Chapter 975 - Killing One's Own

MGA: Chapter 975 - Killing One's Own

After the appearance of the strange mark, Murong Mingtian’s aura became completely different. It was simply not the aura of a man. It seemed as if there were a demon housed within his body. It was sinister, horrifying, and exuded bloodthirsty killing intent.

Although he had a very odd aura, so odd it was terrifying, his strength wasn’t actually increased. That was why the changes occurring to him were so peculiar.

But even so, Chu Feng didn’t dare to be at ease. He noticed that Murong Mingtian’s change in aura was due to his preparations in casting a special technique.


Indeed, just when Chu Feng felt something was off, Murong Mingtian made his move. He laid a Spirit Formation in front of him—it was a Teleportation Formation. It could send special objects within a short distance to his side.

“Master, Senior Taikou, Sister Fuyan, quickly bring Zi Ling and everyone in the Crippling Night Demon Sect away from here,” Chu Feng hurriedly sent a mental message. He knew this was likely the method Murong Mingtian had to deal with him.

Qiu Canfeng and the others didn’t dare to hesitate after receiving Chu Feng’s words. They started to retreat orderly. However, even though they were very far away, they didn’t escape.

They just didn’t want Chu Feng to be distracted but they would not abandon him and leave. In this battle, if Chu Feng won, then they won. If Chu Feng lost, everyone lost.

Though Chu Feng hadn’t personally seen their actions, he was aware of them. However, he didn’t say much because he knew Zi Ling and the others wouldn’t listen to him regardless. So, he didn’t bother. He turned pressure into power—it was not an option to be defeated. He had to kill Murong Mingtian.

After seeing the members of the Crippling Night Demon Sect stay quite far away, the observers also quickly left. There were even many timid people who didn’t stay behind. They started flying towards the Teleportation Array, preparing to leave.

They knew very well that the upcoming battle would be horrifying. With a slight bit of carelessness, they could become the sacrifices to the fires of battle.

However, since there were timid people, there were, of course, fearless people. Although many people had started to leave, there was still quite a few who chose to stay behind. They wanted to personally witness this frightening battle.

Everyone cast their gazes towards the Teleportation Formation behind Murong Mingtian. They all knew the thing it was about to summon would not be simple at all. It would definitely be something exceptional and would most likely be related to the secrets of the Misty Peak.

*rumble rumble rumble*

Before the gazes of the crowd, a tremor rang out from the formation. As the formation shook, a rectangular black object appeared in front of them.

It was made out of wood. Two and a half meters wide, three meters long. There were chains tied around everywhere, and on the chains, there were binding runes engraved. It was a coffin.

But most importantly, there was a mark in the center of the coffin. That mark was squirming and releasing an extremely horrifying aura.

Even though the size of the mark was different, no matter aura or shape, it was the exact same as the one on Murong Mingtian’s forehead. It was the same mark.

“This… It’s him?!”

Chu Feng had used the Heaven’s Eyes because he knew there was something within the coffin. But after he saw what was inside, his expression changed greatly. Surprise and discomfort emerged onto his face.


Just at that moment, Murong Mingtian’s hands overlapped each other. After casting a spell, the mark on the coffin started glittering faintly. Simultaneously, the chains surrounding it loosened before the coffin opened up completely. A person then slowly appeared before the crowd.

It was a man. He was big and large, and exuded an exceptional aura. As his long hair fluttered to and fro in the wind, his handsome face appeared occasionally. On it was evidence of his vast experience in the years. Most importantly, there was also this flame-like scar on his forehead.

That man was no stranger. He was the formerly strongest genius in the Eastern Sea Region, the person who had defeated the former head of the Crippling Night Demon Sect, Huangfu Haoyue.

“Haoyue?” Many people’s faces changed greatly when they saw that person, but the one with the most complex emotions was Qiushui Fuyan.

The relationship she had with Huangfu Haoyue was not simple at all. After knowing Huangfu Haoyue had gone insane, she even searched the Eastern Sea Region but was unable to find him again. No matter what, she would not have thought that Huangfu Haoyue had been captured by Murong Mingtian.

So, at that very instant, after she saw him again, she lost control of her emotions. As she yelled, she ran towards Huangfu Haoyue.

“Sister Fuyan, don’t come over!” Chu Feng suddenly shouted at that moment, then he said mentally, “This is indeed Senior Huangfu Haoyue, but he is not the person you know. If I’m not mistaken, he has already been controlled by Murong Mingtian with some sort of sinister method.”

Qiushui Fuyan went into a slight daze after hearing Chu Feng’s words, then carefully examined Huangfu Haoyue. Only then did she discover that he did look a bit odd.

Back then, when she saw Huangfu Haoyue, he was in a very rough state. Moreover, he was muttering to himself, his actions were odd, he seemed randomly frightened by something… He looked like a madman. There had clearly been some heavy injuries dealt to his mind, leading to his loss of reason.

But now, though he lacked any expressions to his face, there was fury in his eyes as he emanated a powerful bloodthirsty aura. Right now, he was even more terrifying than his previous state because now, it seemed that he now had absolutely no awareness. As Chu Feng said, Huangfu Haoyue really did seem controlled by someone.

“Haoyue, it’s me! I’m Fuyan! You don’t recognize me? You don’t even recognize me?” But even so, Qiushui Fuyan was unwilling to give up. She called out Huangfu Haoyue’s name and mentioned things that had happened in the past.

She could already imagine what Murong Mingtian was going to use him for. He was going to fight Chu Feng until one of them died. This was something she never wanted to see because both Chu Feng and Huangfu Haoyue were very important to her. She didn’t hope anything to happen to either one of them.

But sadly, Huangfu Haoyue was cold and expressionless. He gave no reactions, as if he couldn't hear Qiushui Fuyan’s words.

“Is this truly Huangfu Haoyue? The former number one genius in the Eastern Sea Region? Didn’t he go to the Holy Land of Martialism? Why is he in the Eastern Sea Region? Has he come back?”

“What is happening? He should have a very close relationship with Qiushui Fuyan, but now, he is not only ignoring Qiushui Fuyan, his e instead standing with Murong Mingtian. Could it be… he’s been controlled?”

Those watching were no fools. After hearing Qiushui Fuyan’s calls fail, they had confirmed Huangfu Haoyue’s identity. But amidst the shock they felt, they deduced the reason why he was ignoring Qiushui Fuyan: Huangfu Haoyue had been controlled by Murong Mingtian, and he was the strongest method Murong Mingtian possessed to deal with Chu Feng.

They were truly very shocked. They had imagined all sorts of methods Murong Mingtian would use to deal with Chu Feng, but they didn’t expect it to be this. Murong Mingtian was simply making Chu Feng kill his own.