Chapter 986 - The Place of Meeting

MGA: Chapter 986 - The Place of Meeting

“Senior Huangfu, we finally meet again.” Chu Feng’s heart was filled with incomparable excitement. He couldn’t help but reveal a smile of insuppressible joy.

Huangfu Haoyue wore a light smile on his face. He first said to Qiushui Fuyan, “Fuyan, wait for me here,” then cast his gaze towards Chu Feng and said, “Chu Feng, follow me.”


After speaking, Huangfu Haoyue rose into the air. Chu Feng followed and the both of them flew into the distance and soon disappeared into the faraway horizon.

Everyone held some concern regarding this matter. The crowd revealed complicated expressions because they knew the upcoming conversation was of utmost importance to Chu Feng.

They continued flying and only when they felt they were far from the clamour did they stop in a location where they could not be seen.

After stopping, Huangfu Haoyue started to carefully examine Chu Feng. The expressions in his eyes were very complicated; there were some unspeakable ones. Then, after a long while, he nodded and said, “You’ve grown up. My mission should be considered completed.”

“Senior Huangfu, are you able to tell me the truth now?” Chu Feng asked, unable to help himself.

“Truth? You’re referring to where and who I brought you from to the continent of the Nine Provinces?” Huangfu Haoyue asked with a smile.

“I want to know everything. After you entered the Heavenly Road until you left the Heavenly Road—everything that happened during that time,” Chu Feng said.

“Mm. If you truly want to know, then I really do have to start from the beginning.” Huangfu Haoyue lightly smiled. He took a deep breath, then exhaled. He started speaking.

“Back then, the Burning Heaven Church ventured into the Heavenly Road. We wanted to enter the Holy Land of Martialism and seek a better path in cultivation.

“However, we underestimated the Heavenly Road. There were obstructions in there, and those obstructions brought heavy losses to the Burning Heaven Church. Everyone—millions of members—died. I, however, survived.”

“Obstruction? Killings? What was it? Senior Huangfu, what did you meet in the Heavenly Road?” Chu Feng asked.

“I can’t really put my finger on what it was. However, since you’re preparing to enter the Heavenly Road, I must remind you that it is not easy to pass.” Huangfu Haoyue first heaved a sigh, then said, “Actually, the reason we dared to venture into the Heavenly Road was because we held a certain amount of confidence. One of our Burning Heaven Church’s ancestor saw a stone tablet in an ancient remains. On it the secret of the Heavenly Road was written.

“If one enters the Heavenly Road, they walk against the heavens. Those who enter take half a step in death and half in life; those who retreat are absolutely dead.

“That was what the stone tablet wrote. Chu Feng, do you know what that means?” Huangfu Haoyue asked.

“‘If one enters the Heavenly Road, they walk against the heavens. Those who enter take half a step in death and half in life; those who retreat are absolutely dead.’?” Chu Feng repeated. Then, he said, “If I’m not mistaken, the former part means the Heavenly Road is the path that leads to the Holy Land of Martialism. It’s impossible that everything goes smoothly as its difficulty is very high—it’s unimaginable.

“As for the latter part, it might be reminding that there is no retreat inside the Heavenly Road. If one courageously advances, they will have a chance to enter the heavens—the Holy Land of Martialism. However, if they hold cowardice in their hearts and thus retreat, they will only walk towards death and die within the Heavenly Road.”

“That’s right. You are absolutely correct. Within the Heavenly Road, the first half was very calm, leading to a false sense of ease. As we walked, we even felt hope for the future.

“But when we reached the middle, many unknown creatures appeared. They were very odd. I can’t say for certain what they were, but they were very powerful and also very terrifying.

“They were large in numbers and they sealed off the vast path forward. They pressed forward and wanted to tear us all apart.

“There is only one way to pass through those unknown creatures—to advance with faith and courage. If there is even a single hint of fear in one’s heart, they would be engulfed by those creatures. However, if one retains no fear, then those monsters cannot do anything.

“Yet, when facing such terrifying things, it is really too difficult to remain calm and cast away the terror in one’s heart.

“Even though we had specially trained before entering the Heavenly Road, when it was reality, a large portion of us had lost their minds.

“Seventy percent were horrified by those monsters. They forget the pope’s lessons as they turned around and ran. But in the end, they were still caught by those creatures and lost their lives.

“The rest chose to continue forth bravely. But there were really too few who held no fear in their hearts. Of the thirty percent remaining, only one percent survived amidst the wave of the unknown creatures.

“But shortly after passing through the creatures, another wave faced us. They were, however, different from the previous ones.

“On the surface, the level of might and terror they brought was less than the first wave of creatures. However, they weren’t existences we could deal with.

“So, since we were able to pass through the first wave of monsters despite how terrifying they were, we assumed it wasn’t hard to pass through the second wave. After all, on the surface, no matter numbers of power, the second wave was lesser than the first.

“But we were wrong. Although they appeared inferior, the second wave’s demands were actually much harsher.

“Perhaps… our fear hadn’t been cleansed completely, so we were attacked by the second wave.

“This time, they started massacring us. They were merciless. Our pope led the way and was ruthlessly killed. Quickly afterwards, everyone received a fatal blow.

“Those monsters were too terrifying. We stood no chance against them, nor could we pass through them. Before such frightened emotions and desire to survive, I gave up on the thought to fearless advance. I chose to escape.

“As I fled in panic, I stumbled upon an area. I will never forget that place.” Huangfu Haoyue’s breathing starting becoming erratic and even the expression in his eyes became unstable.

Chu Feng didn’t probe him to quickly answer as that place had affected Huangfu Haoyue greatly. So, Chu Feng waited for him to continue.

“The feeling of that place was very special and I really can’t describe it. No matter the style of the buildings or the aura of its entirety, it gave people a very dark feeling and casts uneasiness onto them. Using terrifying to describe that place is quite suitable.”

“But… If you want me to truly describe the feeling I received from that place, although the description is only one word as well, terrifying is absolutely not it—it would be holy.” Huangfu Haoyue gave a bitter smile, then looked at Chu Feng and said, “That is where you and I met.”