Chapter 981 - Let Me Try

MGA: Chapter 981 - Let Me Try

The shattered fabric of space were akin to the broken fragments of a mirror. However, unlike a mirror, the pieces slowly reassembled, striving to restore itself to its once complete state.

Space was something perceivable but untouchable. Only with sufficiently powerful strength could one crack or even shatter it, leading to an endless void.

But even if space were completely fragmented, it would soon return to its original state. This natural phenomenon was very mystical and unexplained.

One could say that though space was intangible, it was actually interactable. There seemed to be a limit, and so long as one’s power surpassed that limit, it would shatter. But due to its restorative properties, space could not be destroyed.

Even if one could destroy mountains with a single palm, shatter clouds with a single fist, cut off rivers with a single stamp, nearly no one could truly destroy space itself.

For instance: the sea beneath them right now. In the battle before, both it and the fabric of space received the same destruction but at present, the latter already returned to normal while the former still boiled as heat and steam soared into the sky. The sea level was now several hundred meters lower compared to the beginning of the battle. Even some shallower regions revealed the mud and rocks from their previously submerged seabeds.

However, even in the regions where the sea was deeper, enormous corpses still floated above its water. These were the bodies of sea beasts. Despite being hidden within the depths, they too were unable to avoid disaster and ended up being killed by the power of the Burning Heaven Fire Serpent Formation.

“Chu Feng!”

“Chu Feng!”

“Chu Feng!”

However, no matter what destruction or disaster occurred to the world around them, Chu Feng’s name reverberated in his surroundings.

Nearly everyone was shouting his name. Even the observers were cheering in endless excitement.

At that very instant, in the distant battlefield, Chu Feng still remained standing in the sky. As for Huangfu Haoyue, he was hugging his head and half-kneeling. The demonic aura emanating from his body vanished. At that moment, he was trembling slightly and appeared like a tiger whose teeth were pulled out: he was of no threat to Chu Feng. In reality, he was rather terrified of his opponent.

Huangfu Haoyue, the former strongest genius in the Eastern Sea Region, had been defeated by Chu Feng.

As for Murong Mingtian, his body remained floating in the air. His lifeless eyes were wide open and his mouth agape. His face was frozen with fear and bitterness. The combination was quite a terrifying sight to behold.

Despite his unsightly expression, he exuded no aura because of the frightening wound on his chest. The wound spread havoc within his body, destroying everything inside, including his dantian.

Not only were his organs destroyed, even his Source Energy was being extracted. Indeed, Chu Feng not only killed Murong Mingtian, this monster of several hundred years of age, he was still absorbing this old monster’s Source Energy—one of a rank seven Martial King.

Murong Mingtian was defeated. The Immortal Execution Archipelago was gone. Even the Three Great Monstrous Clans were removed and all of this was due to Chu Feng.

However, the reason for such thunderous cheers was not only because Chu Feng won this battle, nor was it only to boot-lick, these were cheers that stemmed from the bottom of their hearts. They were sincerely cheering for Chu Feng.

He not only won this battle, he even saved everyone’s lives. Judging by the momentum of the battle, if it weren’t for Chu Feng, then Huangfu Haoyue would have burned everyone here into ashes with the Burning Heaven Fire Serpent Formation.

“Eggy, you have to hold on! Look, I’m absorbing Murong Mingtian’s Source Energy for you! He’s a rank seven Martial King; as long as you refine his Source Energy, your cultivation will soar! Haven’t you always been strong? You have to hold on!”

But no matter how fervent the cheers, Chu Feng tightly frowned. His complexion was quite poor, and even his usual firm and fierce gaze was filled with unstable emotions. He lost his former steadiness as he was in a panic.

Even though he won this battle, he had paid a painful price. Not only was Eggy unconscious, even he himself had received visible injuries—extremely severe injuries.


Suddenly, Chu Feng’s cheeks bulged and he started swaying in the air. Blood was rushing up his throat, but he forced it back down.

However, a hint of red flowed out of the corner of his mouth as his lips trembled, unable to contain all the blood. However, he didn’t bother with that. As he tightly gnashed his teeth, he continued absorbing Murong Mingtian’s Source Energy.

Finally, all of it entered his body. But also at that moment, his eyelids gradually shut, and his body leaned to the left as he lost the ability to fly, thus dropping down from the air.

Moreover, no matter the black wings behind him, or the lightning armour surging around him, both disappeared instantly. They returned to his body and even his aura rapidly shrank. Very quickly, he returned to being a rank eight Martial Lord from a rank five Martial King.


At that instant, the crowd was still cheering. However, when they saw Chu Feng fall from the sky, they were all frightened. As for Qiu Canfeng and the others, they quickly rushed towards Chu Feng.

Finally, it was Qiu Canfeng who arrived first and caught Chu Feng in his arms. Only then did he discover that Chu Feng had lost consciousness. Moreover, his aura was extremely weak. The most alarming thing was that Chu Feng’s aura still shrank. Though it was at a very slow rate, if it continued, Chu Feng was going to die.

“Dammit, nothing is working!” Qiu Canfeng was attempting to heal Chu Feng, but no matter what he did, it was all useless. He couldn’t even tell what part of him was injured.

“Let me try.” Qiushui Fuyan took Chu Feng from Qiu Canfeng’s arms. She laid a formation and put Chu Feng on top of it. Then, she started using a special healing technique.

Her method was very profound; it was one from the Misty Peak. Although she was from the Burning Heaven Church, she was still the daughter of Lady Piaomiao. Naturally, she had gotten quite a few techniques from her.

But even though such techniques were from the Misty Peak, they remained useless. Chu Feng appeared like a person fated to die as he walked into the gates of hell one step at a time. It seemed as if no one could stop him. That truly made everyone anxious.

“Chu Feng, you have to hold on!”

“Chu Feng, you can’t leave us behind!”

At that moment, Zi Ling and the others all surrounded him. Seeing Chu Feng whose aura was truly as weak as it could be, and whose body was still icy despite the treatments, Zi Ling, Su Rou, Su Mei, and even Chun Wu and the others had reddened eyes. Tears streamed down like rain as they started crying uncontrollably.

In reality, not to mention those close to and cared about Chu Feng, even those who had nothing to do with Chu Feng, the observers, felt their hearts ache. After all, they had been saved by Chu Feng. No matter if he intended it or not, he had indeed saved their lives.

Besides, Chu Feng had shown them his strength today. Regardless where his cultivation came from, at least he had great aptitude in cultivation. No one hoped death to befall a genius like him.

There would be one day when Chu Feng would enter the Holy Land of Martialism representing the Eastern Sea Region. If, one day, Chu Feng were to make a name for himself in the Holy Land of Martialism, he would become the pride of the Eastern Sea Region. They would feel proud of Chu Feng.

Unless it were a person who hated every single part of Chu Feng, or someone who had a grudge against him, why would someone hope for his death?

But sadly, when even Qiu Canfeng and the others were out of methods, who could save Chu Feng?

“What you’re doing is useless. How about you let me try?”

When everyone ran out of ideas, an aged voice, one that seemed as if the speaker was smiling, rang out above the hundred million crowd.