Chapter 983 - After Awakening

MGA: Chapter 983 - After Awakening

“Eggy, Eggy, Eggy…”

A chaotic world presented itself before his eyes. Blurred figures appeared unceasingly. Calls for Eggy left Chu Feng’s mouth again and again.

He knew this was a dream. He had a long, long dream, and in here, he could do absolutely nothing. It wasn’t even up to him when to wake up.

But he still kept on calling out Eggy. He hoped calling out for her would be useful. He hoped Eggy, who bore a serious injury because of him, could persevere and survive.

Amidst this dream, the notion of time was very hazy. Even Chu Feng himself didn’t know how much time had passed. Regardless, his calls for Eggy had never stopped because in the dream, he had no need to sleep, nor could he feel lethargy. What he could feel was only worry for Eggy.

“Stop calling me! I was sleeping quite comfortably, yet I was forcibly awakened by you.” Finally, Eggy’s mellifluous voice rang out. There wasn’t a trace of weakness in those words and instead there was a hint of naughtiness.

“Eggy, you’re okay?”

Chu Feng was elated. Eggy’s voice not only seemed like a person’s who wasn’t injured at all, it was even filled with energy. But he still held a trace of doubt. After all, this was a dream. He couldn’t even be certain if the voice just now truly came from Eggy.

“I’ve been fine since a long time ago. On the other hand, you should stop sleeping; they’re waiting for you! Quickly wake up.” Eggy’s voice once again rang out, but disappeared very quickly.

Suddenly there was a flash, then complete darkness. When he opened his eyes again, he was lying on a comfortable bed. This familiar environment and feeling of safety other places did not bring led him to know it was the Misty Peak. He was now on the Misty Peak.

“Haha, you’ve finally woke up!” Eggy voice then rang out again.

“Eggy, you’re truly fine! This is great!” Chu Feng’s power of judgement was very strong. In the instant he woke up, he knew he had left the dream. Moreover, he knew that his and Eggy’s injuries had been healed completely. They were completely fine now.

More importantly was Eggy’s cultivation. She was now a rank eight Martial Lord—the same as Chu Feng. Such a change was naturally because she refined the Source Energy of Jiang Qisha, Murong Mingtian, and the members of the Immortal Execution Archipelago and Three Great Monstrous Clans.

Eggy was very special. There was a seal on her that restricted her true cultivation. So even though she could absorb the Source Energy of humans and thus regain cultivation, there were many restrictions.

These restrictions showed themselves with greater clarity as her cultivation grew stronger. The Source Energy she required increased in size, but the harvests she’d gain from such enormous quantities were very small—just like Chu Feng.

Yet, she was different from him. Chu Feng could strengthen himself with all sorts of Natural Oddities, but Eggy could only rely on Source Energy.

So, since Eggy was a rank eight Martial Lord, Chu Feng was certain it was the result from refining all the Source Energy he absorbed and nothing else.

Although she only reached such a level after so much Source Energy, Eggy’s fighting strength was still far above Chu Feng’s. So, in that perspective, rank eight Martial Lord was already quite a good result.

One could even say the person who’d gotten the most out of this battle was Eggy.

“Mm, it seems that someone hiddenly helped us. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have healed up so quickly.” Eggy nodded, confirming the fact that she was completely recovered.

“Someone helped us?” Chu Feng was slightly taken aback. He suddenly recalled that in the dream, he had indeed felt a gentle power. However, he just didn’t know what was with that power. After all, within the dream, he had no clue what was true and what was not.

“Chu Feng, you’ve woken up!” A familiar voice rang out. Looking towards the speaker, Chu Feng saw Qiushui Fuyan quickly walking over with a joyous face.

“Sister Fuyan!” Chu Feng also revealed joy when he saw Qiushui Fuyan. He discovered that her complexion was very spirited, which meant nothing happened to everyone. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be this happy.

“Chu Feng, don’t get up yet. You just woke up, so you should be resting.” Qiushui Fuyan quickly went to stop Chu Feng when he attempted leave his lying position.

“Sister Fuyan, don’t worry. I’m filled with energy and there are no wounds on me.” Chu Feng lightly smiled, and still sat himself up. He knew his body very well, and right now, he had indeed completely recovered.

“It seems that the senior was truly correct. The day you awake is the day you’re healed entirely.” After carefully examining Chu Feng and discovering nothing wrong with me, the smile on Qiushui Fuyan’s face became much wider.

“Senior?” Chu Feng expression changed.

“On that day when you bore a serious injury and was unconscious, we could do nothing to help you. In the crucial moment, there was a senior who came out and saved you.

“That senior had hair as white as snow, and he was also blind. He said he had met you once, so that’s why he decided to give you a hand.

“Ah, that’s right. Someone said that senior had wandered back and forth in the Everlasting Sea of Blood for many years. Do you have any recollection of him?” Qiushui Fuyan said.

“It’s him?” Chu Feng came to a realization. He naturally remembered the blind old man in the Everlasting Sea of Blood. He was the person who narrated the legend regarding the Fate Primogenitor which still remained fresh in Chu Feng’s mind.

At that time, Chu Feng already felt that the old man was not simple at all, but he didn’t expect him to be this powerful. Not only was Chu Feng himself saved, Eggy was saved at all.

Back then, Chu Feng could feel how weak Eggy was—she was even weaker than him and in an even more dangerous spot. Yet now, Eggy was not only this lively, she even refined all the Source Energy. It was definitely due to the old man that she was able to. So, at that moment, Chu Feng was truly filled with gratitude towards that person.

“Chu Feng, you’re awake?” Just at that moment, another sweet voice rang out. A beautiful person was slowly walking towards Chu Feng.

Not only did he know that person, he was very familiar with her. This was Chu Yue of the Chu family. Right now, on her beautiful face, there was a smile of joy. She was also bringing over delicious dishes on her hands.

They were very special. Although small in amount, the dishes were filled with nutrients. Moreover, there were healing medicines included within the ingredients; clearly, they were prepared just for Chu Feng.

“Chu Yue, why are you also here?”

Chu Feng felt very happy when he saw Chu Yue. Back then, when he was facing various difficulties in the Chu Family and poorly treated, Chu Yue was the only person other than his father and elder brother who meant well for him.

But being happy was being happy—Chu Feng felt confused now. He had safely put Chu Yue and the others on one of the eastern continents. Yet why had she appeared here now?