Chapter 989 - The Heavenly Road Opens

MGA: Chapter 989 - The Heavenly Road Opens

Everyone above the sea burst into discussion when Chu Feng appeared.

The elderly continuously nodded at Chu Feng. As they looked at him, they narrated his accomplishments to the younger generation within their clans. They also told them to take Chu Feng as a role model—work hard in cultivation and become an exceptional person.

That led the young children to blink with their innocent big eyes. When they looked at Chu Feng, it simply wasn’t like looking at a person but more like at a god. Their eyes were filled with a fervent adoration.

To survive in a land like this, especially if one were from a famous cultivation clan, every single child’s dream was to become a peak cultivation expert. Chu Feng was the person they all wanted to become.

However, in comparison to the elderly’s passionate conversations and the children’s sincere admiration, the younger generation similar in age to Chu Feng were clearly much more lively.

They were all cheering; some were even screaming. The degree of respect they held towards Chu Feng reached an insane level.

The males were a bit more presentable. When they looked up to Chu Feng, they were roughly akin to children. It was more admiration they felt as Chu Feng was bringing honour to their generation. That was why they gave him this much respect.

But the females on the other hand were completely different. They not only gave Chu Feng admiration, there was a bit of worship. There were even many young women who made Chu Feng into their standard for a partner and made him into their ideal lover.

Right now, their “ideal lover” had appeared right before their eyes. How could they not be moved? They naturally lost control of their emotions.

“Oh? It seems that my Chu Feng is quite popular!” said Su Mei as she giggled at such a scene. But there was a bit of jealousy amidst her words.

As for Chu Feng, he just gave a calm smile. When facing a situation like this, Chu Feng was really too used to it. In the world of cultivation, the strong were respected. Recalling back when he was wanted by the Immortal Execution Archipelago, he was simply like a rat crossing the street. There were very few people who were willing to help him.

But now, after the blink of an eye, he became the idol figure of the entire Eastern Sea Region. This was quite a big change, and Chu Feng had fought for all of it himself.

*rumble rumble rumble*

Just at that moment, rumbles came from the depths of the sea. On the sea surface splashing with waves, enormous vortexes started appearing.

As they swirled around, the splashes were fierce. The area of the vortexes even kept on enlarging. In the end, countless of them, great in size, nearly filled the entire sea. It was truly an incomparably grand sight to behold.





Suddenly, from the vortexes, thick beams of light shot out. They merged together in the sky and formed a blinding golden formation.

The formation occupied an enormous area. It broke through the clouds and stretched down into the sea. It was like a golden wall that blocked off a part of this world, yet also like a dazzling sun that just stood there.

“So this Heavenly Road truly is a mystical formation.”

Seeing the golden formation erected in the sky. Chu Feng felt stunned. Even though he had heard the Heavenly Road was opened by a hidden formation within the Heavenly Sea, he still felt astonished when he witnessed such an event with his very own eyes.

Even without any detailed observations, one could tell already with the naked eye how complex and powerful it was. What cultivation did the person who laid this formation have?


After its emergence, the formation quickly started powering up. Everyone could see an entrance slowly appearing in the center of the formation—that was the entrance to the Heavenly Road.

“The Heavenly Road! The Heavenly Road has successfully opened!” The crowd’s hearts were filled with complex emotions such as excitement and fear as they looked at the already opened yet endless entrance.

The Heavenly Road was the path that led to the Holy Land of Martialism. From ancient times, there had been innumerable people who entered; however, with the exception of Huangfu Haoyue, not a single person who went in returned.

Huangfu Haoyue had announced that he hadn’t passed through the Heavenly Road, nor had he entered the Holy Land of Martialism.

Although he didn’t tell the world how he came out of the Heavenly Road, he told them everyone else had died inside.

This, as expected, invoked everyone’s shock. Many people had suspected whether the Heavenly Road was a path of no return, and hearing Huangfu Haoyue say this, they agreed that it was not something a normal person could pass through.

As such, even though the Heavenly Road had already been opened, not a single person stepped in. Even those who planned to enter were standing outside, making no signs of entering. They all cast their gazes towards Chu Feng.

“Big Brother Chu Feng, it seems that they’re hoping you to be the first to enter,” Jiang Wushang said with a chuckle.

Chu Feng could only smile at those words. Of course, he could see what the crowd wanted. Even though Chu Feng was only a rank eight Martial Lord, after his actions at the Misty Peak, many people felt that he was the strongest person in the Eastern Sea Region.

Moreover, the rumours said Chu Feng was going to enter the Heavenly Road. Those who planned the same naturally wanted to hug his legs and follow him. Perhaps they could take just a tiny bit of advantage of him.

But if they knew even Chu Feng himself wasn’t absolutely confident he could pass through the Heavenly Road, who knew what they would feel.


But just when everyone’s gazes were fixed on Chu Feng, his eyes lit up. He discovered a person appearing out of nowhere and was walking towards the entrance of the Heavenly Road. He also recognized that person—Tantai Xue.

“Tantai Xue, wait!” Chu Feng called out. Simultaneously, he leapt forward and flew towards her.

“Tantai Xue? She’s the person with the Divine Body who came from the Holy Land of Martialism?” Due to Chu Feng’s call, everyone noticed her. When they recalled who she was, there was unavoidably a few extra hints of reverence in their eyes.

“Yes?” Tantai Xue indifferently asked, as she turned around and stopped upon hearing Chu Feng.

Currently, Tantai Xue was still wearing a white dress and a veil covering her complexion. More importantly, the feeling she gave Chu Feng was still that icy cold. It was unfamiliarity that rejected people a thousand miles away.

“I just want to thank you.”

Chu Feng’s word of thanks came from his heart. Back then, if it weren’t for Tantai Xue who used Kuang Bainian as a bargaining chip and saved Zi Ling and the others by swapping hostages, even if Chu Feng successfully cultivated the Immortal Transference Mysterious Technique, he wouldn’t have so easily defeated Murong Mingtian and Jiang Qisha.

Tantai Xue deserved full credit for the part she played.

“I just did what I should have done. You don’t need to thank me. But seeing as you had saved me, I can tell you something,” Tantai Xue said.