Chapter 993 - Not a Test

MGA: Chapter 993 - Not a Test

Chu Feng could not open the door, nor did he dare to. He could feel what sort of danger was on the other side. It was something he simply stood no chance against.

Chu Feng even felt if he opened the door, the thing within would bring Chu Feng endless suffering.

Since he was out of options, Chu Feng used the Heaven’s Eyes to look. But sadly, it was still useless. They too could not see through the door.

“Chu Feng, how is it? Are you getting any sort of a familiar feeling from this place?” Since the Heaven’s Eyes were useless, Eggy asked Chu Feng about the feeling he got from this place.

“I don’t. This does seem to be someone’s land, but I’m getting a very unfamiliar feeling from it. I don’t think I’ve come to this place before.

“Besides, based on what Senior Huangfu said, the position we’re in right now cannot be the place he met me.” Chu Feng shook his head.

Although this place was mysterious and continued inestimable perils—which meant the creator was very extraordinary—it still differed from Huangfu Haoyue’s descriptions.

At least, Chu Feng didn’t feel any holiness from this place. Similarly… although this place was not simple at all, Chu Feng knew as long as he didn’t open the door, he was safe.

This experience was completely different from Huangfu Haoyue’s. Even though everyone’s senses varied, there wouldn’t be this much of a difference.

So, Chu Feng knew this was absolutely not the place he and Huangfu Haoyue met.

“Then that’s strange. Who would build such a thing in a place like this?” Eggy was confused. She knew even though there might not be a person living behind the door, there was most definitely something there. This was someone’s place, after all.

“Who knows. This Heavenly Road has always been mysterious.” Chu Feng lightly smiled. Then, he turned around and went back the path he came from. He knew he would gain nothing from staying.

After leaving, Chu Feng continued searching.

Surprisingly, there wasn’t just a single place like the one before. After leaving, Chu Feng had found another.

The structures’ style was completely different though. Chu Feng even got a dissimilar feeling regarding the era the structures were built. They were definitely not built by the same group of people.

More importantly, discovering two different lands at such a short distance—even though the Heavenly Road was so big—was absolutely not a coincidence.

It was likely there were many other places like these within the Heavenly Road. As for the location Huangfu Haoyue met him, it was likely one of the numerous ones.

“Strange. Why are there so many places like these in the Heavenly Road? Could there be some sort of secret hidden in this place?”

Various questions arose in Chu Feng’s heart. He increasingly felt that this Heavenly Road was not simple. It was definitely not just a road that led to the Holy Land of Martialism from the Eastern Sea Region.

However, no matter what was concealed in this place, it was not something Chu Feng could discover. Right now, his most important mission was to find the place he and Huangfu Haoyue met. In other words, where his father was.

He had already been in the Heavenly Road for a few days, yet he hadn’t encountered any attacks from monsters. He didn’t even see any living creatures. So, Chu Feng reached a conclusion.

The tests in the Heavenly Road likely related to the distance. Since he was wandering about, even though he was advancing, he made very slow progress. In a short period of time, he wouldn’t meet the second wave of unknown creatures Huangfu Haoyue spoke of.

If he wanted to find his place of birth, then Chu Feng had to quickly advance. After meeting the second test, he should then be able to find the place he was born in.

After making that decision, Chu Feng stopped walking around. He put his full strength into making some distance.

Indeed, after a while, there was a dangerous aura that appeared up ahead.

Chu Feng could even hear rumbles—it was the sound of battle. Moreover, the might of this exchange was not simple. It was likely a fight between Martial Kings.

“This is?” But after Chu Feng continued forward, he saw an astonishing scene. In front of him, a large group of monsters appeared.

They were enormous in size—every single one was dozens of meters tall. They also had very ugly appearances. Not only did they have varying shapes and appearances, they even released an extremely dense feeling of evilness.

With a glance, one could see there were at least several million monsters, and every single one was actually a Martial King. There were even peak Martial Kings within their ranks.

Several million Martial King monsters. Chills would simply go down one’s spine if they even imagined such a scene, let alone appearing so realistically in their line of sight.

“What is happening? Could this be the second wave of unknown creatures Senior Huangfu spoke of?” Chu Feng could not remain collected when he saw them.

He discovered they were not illusions at all. He could even say with certainty that they were actual creatures.

However, the most terrifying thing, above even that, was the person who was fighting those monsters. It was Tantai Xue.

There were dozens of those monsters fighting her. Their cultivations varied; some were rank four Martial Kings, some were rank five. They all held higher cultivation ranks than Tantai Xue, and their strengths were very powerful as well. Judging by the attacks they sent out, Chu Feng could see how strong they were.

Rather than saying Tantai Xue was fighting those monsters, it would be more accurate to say the monsters were toying with Tantai Xue.

Indeed, they were toying with her. With their strength, even though Tantai Xue had a Divine Body, it was an easy task to kill her.

Moreover, at the same time the fight was going on, the observing monsters would even occasionally let out odd sounds—the sound of mocking laughter.

“Chu Feng, run! These monsters are not illusions!” Even Eggy panicked a bit when she saw that. She could feel how terrifying these monsters were.

The aura they emanated: bloodlust, ruthlessness, cruelty… nearly every single thing of darkness was gathered within them. They were simply a group of monsters who lived to kill. If they discovered Chu Feng, he would be absolutely dead.

“No, I cannot ignore her.” However, Chu Feng shook his head. He could not leave Tantai Xue behind.

“Tantai Xue, don’t panic. Don’t forget this is only a test.

“No matter if they’re illusions or not, as long as you are unafraid, they can do nothing to you.” Chu Feng thought Tantai Xue had lost the stability in her heart and was scared by the physical bodies of these monsters. So, he sent a mental message to remind her.

“Dammit, why have you come too? Run! These things aren’t a part of the Heavenly Road’s tests! It doesn’t matter if you fear them or not, they will kill you! Run!” replied Tantai Xue. She was alarmed after receiving Chu Feng’s mental message.

“What? These monsters aren’t a part of the tests? What are they?” Chu Feng’s expression changed greatly as well. Shock emerged into his eyes. He knew Tantai Xue was not joking at all.

“Kukukuku, it seems that this year’s harvests are quite good. Two have come!

“Boys, grab the male one over here as well.”

But just when Chu Feng became aware that something was wrong, a voice filled with amusement and evilness rang out.