Chapter 974 - What Kind of Method?

MGA: Chapter 974 - What Kind of Method?

But just when everyone felt everything was settled, Chu Feng suddenly cast his fierce gaze towards the Misty Peak. He loudly said, “Just watching as your younger generation is being killed, huh? You truly have quite the tolerance.”

They all felt confused at Chu Feng’s words because other than the faraway Misty Peak in the direction of Chu Feng’s gaze, there was no one. Not even half a shadow.

“Hoh, so you already knew I hadn’t died? I really can’t underestimate you.”

Just when the crowd was feeling puzzled, an aged laughter rang out. Simultaneously, an old person showed himself and appeared before the crowd.

“How is this possible? It’s him?”

After seeing that person, not to mention the Crippling Night Demon Sect,  Zi Ling, and the others, even the observers were very taken aback. Their faces were filled with shock as they felt this to be unbelievable.

At that very instant, the person who stood in the air was none other than Murong Mingtian. The ancestor of the Immortal Execution Archipelago hadn’t died.

“I admit you’ve made a good attempt. You’re a very skillful old cunning fox, and I was almost tricked by you.

“But since you haven’t fled and dare to appear in front of him, I’m sure you have some sort of new technique to fight against me, right?

“Since you’ve already finished preparing, why be so secretive? Just bring it out and let me see what method you’ve been preparing for so long. Show me why you didn’t show yourself even though all your successors were being killed,” Chu Feng said with a light smile.

The expressions of Zi Ling and the others instantly turned grave. After looking at one another, they started backing away slowly with the entire Crippling Night Demon Sect’s army.

They knew Murong Mingtian was very cunning: he was not only ruthless, he was very calculative. As Chu Feng said: since he dared to show up even after Chu Feng defeated Jiang Qisha, it meant the reason he was fearless was because he had backup. It would only make sense that he had something to deal with Chu Feng.

They stood no chance against Murong Mingtian before, and to an even greater degree, they stood no chance against Murong Mingtian now. They had to quickly leave this battlefield between the two, otherwise they would distract Chu Feng.

“Haha, interesting! You know I have something I can use to deal with you, yet you still dare to call out so arrogantly to me! It seems that you also have quite some confidence. I, Murong Mingtian, have been in the Eastern Sea Region for so many years, but you’re the first one who’s been able to force me to this state.

“But Chu Feng, the Earthen Taboo martial skill you used before was so powerful, so I’m guessing that you too had paid quite a huge price, right? Don’t think I can’t tell. Right now, you appear fine, but you’ve actually exhausted quite a bit of power. Your strength is lesser than before,” Murong Mingtian said with a smile.

“Hoh… You are correct, but it is still more than enough to deal with you,” Chu Feng sneered. Even though Murong Mingtian was very correct, he remained unafraid because he had already decided. Whether he himself would live or die, Murong Mingtian would not live to see another day.

Actually, after killing Murong Mingtian, Chu Feng had tried absorbing his Source Energy, but he couldn’t even find a single trace of it. So, at that time, he confirmed that Murong Mingtian hadn’t died, and had instead used some sort of special technique to escape.

Chu Feng also knew very well that Murong Mingtian could have just fled. But, he didn’t. After killing Jiang Qisha, Murong Mingtian dared to appear again.

That meant he now had something even more powerful than Jiang Qisha. No matter what it was, without a doubt it was greater than Jiang Qisha’s total strength.

Chu Feng was no god. Even though he could make many guesses, he could not be certain what Murong Mingtian grasped within his hands that gave him the courage to stand here. Even though Chu Feng held a certain amount of confidence, he could not be definite he could defeat Murong Mingtian.

So, Chu Feng didn’t escape, and instead calmly faced the situation. What he relied on was not only confidence, but also determination—determination to fight Murong Mingtian to the very bitter end.

Chu Feng knew if Murong Mingtian had a way to defeat him, even if escape were successful, that applied only to himself. Zi Ling and the others would not make it out. If he left, they would die. So, he could not escape. Today, their lives were shared.

In the same vein of reasoning: if Murong Mingtian couldn’t reign victorious, then Chu Feng could thoroughly remove this old monster. Although his aptitude wasn’t as good as Jiang Qisha’s, he was too scheming. Moreover, he knew some secrets regarding the Misty Peak. Leaving him alive would stem countless troubles in the future. He had to be removed, and it had to be now.

“Chu Feng, oh Chu Feng, I truly feel a bit of admiration for a young man like you. How good would it have been if you weren’t my enemy.” Murong Mingtian actually nodded his head in appreciation towards Chu Feng’s decision. However, he wore an odd smile quickly on his face and said, “To be honest, right now, you are more powerful than me. With the strength I currently possess, no matter what I do I am no match for you.

“But the reason you are stronger than me right now isn’t only because your aptitude is good and your strength exceptional. The more important reason is because of Lady Piaomiao’s cultivation. However, I understand the Immortal Transference Mysterious Technique very well. No matter how much better your talent is, no matter how long you can keep Lady Piaomiao’s cultivation on you, there will be a day that it disappears. On that day, killing you will require me barely any strength.

“However, I did not escape. I did not choose to deal with you after you lose Lady Piaomiao’s cultivation. Instead, I chose to stand before you when you’re at your strongest. Do you know why?”

Chu Feng didn’t respond to Murong Mingtian’s question. He knew his method would be absolutely not simple. However, Chu Feng didn’t only have strength to deal with Jiang Qisha. He had kept some backup. If he put forth his all, defeat might not be unavoidable.

Besides, if he could truly do nothing, he still had a monster from the Asura Spirit World within his body. The worst result was to truly use everything he had, regardless of the consequences. So, Chu Feng was not afraid.

“Hoh, Chu Feng, I’ll tell you honestly: I dare to stand in front of you right now, at a moment like this, is because there’s no doubt to your death if I use this. Who you will face will not be me alone. It will be an even more terrifying existence.”

Suddenly, Murong Mingtian made a smile. His gaze also started to change—his eyes turned dark-green. But the most significant change was an odd mark appearing on his forehead.

It squirmed around, as if it were alive. It was sinister and horrifying, seeming akin to a demon.