Chapter 971 - Earthen TabooFirmament Slash

MGA: Chapter 971 - Earthen Taboo—Firmament Slash

*rumble rumble rumble…*

Suddenly, in a certain place within the serene world, a peculiar rumble sounded. Simultaneously, the space within a circumference of a thousand miles started violently trembling. The tranquil waters surged again, in an even greater degree than before.

Before such changes, an enormous round moon gradually rose from the distant sea surface, appearing in front of the crowd’s eyes.

The moon was truly very large, and it was the colour of blood. Its redness was very strange, looking as if it were truly made from blood. Most importantly, after its emergence, an unprecedented pressure enveloped the world.

“This aura—” Many people couldn’t breathe. Some even suffocated, and other than Martial Kings, everyone else’s face turned purple. Even though the Martial Kings’ conditions weren’t as severe, their complexions were quite a bit distorted from the difficulty of withstanding the horrifying pressure.

“As I thought, there’s a killing technique within this illusion—it kills by pressure. So this is the critical part of this martial skill, right?

“This Slaughter of the Blood Moon is truly not simple. With such powerful strength… As long as Jiang Qisha wants to, it takes no more than a thought to kill everyone here an instant.

“In terms of area of effect, my Firmament Slash is indeed far inferior to this Slaughter of the Blood Moon. But sadly, if I want to use it to break this moon, it will not be difficult.”

Chu Feng wore a smile on his face. He had already detailedly analyzed Jiang Qisha’s Earthen Taboo martial skill. Moreover, it felt it was time to let the world know of his Firmament Slash.

So, when the Slaughter of the Blood Moon left everyone completely struck with terror, amidst their absolute fear of death, Chu Feng slowly closed his eyes. Simultaneously, an extremely strong power started invisibly coalescing within his body.

“Hoh, you’ve given up?”

A sneer arose onto Jiang Qisha’s face when he saw Chu Feng seemingly accepting his fate. In Jiang Qisha’s eyes, even if Chu Feng resisted, it was useless. Since he had cast the Slaughter of the Blood Moon, Chu Feng was dead. In his perspective, Chu Feng was preparing to give up since he closed his eyes.

“Wait, this is?” But just at that moment, Jiang Qisha’s pupils shrank abruptly. He furrowed his brows tightly, because he discovered Chu Feng seemed a bit off.

At that moment, the space around Chu Feng started to tremble lightly. Yet, it was completely different from the tremors that arose from the casting of the Slaughter of the Blood Moon.

The tremors shook more and more violently from its initial weak state. Cracks had already appeared in the fabrics of space, and an extremely powerful aura was even going to shatter space itself.

Before such changes, the boundless Martial power in the world started converging onto Chu Feng like a hurricane. Facing such immensity, even Jiang Qisha’s expression changed greatly. From the flow of Martial power, he could feel that it was extremely pure.


Just at that moment, Chu Feng suddenly opened his eyes. Simultaneously, an extremely fierce aura emerged within his eyes.


Jiang Qisha instantly panicked. He quickly willed the Blood Moon to rise quicker. At the same time, the horrifying pressure started gathering in one area and slashing towards Chu Feng. Jiang Qisha was preparing to send an attack at Chu Feng. He was preparing to use the Slaughter of the Blood Moon to crush Chu Feng to death.

But it was already too late. Before his attack had finished gathering together, bursts of blood-red aura shot out from Chu Feng’s body.

They were very strange—shape akin to sharp blades, yet akin to swimming snakes. Not only were they concentrated, there were countless. They even made frightening howls and very terrifying noises, as if they were ghosts from hell.

More importantly, after those blood-red auras appeared, the sky instantly changed colour. Those auras not only contained horrifying power, their speed was terrifying. In just a blink, they completely enveloped every corner of the sky.

And at that moment, Chu Feng’s lips were moving. With clear emphasis on every single word, he said: “Earthen—Taboo—Firmament—Slash!

“First slash!”


Such words were like the order of a lord. A string of the strange and horrifying auras charged towards the direction of Chu Feng’s gaze with their destructive power.

Finally, after a cracking sound, a blood-red slash landed onto the moon in a cross shape.

*boom* Cracks appeared on the moon that contained boundless power.

“Second slash!”

Quickly after, Chu Feng yelled out lightly again. Another blood-red slash landed on the moon. Most importantly, the power contained within this slash was double the strength of the previous one.

The blood-red moon instantly collapsed. Amidst an explosion, it shattered.

The sky, following the moon’s shatter, was akin to a broken mirror. It too started crumbling.

After many pieces of the sky fell, it returned to its initial state. The Earthen Taboo martial skill Jiang Qisha cast had been destroyed by Chu Feng.

“This… How is this possible? He actually destroyed my Earthen Taboo martial skill?!”

Jiang Qisha’s face was ashen as he beheld that sight. His eyes were roundly widened, because he didn’t dare to believe it. He didn’t dare to believe in such a desolate place as the Eastern Sea Region, there was someone who also grasped an Earthen Taboo martial skill, and with such a skill destroyed the strongest trump card he took pride in.

If it was said Jiang Qisha right now was in terror, perhaps a bit disbelieving of his eyes, then he would definitely be stupefied after the next scene.

In reality, what made him fearful was not being suppressed by the Earthen Taboo martial skill. It was that the pressure became more terrifying even after those two strikes.

“Third slash.”

*bang bang bang bang bang*

Chu Feng let out another explosive yell. Instantly, explosions rang out endlessly and countless blood-red slashes started appearing in the air.

All the peak experts from the Immortal Execution Archipelago and the Three Great Monstrous Clans were all killed with the third slash alone. Murong Niekong and the chiefs of the Three Great Monstrous Clans were all dead.

These powerful people within the Eastern Sea Region, before Chu Feng’s Firmament Slash, lacked any strength to counterattack. Even in the moment before death, they couldn’t even make any sound before they were completely destroyed.