Chapter 980 - The Curtains Fall

MGA: Chapter 980 - The Curtains Fall

“Chu Feng, are you really going to use the Firmament Slash? Do you want to cripple yourself?” Eggy, who had been remaining silent, suddenly spoke.

This queen had watched Chu Feng grow up and she had experienced everything that Chu Feng experienced. There was no one who knew him more than her.

She knew well that Chu Feng’s strongest killing blow was the Firmament Slash; however, it was a double-edged sword. As it gave Chu Feng power, it exhausted his strength. It wore Chu Feng’s body down. The Firmament Slash was a martial skill that did such a thing.

Before, although there were no problems on the surface when Chu Feng used the Firmament Slash to deal with Jiang Qisha, various issues had begun springing up in his body. He was now only enduring.

If he used the Firmament Slash slash once again right now, then the damage dealt to his body would be even larger, perhaps even become permanent. This was not just harm dealt to his body, it was harm dealt to his entire future in cultivation.

“Eggy, I know you’re worried for me, but if I can’t even live pass today, what’s the point about talking tomorrow?

“Come, give me a hand. Let us finish this battle together and kill that bastard Murong Mingtian,” Chu Feng said.

“Ahh, is there truly no other way?” Eggy asked in a probing manner.

She knew of Chu Feng used the Firmament Slash again, his body would definitely be injured. Huangfu Haoyue was much stronger than Jiang Qisha. He would not be defeated by just the fifth slash; perhaps there would be a need to use all nine.

The pressure from every single slash of the nine slashes was completely different. The ninth was the most powerful, but at the same time its demand in power was the most horrifying. So, that meant Chu Feng had to pay a huge price in order to be victorious.

“There can only be gains when there are losses. Where would harvests come if not for the investment? I cannot lose this battle, and only with this will my chance in victory be the greatest. So, I can only put everything I have into this,” Chu Feng said.

“Whatever. Since you’ve decided on this, then let us bear through this together.” Suddenly, Eggy gave a sweet smile, and as she spoke, she closed her eyes.

“Eggy, you…”

At that instant, Chu Feng’s expression changed. He could feel an extremely strong power surging into his body from Eggy’s—it was power from the Asura Spirit World.

Actually, Chu Feng did want to borrow Eggy power to raise the strength of his physical body. With that, using the Firmament Slash would reduce the damage dealt to himself.

But right now, the reason he was so shocked was because Eggy not only helped Chu Feng strengthen his physical body, even his fighting strength was increased with Eggy’s channeling of power. She once again touched upon a taboo and helped Chu Feng by exhausting her own life.

Chu Feng did not approve of Eggy’s current actions, but the present battle did not only relate to his and Eggy’s life. Everyone else’s life was related as well. So, Chu Feng didn’t raise any objections. He allowed Eggy to use this sort of method to help him.

*hmm* Suddenly, Eggy’s power surged out of Chu Feng’s body. The black flames became a pair of black wings. When they extended outward, everyone could feel Chu Feng’s power increasing in strength.

“Bastard, what the hell are you looking at? Why aren’t you killing that brat?” roared Murong Mingtian once again when he saw that.

*boom rumble rumble rumble* After Murong Mingtian’s command, Huangfu Haoyue unhesitantly attacked. With his channelling of power, the incomparably horrifying Burning Heaven Fire Serpent Formation pressed towards Chu Feng.

After the formation moved, everything within the borders of the entire Misty Peak started violently trembling. Not only trembling—nearly everything was being burned by the surging flames.

“Crap, run—”

Everyone felt the upcoming disaster. They had truly witnessed the terror of the Burning Heaven Fire Serpent Formation. They knew even though they were very far from the battlefield, there was no doubt to their death when the formation thoroughly exploded.

Actually, at that very instant, of the hundred million observers, one-tenth were already unable to bear the blazing aura. They were exploding and dying; the slaughter had already begun…

So, other than a few observers who chose to remain here, continuing to watch this frightening battle with no regards to their life, a large number of observers had already started to turn around and escape, aiming to protect their own lives.

However, even though the observers were fleeing, the members of the Crippling Night Demon Sect and Zi Ling and the others didn’t. Not one left. They all stood in the air, and allowed the ferocious waves of air to slam onto the Spirit Formation that protected them. In spite of the danger, there wasn’t a single person who backed away.

Everyone focused on Chu Feng. They had already entrusted all their hope onto him and even threw their lives onto him.

In this battle, if Chu Feng lived, they live. If Chu Feng died, they would die with him.


“Nine Consecutive Slashes!”

Chu Feng finally made his move. After spitting out those words, a pressure that seemed it could destroy the world was released from Chu Feng’s body and it swept outward.

The horrifying aura from the Firmament Slash instantly engulfed everything and everyone. It actually froze the fierce waves of air.

*whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh*

Quickly after, countless blood-red energy slashes appeared and all struck the Burning Heaven Fire Serpent Formation.

*boom rumble rumble—*

When the blood-red slashes blended into the formation, they heard a huge explosion. Their vision then became filled with fiery-red.

A ferocious might had covered their eyes, preventing them from seeing what was happening. However, the horrifying shock waves wreaking havoc let them know how horrifying the energy of the explosion was.

But when those shock waves were invisibly blocked, averting harm to the crowd, many people knew that it was Chu Feng who protected them. It was he who used his own power to stop the horrifying shock waves.

Before such changes, no matter the ones escaping or the ones observing, they didn’t move. They looked down. Other than the people beside them, they couldn’t see anyone else; however, the rumbles that echoed next to their ears became more and more thunderous.

Only after a long while did that start to subside. First, the rumbles faded away, then the violent shock waves stopped. In the end, the fiery-red light that blocked their vision and even Spirit power vanished.

“This…” And when their sights were clear, everyone was taken aback.

But soon after, Zi Ling, Qiu Canfeng, and the members of the Crippling Night Demon Sect all brimmed with indescribable excitement and joy.

After experiencing continuous battles, cheers finally rang out again in this world. Not only were the ones on the Crippling Night Demon Sect’s side cheering, even those with no relation to Chu Feng were cheering.

The curtains of this terrifying war finally fell.