Chapter 987 - Thank You

MGA: Chapter 987 - Thank You

Chu Feng’s heartbeat instantly sped up. Although he appeared calm, a storm stirred inside his heart because the place Huangfu Haoyue was now talking about was the place Chu Feng came from.

“Senior Huangfu, what did you see there?” asked Chu Feng. He was truly impatient to find out what sort of people were at that location. Were they his parents? Was his family there? Or perhaps something else had happened?

“Ah…” Huangfu Haoyue let out a long sigh, seeming as if there was some sort of trouble he could not speak of. Only then did he say, “I, Huangfu Haoyue, have even gone into an Imperial Tomb. No matter if others have seen it before or if they haven’t, from ancient times, I have seen quite a few of the so-called big spectacles.

“However, it was the first time I saw a place like that. The holy feeling it exuded was suffocating. It was not only simple fear, it was veneration originating from my entire being. Such a feeling made me want to stop, as I did not dare to step in.

“However, since there were monsters aiming for my life behind me, I had no choice but to enter. At that place, I saw a man.

“That man…” Huangfu Haoyue suddenly swallowed his words. He cast his gaze towards Chu Feng and his eyes were now glittering with emotions. His firmness was no more, and replacing it were indescribable complex emotions and fear.

If it must be described, it was an emotion filled with panic, fear, and paranoia.

“Senior Huangfu, are you okay?” Chu Feng was a bit worried. He knew that the memories from that period had too great of an effect on Huangfu Haoyue’s mental state.

Huangfu Haoyue’s body trembled slightly after hearing his words, then he came to his senses. He wiped the cold sweat from his forehead and said, “Actually, when I saw that man, my awareness was blurred. I don’t remember his face, but I feel that yours is very similar to his.

“That feeling’s very strange… In my mind, I clearly have no recollection of his appearance, but when I see you, I feel that you look very similar to him.” Huangfu Haoyue smiled because even he himself felt this was something amusing.

“Chu Feng, this Huangfu Haoyue must have seen your father. Other than him, who else would look that similar to you?

“The reason why he doesn’t remember your father’s appearance yet feels you look like your father is because his memories have been messed with. A true expert can affect one’s memories without them even knowing by blurring their awareness.

“This segment of memory is a fearful and blurry one. He doesn’t dare to recall it because he’s afraid. Quickly ask him what came afterwards. You cannot allow him to recollect his memories and you must finish your questions quickly. Otherwise, there will be damage dealt to his body and there’s even a possibility that returns to insanity,” Eggy suddenly reminded.

“Senior Huangfu, what came next? After you saw that man, what happened?” Chu Feng quickly asked.

“It’s a bit shameful to say… Although I couldn’t see his appearance clearly, I was terrified by him. Do you know what was the first thing I did after I saw him?” Huangfu Haoyue asked Chu Feng.

Chu Feng shook his head and asked, “What is it?”

“Before he even said anything, I knelt. I didn’t only kneel, I even kowtowed and begged him.

“Although I, Huangfu Haoyue, am not any great person, I am not a cowardly person. In my entire life, there are very few people who I’ve kowtowed and knelt to—no one else other than my parents and my master.

“Before that, even if you beat me to death I wouldn’t believe that one day, I, Huangfu Haoyue, would beg someone so I could live.

“However, on that day, I did indeed do that. I remember it clearly. How lowly I was, yet how willing.” Huangfu Haoyue gave a bitter chuckle, then continued, “I was really afraid of that man. That fear came from the bottom of my heart. It was like a commoner seeing a god. That sort of reverence was impossible to resist.

“But actually, that man didn’t do anything bad to me. He never threatened nor harmed me. Instead, he was quite benevolent. He entrusted you to me, and he told me to bring you out of the Heavenly Road and in turn entrust you to a family named Chu. He named you Chu Feng and told me to protect you until you grew up.

“I agreed; I didn’t dare to refuse. I felt I had no choice but to agree, and after that… I felt my vision blur. When it returned to normal, I had come back to the Eastern Sea Region. I’m sure you know what happened later on. After I returned, my mental state started deteriorating.

“Although that man had never scared nor threatened me, I myself felt I had to finish this mission. Otherwise, he would kill me. That’s what I felt. As for death, I do not fear it much, but when I recalled he was going to kill me, I felt endless terror.

“I knew very well I had been broken from fright. I knew I would go mad. However, I couldn’t control my fate. I was that powerless.

“Before turning insane, I went to see Fuyan. I told her not to enter the Heavenly Road. Afterwards, I went to the continent of the Nine Provinces and wanted you to settle down there.

“Actually, there are quite a few clans named Chu in the Eastern Sea Region, but I didn’t dare to put you there. I knew my time was short and I would lose the power to protect you soon. I couldn’t be certain whether you could safely grow up in a place like that.

“That’s why I brought you to the continent of the Nine Provinces and chose a small family. I felt, by my threats, they would not dare to treat your poorly due to the overwhelming fear they’d feel.

“And after entrusting you to the Chu family, I hiddenly monitored them for a while until… until I was truly unable to control myself. Only then did I leave, because I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to control myself and harm you after going insane.

“I’m sure you know what came later,” Huangfu Haoyue said.

“Senior, do you remember the place you talked about? The position in the Heavenly Road where you met the man?” Chu Feng asked.

Huangfu Haoyue provided the clues, but didn’t tell him the answer he wanted to know. So, Chu Feng had to personally head towards the Heavenly Road and investigate.

“I don’t remember. However, nothing in the Heavenly Road changes. After meeting the second group of creatures, go a bit forward, then head east. You should be able to find it…” Huangfu Haoyue said with an uncertain tone.

“Thank you, Senior Huangfu.” Chu Feng bowed and clasped his hands. He didn’t continue asking because he knew nothing more would come out of it. Rather than having Huangfu Haoyue recall the worrying memories of the past, it was better to just leave it like this.

“There’s no need to thank me. If it weren’t for you, perhaps I would already be dead in the Heavenly Road. No matter what I experienced in these years, at least I’m alive. Moreover, I have unknowingly become a rank eight Martial King. That’s absolutely not a coincidence either. I feel that my aptitude right now is even stronger than back then. Perhaps one day I will even become a Martial Emperor.

“And this… is all because of you. If there must be thanks, it should be me thanking you.” Huangfu Haoyue looked at Chu Feng with immense gratitude.