Chapter 996 - Shadow

MGA: Chapter 996 - Shadow

“Chu Feng, be careful. No matter what it’s here for, do not argue with it. Let alone there are times where one must lower their heads, you are now facing a Martial Emperor!

“Sometimes, being a bit humble can perhaps save your life,” Tantai Xue said mentally after the enormous creature left. As she faced a Martial Emperor, she too didn’t dare to be careless.

“Humble? If it were you, would you be humble?” Chu Feng asked with a smile.

“I…” Tantai Xue did not reply. Humbleness depended on the person. Some people would never be willing to bow down to another even if they died. Chu Feng was a person like that, and Tantai Xue was the same.

“Heh, Lady Tantai, no matter what you say, I do have to thank your concern. Don’t worry. One day, I’ll see you again in the Holy Land of Martialism. Let us meet in the future.” Chu Feng once again smiled, then chased after the enormous creature gradually getting farther and farther away.

The enormous creature quickened its speed. In a blink, it disappeared within the mist of blood. Chu Feng quickly followed, and he too left quickly.

Only Tantai Xue remained. She looked in Chu Feng and the enormous creature’s direction, and looked for a very long while. Only then did she murmur to herself, “Where did this Chu Feng come from? Why was that Martial Emperor existence looking for him?” Tantai Xue pondered curiously. Yet, regardless of her thoughts, she remained puzzled. So she just stopped thinking. She leapt forward and, in the direction the creature pointed, headed towards the Holy Land of Martialism.

Chu Feng naturally followed the creature.

Right now, the cover of the mist of blood had vanished. In addition, since the two of them were much closer now, Chu Feng could see the creature’s appearance clearly.

It was indeed not human, but it had a humanoid figure. As for why it wasn’t human, it was because its head seemed like a dog’s. To be more precise, like a wolf’s. But in reality, it was neither a dog nor a wolf. It was a creature Chu Feng had never seen before.

It stood several hundred meters tall like a ladder that reached the heavens. It wore golden armour; however, the armour did not emit any light.

At that moment, what attracted Chu Feng’s attention the most was the weapon in the enormous creature’s hand. It was a sceptre—a very special sceptre.

It even seemed as if it came from the creature’s body itself; it seemed as if it were one with the creature. But something absolutely true was that the sceptre contained extremely terrifying power.

On the road, Chu Feng had attempted to communicate with this enormous creature, but it was ignoring him. Although it didn’t berate him or anything, it didn’t pay attention to him. Rather than saying it was allowing Chu Feng to come with it, it would be more accurate to say it was guiding Chu Feng.

“Chu Feng, this dog-head wouldn’t help you for no reason. It wouldn’t be your relative, right? Heh…” Eggy smiled with a naughty expression; her smile was a quite happy one.

“Less of that nonsense.” Chu Feng felt rather helpless. In a situation like this, likely only Eggy could remain this calm and even dare to make a joke.

Although her joke was quite ridiculous, Chu Feng was actually also making guesses at the creature’s origin. Even though Chu Feng felt that this Martial Emperor creature couldn’t possibly be his relative, there was likely some sort of relationship between them.

Chu Feng was even thinking it was bringing him to the place he and Huangfu Haoyue first met. In other words, this enormous creature was on the same side as him.

The more Chu Feng thought of that, the more excited he became and the closer he followed. He was very afraid he would miss the chance to solve the mystery of his ancestry.

With the creature guiding the way, Chu Feng indeed came to the edge of the Heavenly Road and entered yet another vast tunnel. This too was someone else’s land, but it was many times vaster than the other ones Chu Feng saw before. It was on a completely different level.

As he looked at the structures on the two sides, Chu Feng became more and more agitated. The feeling this place brought him was the exact same as Huangfu Haoyue’s descriptions.

If it must be described, one word was sufficient—dark. However, its true feeling was the complete opposite—holy.

Indeed. The structures in this place gave others such a conflicting feeling. Seeing darkness, yet feeling holy.

“Waa, there’s so many big dog-heads?” Even Eggy couldn’t help exclaiming when Chu Feng entered deeper in.

At that very instant, what appeared by his sides were enormous dark-grey statues. They were several hundred meters tall and all held sceptres. They were identical to the creature leading Chu Feng.

The only difference was that the ones by his sides were statues, while the one leading Chu Feng was a living Martial Emperor.

At first, Chu Feng even thought the statues were built by this enormous creature, but soon, he discovered he was wrong.

At that moment, in front of Chu Feng, a large door appeared. It was already opened, and inside it was dusky. Only in its depths was there a bit of light. The door could block off Spirit power; even Chu Feng’s Heaven’s Eyes were no exception.

However, what made Chu Feng shocked the most wasn’t the ajar door. It was outside the door. There were spots for two statues. However, one was vacant.

The enormous Martial Emperor creature was walking towards that empty space. Moreover, it stood neatly at that place, and went in the same position as the other statues.


Just at that moment, the most mystical scene occurred. Its body started solidifying and its golden armour started changing. It became dark-grey stone and even the Martial Emperor aura disappeared. In the end, it became a statue—one the exact same as the previous ones.

“Waa, really? This dog-head that saved you truly is a statue!

“There are so many here; they wouldn’t all be Martial Emperors, would they?” Eggy widened her mouth in amazement. She felt it was quite inconceivable.

“Haha, interesting. Truly interesting! As expected of the existence who could seal me in your body. Chu Feng, I’m getting more and more curious about your family!

“Quick! Quickly enter! Let me see what they look like!” Eggy urged amidst the shock. Not only was Chu Feng impatient, she too was impatient to find Chu Feng’s family. Not only would it unravel his ancestry, perhaps the answer could even undo her seal.

After taking a deep breath, Chu Feng strode forward and headed towards the door.

After passing through the door, his surroundings became dark. However, it was different from the darkness within the Heavenly Road. With Chu Feng’s abilities, he could still see many things within the latter. So long as it was inside a certain range, he could see everything clearly.

But here, he lost the power that a cultivator should have. It was that dark in his surroundings. Even if he used the Heaven’s Eyes, there was not the slightest bit of change.

So, Chu Feng could only head towards the faint radiance. After nearing, his expression could help but change greatly.

He finally knew where the faint light came from. It was from a small fire. But right now, what attracted Chu Feng’s attention wasn’t the fire, but the person sitting cross-legged by it.