger.

Suddenly, he exploded. He roared furiously. Towards the depths of this place, he shouted at the top of his lungs, “What kind of bullshit reason is that?”

“You abandoned me from a young age and had me become another person’s child. And now, you’re still unwilling to recognize me. And this reason is because I’m too weak?

“Fine, I admit. In comparison to you both, I am indeed very weak. I’m so pitifully weak. But must family be weighed by strength? How can there be parents like you in this world?! You—”

“Shut up!” But before Chu Feng finished what he wanted to say, the old ape suddenly shouted furiously. That voice was filled with a horrifying aura.

When it exploded next to Chu Feng’s ear, he felt his head buzz as if his entire being had been blown up. Then, his blurred emotions of sorrow and fury were magically pacified.

“You aren’t qualified to blame him. Go. Before you have sufficient strength, don’t come back here. Of course, if you feel he’s an unqualified father, you can also choose to never return. You can go live a life you desire,” said the old ape again. However, within its tone, there was a hint of sorrow.

Chu Feng, who had already returned to calmness, felt an indescribable pain in his heart when he saw the old ape’s expression. He suddenly realized there were some troubles it couldn’t speak of. Or, perhaps his father and his family had troubles they couldn’t speak of.

Regardless how they treated him, when Huangfu Haoyue protected him and when the big dog-head saved him within the Heavenly Road, it was his family behind the scenes. Without them, perhaps he would already be dead.

So, it didn’t matter how they treated him. The reality was that they protected him with everything they had. There would simply be no explanation why they did that if they didn’t love Chu Feng. So, he determined this treatment must be due to some trouble.

But what sort of trouble would force someone to abandon their child?

“Senior, since my father is unwilling to see me, I can leave. However, can you ask him what cultivation I need to have before he’s willing to see me? What cultivation do I need until he’s willing to recognize me as his son?” Chu Feng said coldly. In his eyes, there was even a bit of pleading.

The old ape’s gaze changed once again, like a layer of frost being melted.

“Ahh…” It sighed deeply once again, then said, “If I’m not mistaken, you must have been seen as a genius in the Eastern Sea Region. But do you know why I’m saying you’re weak?”