Chapter 982 - Unfathomable

MGA: Chapter 982 - Unfathomable

“Who? Who dares to speak such arrogant words? Do you think you can do something even my sect’s Protector cannot?” shouted someone furiously within the Crippling Night Demon Sect’s army.

In their eyes, the observers were merely garbage onlookers. It was a humiliation towards Qiu Canfeng and the others when someone dared to say something like that.

“Young man, you must watch your words. The world is vast. Do you truly think if your Protector is unable to do something, no one is? If that were true, then who was the one who forced your sect head into this state?” That aged voice rang out again, but this time, with a bit of ridicule.

“Insolence!” The already enraged members of the Crippling Night Demon Sect were naturally even more irritated by the old man’s words. They seemed as if they would rush into the throng of observers and grab the speaker at any moment.

“Everyone, shut your mouth!” All of a sudden, Qiu Canfeng shouted angrily.

After his words, the people from the Crippling Night Demon Sect were like deflated balloons; no one dared to say even half a word.

“Sir, may I ask who you are? Can you show yourself to speak?”

After berating the crowd, Qiu Canfeng clasped his hands very politely towards the vast sea of people. He discovered even though he had locked onto that person’s voice, his location was still indeterminate. That meant the speaker was not simple at all.

“My name is not worth a mention, but destiny has brought me and Chu Feng together once, so I am willing to give him a hand today.”

That voice rang out again, and at that moment, an aged figure slowly walked out of the sea of people, and his appearance thus appeared before the crowd.

That old man had hair as white as snow. It was very long and it was akin to a silvery waterfall. It drooped down straight to his heels.

But the most shocking thing was that the old man’s eyes were shut—he was blind. Furthermore, he was in the eighth level of the Heaven realm.

Qiu Canfeng and the others knitted their brows as a hint of suspicion and confusion surfaced into their eyes. That old man was blind in the eyes, but not in the heart. Every single step was calm as he walked towards Chu Feng and the others in the air. That simply did not seem like something a blind could do.

Most importantly, after that old man appeared, regardless of their observations, Qiu Canfeng and the others received a single result: he was in the eighth level of the Heaven realm. There was no doubt to that. However, the seemingly less doubt they had regarding his strength, the more they felt the old man was not simple at all because it meant he had concealed his cultivation too perfectly.

The old man did not care as he was gazed upon by such complicated eyes. He walked straight up to Chu Feng and put his hand onto Chu Feng’s chest.

Actually, when the old man held out his hand, Qiu Canfeng and the others were very nervous because they could not be certain whether he was an enemy or ally. So, when he was making his move, Qiu Canfeng and the others were surrounding him, staying well on guard.

But their tense expressions very soon turned into joy. The old man had only placed his palm on Chu Feng’s chest and simply nothing could be felt radiating out of it.

However, in a situation like that, Chu Feng’s aura had truly turned for the better—at a very quick speed as well. He soon entered a stable condition and his complexion was much better too.

“He was injured internally—his Consciousness and Source Energy. But he will be completely healed after a few months’ rest,” said the blind old man after taking his hand away.

“Thank you for saving our sect head!”

The Crippling Night Demon Sect didn’t dare to dally in their act of appreciation. Even their own Protector was clasping his hands towards the old man, so how could they possibly dare to hesitate? They quickly expressed their gratitude, and those who were yelling here and there felt even more ashamed.

However, the blind old man just waved his hands at those thanks and said, “It cannot be considered saving. Chu Feng has a strong body. Even if I do nothing, he would have been fine. At most, he would stay in slumber for another year or so, but in the end, he would still awake.

“As I said, I’m only giving him a hand and shortening his time asleep. Don’t worry, the day he awakes is the day his body is healed. While he’s unconscious, just take good care of him.”

Qiu Canfeng and the others felt even more complicated emotions when they heard the blind old man’s words. They simply did not know what the issue was with Chu Feng, yet the old man already knew his injuries before he even came into contact with him. That was further proof of this old man’s unfathomability.


But just at that moment, Huangfu Haoyue was still hugging his head and painfully howling as if he was enduring the most painful torment.

“Haoyue!” Qiushui Fuyan panicked. She leapt forward and wanted to rush over.

“Fuyan, it’s dangerous! Don’t go!” Taikou quickly held Qiushui Fuyan back.

“Father, let me go! I cannot leave him alone!” Qiushui Fuyan wanted to escape Taikou’s hold.

“Fuyan, calm down! Right now, Huangfu Haoyue is not awake. Who knows whether he’ll attack you!” Taikou painstakingly begged, unwilling to let go.

“Lady Qiushui, don’t blame me for speaking too much, but your father is correct. Huangfu Haoyue’s mind is not in a normal state. He’s still very dangerous; it will be best to stay a bit farther away,” advised Qiu Canfeng.

“Let her go. The formation controlling that person has already been deactivated by Chu Feng. He’s doing this right now only because he’s frightened. There’s not much wrong with him.”

But just at that moment, the blind old man suddenly spoke. Moreover, after speaking to Taikou, he looked at Qiushui Fuyan and said, “Have him take this pellet and let him rest for a few days. He’ll be fine by then.” After speaking, the old man spread open his palm. A pellet that looked quite insignificant appeared atop his hand.

That pellet truly did look insignificant. No light came from it, nor any fragrance. It seemed like a pellet that could simply not be any more normal. Who knew if it even did anything?

However, after seeing that blind old man’s skill, Qiushui Fuyan did not hold any bit of hesitation. She held out her hand took the pellet.

However, in the instant she took it, Qiushui Fuyan’s face changed. When she looked back at the blind old man, there was unavoidably a few more traces of respect.

She discovered with astonishment that the pellet was nothing special even after Spirit power detection, yet when she grasped it within her hand, there was an unspeakable feeling. If it must be described, one word was sufficient: “mystical”.

Qiushui Fuyan’s confidence soared and Taikou and the others didn’t stop her anymore. They let her near Huangfu Haoyue. After seeing what the blind old man did to Chu Feng, more or less trust arose.

Just like that, Qiushui Fuyan carefully approached Huangfu Haoyue, and as he was howling, she took the chance to throw the pellet into his mouth.

Shockingly, it melted and was refined instantly in his mouth. Huangfu Haoyue then closed his eyes, his body went limp, he lost his ability to stay in the air, and started falling.

Qiushui Fuyan quickly flew up and held him in her arms. Only then did she discover that Huangfu Haoyue had a face of serenity, as if he entered a sweet dream after some extremely tiring matter.

“Thank you sen…” There was no need to mention how happy Qiushui Fuyan felt. She turned her head around and wanted to thank the blind old man.

But only then did she see only Qiu Canfeng and the others remained behind her. As for the blind old man, he had disappeared. There were no signs of him ever being here.