Chapter 994 - The King of the Heavenly Road

MGA: Chapter 994 - The King of the Heavenly Road

“Dammit!” Chu Feng cursed, but it was already too late. Nearly in the same instant that evil sound rang out, a boundless pressure immediately descended and enveloped Chu Feng.

It was too powerful, so powerful Chu Feng could not resist it at all. He could feel its terrifying strength—a peak Martial King, an existence a step away from Martial Emperor.

Before such pressure, Chu Feng was bound entirely. There was no chance for him to escape. Several enormous monsters had come up to Chu Feng and surrounded him. One even extended its hand and hooked Chu Feng’s collar with its sharp nail, raising him up.

That feeling was like a giant grabbing a tiny ant. The monster was not only powerful, it was also enormous. In front of it, the adjective most suitable for Chu Feng was a single word: minuscule.

After grabbing Chu Feng, the monster threw him to Tantai Xue’s side. The monsters who were “fighting” her also stopped and backed away.

Simultaneously, the huge bloodthirsty monsters formed layers as they surrounded Chu Feng and Tantai Xue. All sorts of odd and revolting laughter rang out unceasingly. They simply didn’t seem like they were looking at a person, but more like two playthings.

As Chu Feng looked at those ugly appearances with alert, he cast his gaze towards Tantai Xue. Only then did he discover her chest rising up and down and her unstable aura. She had paid quite some price for the battle before. As Chu Feng thought, it was an easy task for these monsters to kill Tantai Xue. They were toying with her.

“Tantai Xue, what are those things?” Chu Feng asked by a mental message.

“How should I know?” Tantai Xue’s reply was very cold. She likely knew she was being toyed with, so she was very furious and agitated right now.

“You don’t know those things? Then how do you know they’re not a part of a test within the Heavenly Road?” Chu Feng asked again.

“Because I’m certain that all the tests in the Heavenly Road are illusions. These monsters are clearly not,” Tantai Xue replied impatiently.

“Tantai Xue, then do you think these monsters were left behind by the people who entered the Heavenly Road before?” Chu Feng asked.

He held a guess of some sort. Since there were so many peculiar places in the Heavenly Road—and he too was from the Heavenly Road—it was quite normal that there were other existences inside.

Tantai Xue seemed to have a greater understanding of the Heavenly Road, so Chu Feng wanted to be certain whether his guess was correct. Perhaps they could even find an opportunity to survive within this desperate situation.

She was taken aback by that question. Then, she pondered it. But in the end, she coldly shot Chu Feng a glance and said, “Why do you have so many questions? If you enjoying asking that much, why not just ask them?”

“Yeah, why don’t I just ask them?” Chu Feng gave a faint smile to Tantai Xue’s words, then very indifferently swept his gaze over the group of monsters and shouted, “Where did you come from? Why did you stop us?”

“Kukukuku…” Evil laughter once again rang out amongst the group of monsters.

Quickly after, the enormous group split apart. A monster different from the rest appeared within Chu Feng’s line of sight.

Actually, that monster, in terms of appearances, was not all that different from the other monsters other than its slightly larger physique and well-built body. Its strength, however, was much superior to the other monsters.

It was a rank nine Martial King. It was the existence that bound Chu Feng with nothing but its pressure. From the other monsters’ attitudes, one could tell it was likely the leader of these millions of monsters.

Since there was such a large number of monsters and they were all enormous, they occupied a lot of space. Due to that, the leader was still quite some distance from Chu Feng when it first showed itself. It approached them slowly and the pressure also became increasingly stronger.

It was intentionally strengthening its pressure; it wanted Chu Feng to see how powerful it was. It wanted Chu Feng to tremble before it.

But sadly, although Chu Feng was a rank eight Martial Lord right now, he had once defeated a rank eight Martial King. Though it was not with his true cultivation, he’d had that experience.

Thus, even though his opponent was very powerful, Chu Feng was not afraid at all. He was very calm.


That made the rank nine Martial King monster frown. It felt a bit surprised; it could be seen it didn’t like how Chu Feng reacted.

“Brat, you’re not afraid of me?” said the monster. Its voice was thick and powerful, and even more deafening than thunder. However, there was not even a hint of righteousness. Instead, it was filled with evil, like a king interrogating a criminal.

“Why should I be afraid of you?” Chu Feng smiled. He couldn’t possibly be even calmer than he was; his attitude did not even seem like any criminal.

“Brat, do you want to know who I am?” The monster was clearly displeased as it coldly asked.

“Rather than wanting to know who you are, I want to know why you stopped us. You should know your very actions have broken the rules of this Heavenly Road.” Chu Feng was not afraid at all. Instead, he questioned it back in a loud tone.

The monsters all around were furious at Chu Feng’s attitude. Their brows furrowed deeply, expressing their displeasure. Their venomous gazes and sounds of teeth gnashing made it seem they wanted to take Chu Feng into their mouths and crush him into mush.

“HAHAHAHA—” But just at that moment, the rank nine Martial King monster started laughing. Its laughter was very deafening and sinister. It even made invisible sound waves and violent gales which endlessly charged at Chu Feng and Tantai Xue.

The laughter was completely different from before. Mixed in with such laughter was fury and killing intent. This monster was enraged by Chu Feng’s words.

“Dammit, you angered it!” Tantai Xue coldly rebuked.

“I did indeed anger it, but even if I didn’t, would it spare you?” Chu Feng replied.

Tantai Xue was made speechless by Chu Feng’s question. Indeed, as Chu Feng said, they were already like a lamb in a tiger’s mouth. These monsters were absolutely not kind. The instant they were caught was the instant they were fated to die.

They were dead already, so it was only a matter of time. Recalling that, Tantai Xue was put more at ease and she no longer blamed Chu Feng.

“Brat, listen up. I don’t care if you have the experience of passing the Heavenly Road or not. I don’t care where you came from. However, with me here, you should not even think of passing through.

“In this place, if I want you alive, you will live. If I want you dead, you will die. Do you know why? It’s because we are the kings of the Heavenly Road.” As it spoke, the monster’s tone was very cold. Moreover, it was filled with inviolable majesty.

At that instant, even though Chu Feng appeared unperturbed, his heart was actually a bit shaken. He wanted to buy time so he could find a chance to escape, but now, he was uncertain whether these monsters would even give him that chance. He truly felt their strong bloodlust.


However, in this crucial moment of life and death, an invisible wave rushed past Chu Feng and the others. Simultaneously, a blinding light shone behind the monsters.

It was a very bright light. It completely illuminated the pitch-black Heavenly Road. The light was so strong no one even dared to widen their eyes.

Before such light, Chu Feng and Tantai Xue were in a fairly decent state, but the monsters started making lowly, painful, and quiet roars, as if they were bearing some sort of great torment.

More importantly, Chu Feng actually felt strong fear emanating from these monsters. They, who held incomparable arrogance before, were now afraid.

A voice filled with ancientness also arose in the direction of the light.

“You are merely a group of filthy guards whose seals have been removed. Yet you dare to call yourselves the kings of the Heavenly Road?”