Chapter 995 - Martial Emperor

MGA: Chapter 995 - Martial Emperor

“You are merely a group of filthy guards whose seals have been removed. Yet you dare to call yourselves the kings of the Heavenly Road?”

After those words were spoken, there was sudden movement within the army of monsters. They, who were making low roars, now actually started howling in madness. To be more precise, howling in pain.

Indeed, these were cries of pain. Although Chu Feng could not open his eyes right now, he could feel the changes occurring to his surroundings with his Spirit power. The monsters’ bodies were being crushed. The light was killing them.

Moreover, before such radiance, even though the monsters’ sizes were as big as mountain peaks and their numbers were so much they looked like an ocean—vast and endless—and they were all Martial Kings, they were completely powerless.

What they could only do was stare as their bodies were torn apart, then refined until their lives disappeared completely.

“This feeling… It’s an Imperial Might!”

Chu Feng felt shocked. He could feel the power surging amongst the light and how horrifying it was. The feeling was simply unstoppable. It seemed it could destroy anything. Even the indestructible bodies of Martial Kings, before such power, stood no chance. And this power was called Imperial Might.

A Martial Emperor. At that very instant, Chu Feng had actually met a Martial Emperor within the Heavenly Road.

“What is happening here?” Not only was Chu Feng alarmed, even Tantai Xue was in a bit of a daze. They didn’t know what was happening anymore.

When it felt the attacker was going to kill them all, the rank nine Martial King monster threatened, “Bastard, do you know where we came from? You dare kill us all?! Do you think—”

But before it finished its words, it made a painful howl. Afterwards, it completely disappeared.

All noise disappeared in their surroundings resounding endlessly with howls. It was as if the monsters were never there. It was dead silent.

The blinding light also faded away slowly. Darkness once again enveloped all of them.


Chu Feng could finally open his eyes. But after he captured the scene before him, even though he had experienced quite a few battles and slaughters, his heart couldn’t help but beat heavily.

The monsters had all died. Several million monsters—all Martial Kings—had died. Not a single one was left alive.

But they did not completely disappear. Their enormous and revolting limbs were still around him along with the fetid mist of blood.

The remnants of the monsters seemed as if they stretched out for infinity and completely enveloped everything. It was extremely horrifying when one gave such a scene a glance.

“So this is a Martial Emperor!”

Imagining the endless group of horrifying monsters before, then gazing at the scene in front of his eyes, Chu Feng couldn’t help but exclaim at the attacker’s strength. Martial Emperor—an existence of legends. Its power was indeed unimaginable.

*bang… bang… bang… bang…*

But right now, rumbles started resounding from the distance. That noise was akin to the explosion when a meteor crashed into the earth. It was thunderous and shook one’s heart. However, these were merely footstep sounds.

Even Chu Feng frowned slightly at the repeated sounds. He knew the person who killed the millions of Martial King monsters in a blink of an eye had come. It was the Martial Emperor.

In reality, not only did Chu Feng frown, even Tantai Xue, the one titled as witch who came from the Holy Land of Martialism, knitted her brows closely. She too was extremely nervous.

The two of them fixed their gazes closely in the direction of the rumbles. Finally, an enormous dark shadow appeared deep within the mist of blood.

Because of the bloody mist, it was very difficult to see its appearance clearly. They could only see a dark shadow, but judging by its area, one could tell how big it was.

The one who came was actually several hundred meters tall. Before it, the monsters that were killed became tiny existences.

As for Chu Feng and Tantai Xue, they could no longer be described as ants before this thing, but as dust instead. Indeed, in front of this enormous figure, humans like Chu Feng and Tantai Xue were only as big as specks of dust.

“Interesting. It seems that this Martial Emperor isn’t human. This Heavenly Road is truly interesting!” Eggy actually appeared quite excited when she saw the departing enormous creature.

As for Chu Feng, he wasn’t in the mood to joke. He didn’t know whether it was an enemy or ally. However, he did know it was much more terrifying than the monsters before. Martial Emperor—just this thought alone could make one’s soul flee.

As the enormous creature neared, though Chu Feng and Tantai Xue were in the air, the space beneath their feet violently trembled every time it took a step. The two of them couldn’t even stand stably in the air.

At that moment, the enormous creature was very close. However, it was still a huge shadow. What one could see was only a pair of blood-red eyes.

Those eyes were really too big. Rather than saying they were a pair of eyes, it would be more accurate to say they were two bright moons—blood-coloured moons.

Then it suddenly stopped. The radiance emitted from its eyes enveloped Chu Feng and Tantai Xue. It was carefully examining them.

“Senior, thank you for helping us.” Chu Feng clasped his fists in thanks when it didn’t move. No matter what it planned, it had still saved them.

“Follow me,” An ancient and deep voice came from the enormous creature. Afterwards, it turned around and went back in the direction it came from.

Chu Feng didn’t hesitate as he quickly followed. Tantai Xue did the same.


But just at that moment, the enormous creature turned its gaze around. Its blood-red eyes emanated a horrifying killing intent.

It fixed its gaze onto Tantai Xue and said with an extremely icy tone, “If you dare to take another step, I will tear you apart.”

Tantai Xue’s body trembled; she was not lightly scared. She stopped moving, not daring to make even half a step more. Although one could not see her complexion, Chu Feng could feel her face was drenched with cold sweat.

Martial Emperor—every single word from one stunned one’s soul. An existence of that realm surpassed typical cultivators.

“Continue forward and you will pass the Heavenly Road. There will be no one ahead to stop you.” The enormous creature’s tone became quite a bit more gentle when Tantai Xue stopped.

“Senior, thank you for the advice.” Tantai Xue took a relieved breath. She, who was typically cold, gave a rare bow and clasp of hands in expression of her gratitude.

But the enormous creature no longer paid attention to Tantai Xue. It continued striding forward with heavy steps. Indeed, it was not heading towards the Holy Land of Martialism but a certain other place in the Heavenly Road.