Chapter 991 - Murderous Vengeful Spirits

MGA: Chapter 991 - Murderous Vengeful Spirits

Chu Feng couldn’t help but frown. He wasn’t afraid, but there were already others trembling slightly within the crowd behind him. People were becoming frightened even before those creatures neared them.

Chu Feng couldn’t help but recall the Burning Heaven Church’s fate and Tantai Xue’s words: some things were easier said than done.

Regardless, this Heavenly Road… was indeed something not so easily passed.

He already had a premonition that a large portion of the people following him would die during this ordeal.

“Do not be afraid. Remember, no matter how terrifying they are, all of them are fake. Follow me and you will pass,” Chu Feng reminded again.

“Yes!” the crowd responded. Although they appeared quite outstanding, seeds of doubt had already been sown in their hearts.

“Follow me.”

As Chu Feng spoke, he strode forth and into the air, towards the frightening sounds. The others quickly followed.

As they continued forward, continuing to near the unknown monsters, the peculiar and frightening sounds became louder and louder. Finally, deep in the Heavenly Road, there was a large mass of blood-red gas.

It covered simply everything. One could not even see the ends of it. As it surged around, it sealed off the path ahead—the horrifying sounds came from the blood-red gas.

It was, with a horrifying speed, rushing towards Chu Feng and the others. The feeling it emanated made it seem like an incomparably hungry demon that had finally found a tasty dish. It wanted to engulf Chu Feng and the others.

Many people were already panicking, and it only escalated further when the blood-red gas approached them. They could see what sort of things were inside.

Torn off hands, sliced off heads, split bodies, extracted organs… Broken body parts were inside the blood-red gas.

More importantly, they were still squirming around and making odd sounds. Although they didn’t have any actual power, they released a nearly unendurable aura—one that was so horrifying it was suffocating.

“Everyone, listen up. This is not a simple illusion. It will even affect one’s mind. Follow me; do not retreat,” shouted Chu Feng again as he swept his eyes over the blood-red gas.

With the power of the Heaven’s Eyes, he already knew that those things were illusions—not normal ones, however. They had the power to kill. Although they were different from the typical ones, in the end, they were merely things for scaring. They could scare other perhaps, but not Chu Feng.

At that very instant, Chu Feng unhesitantly flew over—straight towards the blood-red gas.

Everyone was terrified by what he did. In their eyes, no matter how they looked at it, Chu Feng seemed to be jumping into a pit of fire. He seemed to be committing suicide.

But recalling the words he said before, most of them still bit down on their teeth and charged with Chu Feng.

However, there was also a portion who could not withstand the horrifying aura exuded by the blood-red gas. They allowed fear to be born. After a few acts of hesitation, they didn’t follow Chu Feng. Instead, they flew back where they came from, choosing to flee instead.

Chu Feng had already expected that to occur. He ignored those who were running away and didn’t say anything. What should be said had been said already; whether they were able to successfully pass the Heavenly Road would depend on their own luck. Right now, Chu Feng could only care for himself.


As Chu Feng ran, he finally dashed into the blood-red gas. At that instant, there were ear-piercing howls from every single direction. They were very terrifying and brought forth uneasiness to one’s heart.

Furthermore, a fetid stench irresistibly flooded him. He could even feel the broken limbs touching his body. It was very revolting.

Right now, Chu Feng and the others seemed as if they entered a vast pool of blood. They had to step on those disgusting pieces of rotten flesh and broken limbs in order to advance.

Moreover, within this pool of blood, there were countless ghosts awaiting the opportunity to take their lives. They were awaiting to force new members to join their ranks.

But no matter how much terror they instigated, they were of no effect to Chu Feng. With the power of the Heaven’s Eyes, even if more corpses were in front of them, they could not interfere with Chu Feng’s line of sight. The roars of the blood-red gas were already ignored, making it seem as if he were merely flying through a normal sky. He was quick and not affected in the slightest.

However, not everyone had a heart as firm as Chu Feng’s. In reality, a large portion of the ones following Chu Feng had already panicked. It would be a lie to say they were unafraid and fearless. They merely followed Chu Feng in with false courage.

But the blood-red gas didn’t seem to be that simple. Even though the others were still following Chu Feng and running without even looking back, the rotten limbs and invisible ghosts were still attacking them.

The attacks from the corpses and ghosts were really indefensible. All sorts of painful cries rang out, and a large portion of the people following Chu Feng died by their strikes.

After such wails, after they were truly killed, those who didn’t even have much fear in their hearts were affected in a chain reaction. They too, due to the fright that was born in their hearts, fell to the attacks of the corpses.

“Lord Chu Feng, didn’t you say these were illusions and we could just ignore them? If they truly are, why are they killing us?”

Some people even started questioning Chu Feng amidst the panic. However, what awaited them was only inescapable death.

Cries fluctuated as they endlessly resounded behind Chu Feng. However, he did not even turn his head around. He just kept on running. Finally, he broke out.

However, when Chu Feng finally stopped and turned his head around to look, there was nothing else but the rapidly departing blood-red gas amidst horrifying sounds it made.

As for the hundreds of people initially following him, they were cut off completely. Not even a single one remained, as if they had never even appeared.


Chu Feng couldn’t help but let out a sigh as he looked at the blood-red gas getting farther and farther away. When all was said and done, those were still several hundred lives, and they were also from the Eastern Sea Region.

Chu Feng did sincerely hope they could arrive at the Holy Land of Martialism with him, but sadly, their hearts were not sufficiently firm. They couldn’t even pass through this first stage, let alone the later ones. They were destined to fail.

“That can’t be blamed on you. They were unqualified. If this Heavenly Road were this easy to pass, wouldn’t everyone be entering the Holy Land of Martialism?” Eggy said with a giggle. Her voice was as sweet as usual; however, within her tone, there was not the slightest trace of sympathy for the ones who had died just now.