Chapter 990 - Horrifying Attack

MGA: Chapter 990 - Horrifying Attack

“What is it?” Chu Feng asked.

“If one enters the Heavenly Road, they walk against the heavens. Those who enter take half a step in death and half in life; those who retreat are absolutely dead.

“Remember: after entering the Heavenly Road, it doesn’t matter how terrifying the things you see are. They are only illusions. They are there to test your courage. As long as you ignore them and hold no fear, there will be no troubles as you pass through the Heavenly Road into the Holy Land of Martialism.”

Tantai Xue had spoken those words mentally. Very clearly, she didn’t want others to know about that. People were selfish—she was no exception.

“Thank you for the reminder.” Even though Chu Feng had already known about that before, when Tantai Xue mentioned it again, it strengthened his confidence to pass through the Heavenly Road because it made it much more likel what Huangfu Haoyue said before to be true.

Moreover, in comparison to Huangfu Haoyue’s words, Tantai Xue’s were much lucid: no matter how terrifying the things within the Heavenly Road were, just ignore them. To Chu Feng, that was not a difficult task.

“No need to thank me. Some things are much easier said than done. Whether you can pass through this Heavenly Road will depend on your own abilities.” After leaving behind those words, Tantai Xue turned around and rushed in.

One could see she did not plan to walk together with Chu Feng. The words she said just now were truly no more than a reminder. His life was unrelated to her at all.

*whoosh whoosh whoosh*

After Tantai Xue made her move, of the group of people who prepared to enter the Heavenly Road, there were dozens of people who moved as well. They cast intricate bodily martial skills and, with the quickest speed possible, chased after Tantai Xue.

They likely felt since she was from the Holy Land of Martialism, she knew the method to pass the Heavenly Road. Thus, they wanted to follow and take advantage of her.

Chu Feng did not enter after them. Instead, he returned to Zi Ling and the others and gave them a short farewell.

Unavoidably, there was reluctance. But no matter Chu Feng, or Zi Ling and the others, none of them showed it. Instead, there were encouraging smiles worn on their faces.

After such a short goodbye, Chu Feng turned around and flew into the Heavenly Road. Afterwards, the people who prepared to enter the Heavenly Road also all arose and followed Chu Feng as they too entered.

However, Chu Feng did not see the worry and loss that surged on Zi Ling’s and the others’ face in the instant he entered the Heavenly Road.

At first, it was darkness inside. The feeling it gave made it seem as if it were a black hole. However, as he continued forth, light soon appeared at the front. It was an azure light emitted by a floating object.

It was as big as a watermelon, and many objects similar to it nearly filled this vast world. When he looked ahead, the Heavenly Road did not look like some space. It instead looked like a stelliferous sky. It was both beautiful and mysterious.

However, before they walked all that far in, Chu Feng and his group saw dozens of people. They were flying towards Chu Feng and the others from the depths of the Heavenly Road. After seeing Chu Feng, they nodded and smiled a bit fawningly. They said in unison, “Lord Chu Feng.”

“You lost her?” Chu Feng said with a faint smile. These dozens of people had been the first to enter the Heavenly Road in order to follow Tantai Xue. But clearly, they lost track of her.

“Hehe…” They felt rather embarrassed at Chu Feng’s question, and could only foolishly chuckle as they scratched their heads. They didn’t reply, but they confirmed Chu Feng’s guess by such a reaction.

Chu Feng looked back. There were several hundred people behind him, and in addition to these dozens of people, there weren’t even a thousand in total.

Although there weren’t many people here, they were all elites. Most of them were middle-aged and were all Martial Lords. The remaining were elderly cultivators—all of them were peak Martial Lords. There was even a rank one Martial King. It was an old woman Chu Feng hadn’t seen before, likely a hidden expert.

However, at that very instant, even this old rank one Martial King held no arrogance in front of Chu Feng. Instead, she seemed rather humble and perhaps even a bit uncomfortable.

Although it seemed very strange that an elderly rank one Martial King treated a young rank eight Martial Lord with such an attitude, it was not abnormal at all when one put into consideration what Chu Feng did in the Eastern Sea Region and his position. If even a rank one Martial King treated Chu Feng in such a manner, the rest were naturally even more respectful.

“It is perilous in the Heavenly Road. If you want to turn back now, you can still make it,” Chu Feng said.

“Lord Chu Feng, since we’ve stepped into this place, we’ve already decided. Even if we die, we will not turn around.”

“Yeah! Lord Chu Feng, we know you must be able to pass through this Heavenly Road. Could you also bring us through?” But unexpectedly, there was not a single person who backed away despite Chu Feng’s words. They joined together and actually begged him.

Seeing the crowd who were sincerely begging with faces of resolution, Chu Feng was moved. So, he said to them, “I do not hold absolute confidence I can pass through this Heavenly Road, let alone bringing you with me.

“However, I can give all of you a reminder. This Heavenly Road is a test of one’s courage. So, no matter what sort of frightening thing you see later on, do not be scared, nor should you dodge. They are merely illusions. As long as you follow me and pass through, it will mean they are nothing. However, if you are afraid, you will most definitely fall victims to the illusions.”

“Lord Chu Feng, thank you. Since we dare to enter this Heavenly Road, perhaps we have nothing else, but we most definitely have courage.”

“Lord Chu Feng, thank you for the reminder. We will not disappoint your expectations. No matter what we face up ahead, we will not retreat. We will only advance.” The crowd all expressed their stances; their faces were ones of resolution.

“Good. Everyone, follow me. Remember, no matter what you see, do not be afraid. As long as you follow me ahead, nothing will happen to you.” Chu Feng turned around. He activated his Heaven’s Eyes and flew straight forward.

Although these people would indeed affect Chu Feng’s speed, they had still come from the Eastern Sea Region. Perhaps when they were still in the Eastern Sea Region, there weren’t many feelings that he felt towards him, but after leaving, there was more or less some intimacy.

So, since Chu Feng could help them, of course he would do his best. If he could, of course he hoped he could bring them all into the Holy Land of Martialism, this world called sacred.




However, soon after they advanced, there were bursts of odd sounds that came faintly from the depths of the Heavenly Road.

They were terrifying; they led chills down one’s spines. They were akin to the weeping of a child, yet akin to the shriek of a woman, yet akin to the roar of a beast. Regardless, it was horrifying.

Moreover, those sounds increased in clarity, and increased in volume. Many people started becoming nervous because they were certain there were very frightening things within this Heavenly Road. And, right now, those things were approaching them.