Chapter 976 - Demonic Soul Seizing Technique

MGA: Chapter 976 - Demonic Soul Seizing Technique

“Haoyue, you truly don’t recognize me anymore? You don’t remember those things?

“Then… Do you recognize him? He’s Chu Feng, the child you carried out of the Heavenly Road! He’s become an adult now; do you still not recognize him? Did something happen in the Heavenly Road? Have you forgotten about that too?”

Qiushui Fuyan ignored the crowd’s discussions and continued trying to communicate with Huangfu Haoyue. Since she couldn’t make him recall anything with her own stories, she attempted to recall his members with Chu Feng’s stories. But sadly, it was still useless.

“Haha, Qiushui Fuyan, there’s no use. If it were that easy to summon Huangfu Haoyue’s memories, do you think I would bring him out so easily? If he remembers, doesn’t that mean I’m digging my own grave? You underestimate me too much.” Murong Mingtian suddenly laughed oddly, then he mockingly said, “I’ll be honest. The method I’m using to control Huangfu Haoyue is viewed as a forbidden technique on the Misty Peak—the Demonic Soul Seizing Technique. This technique is something even Lady Piaomiao doesn’t know of. I accidentally found it in Master’s residence.

“As for its usage, it’s very special as well. The technique is not something cast with just a simple Spirit Formation. It is a formation that can only be created with the blood and flesh of live people as catalyst and the bones of infants as medicine. The more people alive refined within this formation of flesh, the stronger the binding power created.

“To bind Huangfu Haoyue, I have killed over a million cultivators and several dozen thousand infants! Huangfu Haoyue is my puppet. If I tell him to go west, he will not dare to go east. If I tell him to stand, he will not move.

“If I want him to kill someone, he will kill that person. Even… if it’s his former lover, he will not be merciful.”

“Nonsense! Haoyue has a firm will. How could he possibly be controlled by the likes of you?!” Qiushui Fuyan cursed.

“Haha, it seems that you still don’t believe me! But that’s fine. If you don’t, I can test it out.” Murong Mingtian’s smile turned stranger and stranger. He pointed towards Qiushui Fuyan and yelled, “Tear this bitch’s corpse into a million pieces!”

*hmm* Immediately after Murong Mingtian’s command, Huangfu Haoyue’s body trembled. His eyes emitted a dark-green light the exact same as Murong Mingtian’s.

More importantly, after the green light appeared, the mark on Huangfu Haoyue’s forehead changed instantly. It became a lump of flame, whereupon a boundless pressure engulfed Qiushui Fuyan.

“Heavens, this aura…”

Everyone’s faces changed when they felt that. They trembled despite the lack of coldness, and they felt chills go down their spines. Because, right now, the aura Huangfu Haoyue emanated was rank eight Martial King.

Although Huangfu Haoyue had been powerful, he was not a rank eight Martial King before. Yet, he was right now. Such powerful strength made everyone fearful. Rank eight Martial King… that was a realm near Martial Emperor, a level they had never seen before in their lives.

And Huangfu Haoyue was even so young. If he continued cultivating, becoming a Martial Emperor was not something impossible. Imagining that someone in the Eastern Sea Region could become a Martial Emperor… that truly brought forth shock.

“Haoyue, you…”

But in comparison to the fear and shock the observer felt, Qiushui Fuyan was frozen. As she felt the incoming pressure that even shattered space itself, her eyes reddened.

Even though she knew Huangfu Haoyue had been controlled and wasn’t intentionally attacking her, she still felt heartbroken. An indescribable sorrow washed over her heart.

Amidst such sadness, she had even forgotten about escape. Though, in reality, she couldn’t even escape due to the great difference in cultivation.


As the surging pressure was about to collide, a black slash suddenly appeared. It was incomparably fierce and even the pressure could not withstand it—it was slashed open, and the attack was stopped.

It was Chu Feng who made his move. With the Demon Sealing Sword in his hand, he stopped the horrifying pressure.

“Sister Fuyan, stay farther away! Believe me. No matter the strength of the formation, there will always be imperfections. I can rid Senior Huangfu Haoyue of Murong Mingtian’s control,” Chu Feng said mentally after cutting open the pressure.

Qiushui Fuyan calmed down. Although she still held doubts in her heart, she had to believe in Chu Feng. Right now, he was the only person who could fight off Huangfu Haoyue, and also the only person who was worthy of trust.

*boom rumble rumble*

But, beyond any expectations, after failing the first strike, Huangfu Haoyue once again attacked Qiushui Fuyan. Moreover, this time, it was not just a simple attack of pressure—it was a punch.

That single punch gathered the King-level Martial power within the circumference of several miles. Its power was terrifying, and it was simply not something an ordinary martial skill could stop. Even Chu Feng’s Demon Sealing Sword could not.

“White Tiger Slaughtering Technique.” Chu Feng opened his Heaven’s Eyes to analyze and decide on a defensive technique. He gave no hesitation as he immediately used the Secret Skill to block that single punch.

The White Tiger Slaughtering Technique’s power was limitless, but it was dependent on the opponent. Huangfu Haoyue only sent a normal punch—it wasn’t even a martial skill. However, he was not a typical rank eight Martial King. Even putting aside cultivation, his aptitude and fighting strength was superior to Murong Mingtian and Lady Piaomiao.

Thus, even though the White Tiger Slaughtering Technique successfully stopped the power of the punch, it had still dissipated. Huangfu Haoyue, with a mere punch, destroyed Chu Feng’s Secret Skill.


Seeing his own attack blocked once again, Huangfu Haoyue violently roared. As it rang out, layers of ferocious flames started appearing around him and they pressed towards Qiushui Fuyan.

“Chu Feng, run! Those are the Raging Flames of the Burning Heaven!

“Huangfu Haoyue is the only person who’s been able to master the Burning Heaven Mysterious Technique within the Burning Heaven Church! You won’t be able to block these flames!”

Qiushui Fuyan’s face instantly turned as pale as paper. She started to yell loudly, and she, who didn’t want Chu Feng to be affected by that attack, ran towards him.

“Sister Fuyan, don’t come over! Believe me. No matter how much more powerful these flames become, I can withstand them. Leave! Go towards Senior Taikou and the others.”

But what Qiushui Fuyan didn’t expect was as the Raging Flames of the Burning Heaven fiercely pounced over, Chu Feng turned his head around with a light smile. On his face, there was no fear. Instead, there was a hint of confidence.

Qiushui Fuyan couldn’t help but be taken aback when she saw Chu Feng. Even though she felt it was inconceivable, she suddenly felt that he could truly block these terrifying flames.