Chapter 997 - Old Ape

MGA: Chapter 997 - Old Ape

Chu Feng looked carefully, and he was once again shocked.

As thin as a match, the ape wore ragged clothing over its disheveled fur. Due to its visibly poor state and frailty, the old thing looked as if it were on its deathbed.

However, Chu Feng detected a near untraceable fierceness hidden within the old ape’s lifeless eyes, fierceness that could only come from experiencing a certain amount of suffering and reality. Chu Feng was currently very far away from acquiring such a thing.

“Waa, what is this? Why’s there an ape after the dog-heads? We wouldn’t have come to a zoo, right?” exclaimed Eggy surprisingly after seeing the old ape.

She was the same as Chu Feng; she too was nearly certain this was the place he an Huangfu Haoyue met. So, after he stepped past that door, they both felt who they would meet next would be—even if not his parents—his family.

But the ape in front of his eyes didn’t look like Chu Feng’s family at all, nor like his parents.

Judging by its surface, it didn’t even reach the standards of a Monstrous Beast. It was just an ape that simply could not be more normal. However, Chu Feng was a person who grasped special power. How could he possibly be of the same family with this ape?

“Junior Chu Feng greets Senior.” Although he was confused and didn’t feel any hint of familiarity with it, Chu Feng still clasped his hands, bowed, and paid his respects.

Chu Feng was certain this was where he and Huangfu Haoyue met. No matter who that ape was, since it was here, it was likely not an enemy. Even if it wasn’t a part of Chu Feng’s family, there was still likely some sort of relationship. So, it was worth his greetings.

But who would have thought after Chu Feng politely faced it, the old ape merely shot him a faint glance. Then, it cast its gaze back at the fire and said, “You’re too weak. Do you feel no shame coming back with strength like this? Get the hell out of here!”

Its calm words were filled with ice. There were even strong disdain and contempt.

Chu Feng, who thought he had found where he came from and assumed he was going to meet his relatives, was a bit unable to accept those words.

However, considering there were various unknown variables, he didn’t say much. Instead, he once again clasped his hands at the old ape and said, “Senior, you recognize me? Since you do, can you tell me where my parents are?”

But the old ape ignored Chu Feng words. There was no reaction. Instead, he used a wooden stick to stir the fireplace, making the flames burn a bit brighter.

“Senior, I don’t know what I’ve done incorrectly that led to your displeasure and treatment towards me.

“However, it could be considered that I’ve gone through many suffering to come to this place. I don’t have many requests; I just want to see my family. So… if I’ve offended you in any place, please forgive me.”

After seeing his words were ineffective, Chu Feng once again clasped his hands at the old ape. Then, he strode forth and headed towards it.

Since it had such a horrid attitude, Chu Feng didn’t prepare to waste his breath with it. He decided to just pass it and walk deeper in. This land was so big; if Chu Feng’s family were truly here, then he would definitely find them.


However, before he even took a few steps forward, an invisible power suddenly appeared in front of him. With lightning speed, it struck Chu Feng’s body.


The power forced him several meters back. When he landed on the ground, Chu Feng felt his inside in complete chaos. However, there wasn’t much pain. The power only forced him back; it didn’t harm him.

At that instant, he cast his gaze back at the place he bounced back. He discovered nothing. The thing that repelled him was not a pre-laid barrier.

Afterwards, he cast his gaze towards the old ape. But, he discovered that the old ape’s eyes were not on him. Chu Feng was caught off guard when he was struck back so he could not be certain whether that power came from the old ape.


Suddenly, Chu Feng threw himself back up. Then, he used a bodily martial skill, a profound running technique that made his body become akin to an arrow that just left a bow and he rushed deeper in with light-like speed.


However, like what happened earlier, before Chu Feng even passed the aged ape, he was repelled by an invisible power.

This time, Chu Feng was a bit angry. He had carefully observed and he was nearly certain that the one putting forth such power was the aged ape.

Even though he was displeased, Chu Feng didn’t display any anger. He felt the ape definitely had some sort of relationship with his family. So, he still asked very respectfully, “Senior, why must you stop me?”

But what Chu Feng didn’t expect was this time, the aged ape was unmoved. It took Chu Feng’s words like the wind that passed one’s ears.

That truly threw Chu Feng in a difficult position. He was certain this was where he met Huangfu Haoyue and his family. At least, someone related to his family would be here. Even this old ape was possibly an existence related to him; otherwise, it wouldn’t have said those words before which had implied it knew him.

Those words, as demeaning as they were, still meant the ape knew something.

Yet right now, it was not only unwilling to let Chu Feng pass, it was even driving him away.

In terms of strength, it was simply unfathomable. Chu Feng couldn’t forcibly pass, so he could only ask with respect. Yet, it ignored him. He couldn’t pass by force, nor could he pass by words. What could Chu Feng do?

“Chu Feng, let me go out and try. This ape is not simple. From my estimations of its strength, it is possibly even stronger than me before I was sealed. It is absolutely not a normal Martial Emperor. It’s not impossible that it was the one who sealed me within your body.

“Let me out and I’ll ask for the details. Even if I don’t learn anything about your ancestry, at least let me understand why it sealed me in your body for no apparent reason,” Eggy said suddenly.

Chu Feng didn’t refuse Eggy’s request. First of all, she was helping him, and second of all, she also had the right to question. Her request was not an unreasonable one.

So, Chu Feng willed the World Spirit Gate to open, and Eggy, the grand queen, slowly walked out.

After she appeared, the ape’s expression changed slightly. It seemed to be quite surprised, but after a faint glimpse, it retracted its gaze and paid no more attention to her.

It seemed that she was already prepared for such a reaction. The corners of her lips curled up as she revealed a cute and charming smile. She walked forward with her slender and long legs, but when she stopped, she did something that made Chu Feng completely dumbfounded.