Chapter 998 - Mystery of Ancestry

MGA: Chapter 998 - Mystery of Ancestry

Eggy put her hands on her waist and furrowed her brows greatly. With an extremely loud and clear voice, she looked at the ape and cursed, “You old monkey bastard, who the hell do you think you are, acting like a lord here? You think you can be so mighty because you’re just a bit older? And you dare to tell Chu Feng to get out of here? And you even dare to stop him? Do you truly think you’re god?

“I’ll tell you this: you may drive Chu Feng away, but I’m no pushover. Why did you seal my cultivation? Today, you must give me a satisfying answer! Otherwise, I’ll pluck all your fur and make you into a bald monkey!”

Chu Feng was stupefied by Eggy’s words. He had thought of many ways she would try and persuade the old ape, but he never expected she would be this fierce. She didn’t even say half a polite word and just started insulting it. She even spoke in such an intense tone.


Just at that moment, the old ape stood up abruptly and at the same time, a ferocious Imperial Might swept over like a hurricane.

It was really too powerful. Chu Feng was frozen in front of it. He even had trouble breathing; on Eggy’s end, she was kneeling and pain filled her beautiful face.

“A mere Asura World Spirit dares to speak to me like this? You gave you these nerves?!” The ape was furious. Its words were filled with rage, and one could even hear the sound of its teeth gnashing.

“Mm—” Eggy’s face, other than pain, was one of unyielding. It seemed she wanted to retort, but she simply didn’t have the power to speak. The pain on her face became more and more distinct. It truly made Chu Feng’s heart ache.

“Senior, Eggy has always spoken her mind without much prior consideration. In addition, her power has been bound and she was forcibly sealed in my body for many years. She holds grudges in her heart, so that’s why she said those words. Senior, I hope that you can spare her life,” Chu Feng quickly begged.

“No matter the strength of a World Spirit, they are always a slave. The uncouthness of a slave lies in the responsibility of the master.

“Right now, if you kneel and beg me, I’ll leave her alive. Otherwise, this place will become her grave today and she shall never return to life!” the old ape said fiercely.

“Mm—” Eggy was enraged. She wanted to say something, but it was useless as she simply couldn’t even speak.

The old ape was too terrifying. Although what it emanated was also Imperial Might, it was several times stronger than the old dog-head. As Eggy said, this old ape was indeed a ruthless character and was indescribably powerful.

“Senior, if I’ve truly offended you in any way, you can tell me. If there’s any place I’ve let you down, even if you don’t want me to kneel, I will still kneel.

“However, if you don’t say the reason and want to drive me away… To be honest, Eggy’s words were all correct. If you want me to take her place for punishment, I can; however, if you want me to kneel, absolutely not,” Chu Feng firmly refused.

“Less of this rubbish. I’m asking will you kneel or not?!” the old ape shouted furiously. Everything seemed to tremble; its power was not only overwhelming, its tone was undoubtable. If Chu Feng did not kneel, it would truly kill Eggy.

“Senior, if you don’t tell me the reason, then it’s impossible that I kneel to you.

“However, to me, Eggy is not only a World Spirit, nor any slave. She’s a very important companion to me.

“I ask for a trade of lives. I ask that you spare her life. As long as you leave her alive, I am willing to die in her place.” Chu Feng spoke again. Moreover, in his eyes, there was a resolution to die.

Mm—“ When she heard those words, Eggy’s body couldn’t help but tremble. Her beautiful eyes instantly reddened and two streams of sparkling tears spilled from the corners of her eyes. Although the old ape controlled her body, it could not control her emotions.

When Eggy heard Chu Feng was willing to die for her, this queen’s heart melt. She was greatly moved.

“Hahahaha…” Just at that moment, the old ape let out a burst of laughter. It was laughing very happily. Only after a while did it look at Chu Feng with quite a bit of satisfaction and say, “Although your cultivation is lacking, you have some courage. You haven’t shamed your father’s name.”

After speaking, the old ape waved its arm. The flames burning atop firewood became a lantern that landed into its hand.

“Follow me.” With lantern in hand, the old ape turned around. It walked forward with a bent back, deeper into the pitch-black world. Simultaneously, the horrifying Imperial Might disappeared.

With her fetters gone, Eggy stood up quickly. She, filled with fury, leaped forward and actually attacked the old ape.


However, Chu Feng was already prepared for that. He willed the World Spirit Gate to open in front of Eggy. Catching her off guard, she leapt into the gate. Seeing his plan succeed, Chu Feng hurriedly closed it shut.

“Chu Feng, what are you doing? Let me out! I haven’t received this much humiliation in my entire life! I will kill that old ape!” Eggy furiously roared when she realized she walked into Chu Feng’s trick.

“Eggy, I know you hold grudges, but our strength right now is not enough. If we force a fight, we’re the only ones who will suffer.

“If you want to forcibly go, then I can join you. I won’t just watch as you send yourself to die. Even if you die, I will join you.

“If you truly want to send yourself to death for no reason at all, I’ll join you right now.” Chu Feng opened the World Spirit Gate again.

However, Eggy didn’t come out. She first wiped the tears from her face with grievance, then said, “For you, I’ve endured this time.”

After speaking, Eggy sat in the corner within the World Spirit Space. She hugged her knees and burrowed her head into her arms. She no longer spoke.

Chu Feng’s heart stung. But, he could do nothing. Putting aside the fact that the old ape was too powerful, it still held a relationship of utmost significance to him.

Although its attitude was horrible and had ridiculed him and Eggy before, it had not truly harmed them. Now, the ape’s attitude changed suddenly and it was even leading Chu Feng. Its previous actions might have even been a test.

The ape didn’t truly want to make things difficult for Chu Feng. So, let alone avenging Eggy, it was very difficult to even harbour any hatred towards it.

But exactly because of that, Chu Feng felt Eggy had truly been wronged. That’s why his heart ached for her.

No matter how wronged he was, it would be fine. However, he didn’t want the ones close to him bearing the same pain. Of course, Eggy was one of the closest people to him.

“What are you waiting for?” The old ape’s impatient voice came from the depths of this land.

“I’m coming.” Chu Feng didn’t dare to hesitate as he hurriedly followed.

He, at that moment, held too many questions in his heart. What awaited him up ahead was very possibly the mystery of his ancestry.