Chapter 992 - Becoming a Disciple, Learning Skills

MGA: Chapter 992 - Becoming a Disciple, Learning Skills

“Mm. Those things are illusions but they are not normal illusions. Not everyone can ignore them.” Chu Feng nodded and didn’t brood over it too much. He continued advancing.

Without the crowd following him, though Chu Feng was much more lonely, quite a few of his worries had disappeared. As he travelled in this Heavenly Road, he was a lot more free.

Chu Feng continued on the path for a very long time. He didn’t meet any more tests like before; however, there were changes that occurred to the Heavenly Road.

It was no longer an endless beautiful starry night because the azure light objects started diminishing in number. The more he advanced, the lesser there were until they disappeared completely.

The Heavenly Road once again, like the very beginning, became completely dark. If it were a normal person, they would find it very difficult to determine direction in an environment like this. But Chu Feng was an exception.

With the Heaven’s Eyes, Chu Feng was able to lock onto the path forward. However, he did not just go straight. Instead, he was looking around and searching. The reason was because his most important mission in the Heavenly Road wasn’t to enter the Holy Land of Martialism, but to find his place of birth.

At the same time, in the Eastern Sea Region, the Heavenly Road had now closed.

As they watched the disappearing entrance and the sea returning to its initial state, Zi Ling, Su Rou, Su Mei, Zhang Tianyi, and Jiang Wushang all wore faint sorrow and strong wistfulness.

A large portion of the observers had left already, including the Crippling Night Demon Sect, who left by Qiu Canfeng’s lead. Slowly, the clamorous sea returned to serenity.

What resounded was no longer noisy conversations and laughter but the violent sound of gales and the surging waves. In the sky, only dozens of people remained.

Qiushui Fuyan, Huangfu Haoyue, Lady Piaomiao, Taikou…

The Azure Dragon Founder, the ancestor of the Jiang Dynasty, the Chu Family…

Zi Ling, Su Rou, Su Mei, Zhang Tianyi, Jiang Wushang…

After looking at Zi Ling and the others who were unwilling to shift their gazes, Qiushui Fuyan and the others more or less felt some aching in their hearts when they looked at one another.

They could understand their feelings. Zi Ling and the others were so close to Chu Feng, so they were definitely very concerned with his safety. After all, this Heavenly Road was not something easy to pass.

But on the topic of Chu Feng’s safety, how could Qiushui Fuyan and the others not be worried? Actually… they knew why Zi Ling and the others wore such emotions on their faces. The most important reason was that they were unable to join Chu Feng in his journey into the Heavenly Road.

“Zi Ling, it’s time we go back.” After much hesitation, Qiushui Fuyan spoke.

“Mm. Sister Fuyan, sorry for the long wait.” Zi Ling and the others all turned their heads around, their faces filled with forced smiles.

Everyone else’s heart ached even more when they saw Zi Ling and the others act in such a manner.

“Don’t worry. With Chu Feng’s abilities, it won’t be hard for him to pass the Heavenly Road. I firmly believe he will make a name for himself in the Holy Land of Martialism as well,” Qiushui Fuyan consoled.

“I know. The first time I saw him, he was much weaker than me. Without even joking, I really didn’t put him in my eyes back then.” Zi Ling sweetly smiled. She recalled the scene when she and Chu Feng first met.

“However, in spite of that, I was still defeated by him. At that moment, I became aware of how powerful he was.

“So, I don’t doubt his strength at all. Even though I was forcibly brought back to the Eastern Sea Region by my parents, I still believed that one day, he would bring me back. And he truly did.

“Now, I still believe in him. However…” Although the smile on Zi Ling’s face was still there, she choked over her words a bit.

“However, you still worry for him, right?” Just at that moment, an aged and calm voice rang out behind Zi Ling.

“Senior?” Qiushui Fuyan’s and the others’ expression changed greatly. At that very instant, the person who appeared behind Zi Ling was not an ordinary one—it was the blind old man.

He was standing with his hands behind his back. His eyes were closed, but he still seemed to be able to see Zi Ling. His cultivation remained low, but gave others a feeling of unfathomability.

“Little lady, don’t cry. Perhaps I can help all of you,” said the blind old man again.

“Senior, you mean?” All five of their eyes lit up.

“Your cultivation aptitudes are all decent, but if you want to catch up to that boy Chu Feng with what you have right now, I’m afraid you will never succeed. Even you, who has a Divine Body, have no chance.

“If you continue the way you all are, burdens are the only things you’ll be to Chu Feng. He’ll give you help, but don’t even think of doing the same the other way around,” the blind old man said to Zi Ling as he smiled faintly.

Zi Ling and the others all came to a realization. The person right in front of them was an expert. There was no doubt. Furthermore, the words he just said had a deeper meaning.

Zi Ling and the others, after a mutual glance at one another, nodded their heads. Then, they half-knelt in the air. They paid their respects to the blind old man and said together:

“I, Zi Ling—”

“I, Su Rou—”

“I, Su Mei—”

“I, Jiang Wushang—”

“I, Zhang Tianyi—”

“—am willing to become your disciple.”

“Haha, you have good tacit understanding.” The blind old man chuckled. Then, as he stroked his snow-white beard, he said, “If you become my disciples, naturally I will teach you skills. However, it is not easy to become my disciples.”

“Senior, as long as you are willing to accept us, we are all willing to go through hardship and suffering!” said Zi Ling and the others. This was a very rare opportunity. They did not want to miss it.

The blind old man once again smiled lightly, then said, “Don’t say that too early. My tests aren’t things normal people can handle…”

As he traced off, the smile on the blind old man’s face became even wider.

Chu Feng, of course, knew nothing of what occurred back at the Eastern Sea Region. He was continuing his search in the Heavenly Road.

Time trickled away; Chu Feng had already wandered for several days in this endless Heavenly Road.

And the gods did not disappoint those who persevere. Slowly, Chu Feng found the edge of the Heavenly Road within this endless space.

It was very special. It seemed like rock, yet it was not. It seemed like steel, but it was absolutely not. Call it a formation, but it didn’t seem like a formation… It was very difficult to describe; however, without a doubt, it was indestructible.

But that wasn’t even much. The most shocking thing was after walking along the edge, Chu Feng actually found a tunnel.

It was very vast, and it went very deep. No one knew what the depths of the tunnel held, but intuition told Chu Feng it absolutely did not lead to the Holy Land of Martialism.

Out of curiosity, Chu Feng entered. But the farther he entered, the more shock he felt. By the two sides of this tunnel were buildings, and a dangerous aura even started surging.

Finally, in front of Chu Feng, there was an overbearing door. It was truly a large door, and it was not a simple one as well. If that door must be described, then it was quite similar to the Imperial Door of the Imperial Tomb back at the continent of the Nine Provinces.

Chu Feng knew it was different. However, even though he was up close, Chu Feng himself didn’t know what was different.

After coming to this place, Chu Feng was basically certain that everything here was manmade. This seemed more like someone’s land.