Chapter 985 - A One-on-One Chat

MGA: Chapter 985 - A One-on-One Chat

The initial bright sky was now a shade of black.

However, it was not completely black because there were purple glows lingering in the sky. They were very dazzling.

They nearly covered the entire sky and one could simply see no end to them. The most important thing, though, was the faintly visible enormous bell within the glows. It gave people a feeling of destruction. It gave rise to fear and respect to it.

However, even though the phenomenon was very frightening, there was not a single person afraid. Instead, on their faces, there was excitement. Joy. They knew very well who this power originated from.


Finally, the phenomenon started shrinking. The purple glows surged back into the floating tower, and when it all vanished, the darkness in the sky faded away as well, returning to the vast white sky bright for a myriad of miles.

Shortly after the purple glows disappeared, the doors to the floating palace gradually opened. At that instant, a beautiful person slowly walked out.

It was a young woman with a purple dress. It simply matched perfectly with her delicate curves and beautiful face. She simply looked like a fairy who came down to the mortal world; her beauty was simply suffocating.

Naturally, such a pure and divine woman was Zi Ling. Moreover, she had a breakthrough in cultivation. She was now a Martial Lord from her initial cultivation in the Heaven realm. Although it was only rank one, there was no doubt she was a Martial Lord.

“Haha, Zi Ling, it’s a success?” Su Rou, Su Mei, and the others all went up after Zi Ling appeared. They were emotional and excited as they awaited her confirmation.

“Mm.” Zi Ling gave a moving smile as she faced the crowd’s desire for the answer, then firmly nodded her head.

They were all thrilled. Their joyous emotions permeated this world, and everyone’s emotions were great.

They’ve already seen the strength of a person with a Divine Body from Tantai Xue. Now, Zi Ling too had a Divine Body and her cultivation aptitude was now unsealed. Very soon, there would be a second Tantai Xue—possibly even a greater one.

“Chu Feng?” But when the crowd were surrounding Zi Ling and cheering endlessly, her expression changed as a cheerful expression emerged into her eyes.

Because she saw Chu Feng at the entrance of the Misty Peak.

Zi Ling leapt forward and flew towards Chu Feng.

“Chu Feng?”

Drawn by Zi Ling’s movements, the crowd too discovered Chu Feng. When they saw him, their faces all lit up. They stood far away as Qiushui Fuyan and Chu Yue did. They, who were already overjoyed, felt even more excitement. They all rushed up and surrounded Chu Feng.

“Chu Feng, you’ve finally woken up! How do you feel? Any discomfort anywhere?” Zi Ling looked up and down, carefully examining Chu Feng, afraid there was anything bad they overlooked.

“Don’t worry, I’ve completely healed.” Chu Feng lightly smiled. He gently stroked Zi Ling’s soft hair and said, “Zi Ling, congratulations. You’ve finally rid yourself of the Heaven Gripping Pellet’s fetters.”

“Rather than that, I’m more happy that you’ve woke up.” Zi Ling’s eyes glittered, then she suddenly leapt forward and entered Chu Feng’s embrace.

He did not refuse it and even though there were many observers, Chu Feng still spread open his arms and hugged his little beauty by her waist.

No one hid their emotions when they saw that. Instead, the joy on their faces became even stronger because to them, this was a very rare reunion.

As Zi Ling said, in comparison to her being cured, Chu Feng’s awakening was something much more worthy of celebration. That not only applied to Zi Ling but to everyone else.

When two joyous events occurred, naturally there had to be a banquet. On that day, everyone put down their work and raised their cups and drank in complete elation.

In the banquet, Chu Feng and Zi Ling undoubtedly became the main characters people focused on. However, Chu Feng was also observing the crowd. Amongst the familiar faces, he discovered a person who shouldn’t be here—the First Immortal.

The former head of the Nine Immortals of the Immortal Execution Archipelago, in order to help Chu Feng, avoided the disaster of death and, as an exception, stayed in the Misty Peak.

That did seem like a decent ending but Chu Feng discovered in such a cheerful day, there weren’t many happy expressions on his face. Instead, there was a hint of near undetectable worry and helplessness.

“Sister Fuyan, why don’t I see Ya Fei?” Chu Feng asked Qiushui Fuyan amidst his confusion.


“Chu Feng, to be honest, Ya Fei’s physical body has been destroyed. It will be very difficult to recreate it… Actually, my mother lied to the First Immortal,” Qiushui Fuyan said.

“Lied to the First Immortal? That means Ya Fei hasn’t been brought back to life?” Chu Feng felt quite surprised.

“He was lied to, and Ya Fei cannot be revived. However, she won’t die. Although we’re unable to rebuild her physical body, her Consciousness will not pass away in the Misty Peak. There will be no issues for her to continue surviving in this state,” Qiushui Fuyan said.

“I see.” Chu Feng seemed to understand why the First Immortal felt so helpless. By his nature, there was no chance he’d stay in the Misty Peak. However, he did all because of his granddaughter.

Chu Feng felt a bit guilty in his heart. Although his dealings with the First Immortal hadn’t been too much, if it weren’t for him, it would have been nearly impossible for Chu Feng to have cultivated the Immortal Transference Mysterious Technique. Even more so, it’d be impossible to defeat Jiang Qisha and Murong Mingtian.

Now, they were victorious. They defeated all their enemies in the Eastern Sea Region, so he had to say that the First Immortal had helped out quite a bit.

But they were unable to keep true to their former promise. How could Chu Feng not blame himself? Especially after recalling that the First Immortal betrayed his own force for his granddaughter yet still unable to bring her back to live, Chu Feng felt even more guilty.

At that moment, Chu Feng hiddenly made a decision. If he had accomplishments in cultivation in the future, then he would definitely return to the Eastern Sea Region and help Ya Fei rebuild her body. He would return this favour to the First Immortal.

“Senior First Immortal, I express my apologies regarding Ya Fei.” After his resolution, Chu Feng came up to the First Immortal and bowed with a remorseful complexion.

“It’s unrelated to you, nor do I blame Lady Piaomiao. After all, if it weren’t for her, my granddaughter wouldn’t have survived. Although it is only a Consciousness, at least she’s still here to chat with me.” The First Immortal shook his head.

“Senior, don’t worry. This world is so big; there are all sorts of mystical techniques. When I enter the Holy Land of Martialism, I will gather information on this matter. I believe I will find the method to revive Ya Fei,” Chu Feng swore gravely.

The First Immortal’s face instantly froze. Then, an indescribable expression of gratitude emerged into his eyes. He didn’t say anything and just kept nodding his head. Only after doing that for a good while did he say, “Then I’ll wait for the day you return.”

The First Immortal celebrated secretly. He knew what sort of potential and talent Chu Feng had. Since such words were spoken, he felt that Chu Feng would definitely stay true to his word. There was hope for his granddaughter’s resurrection.

“Chu Feng.” Just at that moment, a male’s call rang out

He couldn’t help but be taken aback when he turned around and looked. He discovered there were a man and woman standing behind him. One was beautiful and moving—Qiushui Fuyan. The other was large and mighty—Huangfu Haoyue.

“Chu Feng, I want to talk to you about a few thing alone. Do you have time?” Huangfu Haoyue said with a faint smile.