Chapter 972 - You Will Die

MGA: Chapter 972 - You Will Die

The might of the three slashes broke through the Taboo martial skill. They killed millions of people, and deterred the world.

But Chu Feng clearly wasn’t prepared to stop just there. The Firmament Slash was the strongest card he held in his hand. Either he didn’t use it, or used it fully to guarantee victory.

“Fourth Slash.”

Finally, Chu Feng yelled lightly again. The fourth appeared in the air; however, only two slashes appeared, landing on Zhao Yuetian and Kuang Bainian.

Without any surprise, when the blood-red slashes landed on their bodies, they were no different from the others before—they were slashed open. Their death was even more direct. Even though they had died, many people couldn’t even begin to process the swiftness of their execution.


Finally, Jiang Qisha came to his senses. He finally witnessed Chu Feng’s terrifying strength. Even though he, Jiang Qisha, had exceptional aptitude and was considered a peak genius in the Holy Land of Martialism, he was indeed no match for Chu Feng right now.

Knowing this was a horrible situation for him, he said nothing else as he turned around and cast an extremely profound bodily martial skill. He wanted to flee.

However, beyond his expectations, his legs were abnormally heavy. Even though he could walk in the air, the speed was incomparably slow. He simply could not escape.

“Chu Feng, you insolent and ignorant bastard! You dare kill my juniors? Do you know who we are? Do you know who my master is? If you dare to kill me, not to mention yourself, even the entire Eastern Sea Region will die because of you!” When all escape routes were sealed off, Jiang Qisha turned around. He mentioned his master to threaten Chu Feng with a roar.

“Hoh…” But Chu Feng merely gave a light smile at Jiang Qisha’s threats, then said, “Jiang Qisha, you shouldn’t have done it. You shouldn’t have interfered with the enmity between me and the Immortal Execution Archipelago, nor should you have attacked the Misty Peak. What you shouldn’t even thought of doing was displaying intention to marry Zi Ling.

“You can humiliate me however you wish, but I cannot tolerate humiliation towards the dearest ones to me. Today, I don’t care where you come from. I don’t care where your master comes from. I don’t care what cultivation your master has. I will kill you.”

Chu Feng’s expression suddenly turned icy. Simultaneously, blood-red bodies of light appeared. Amidst frightening howls, they flew towards Jiang Qisha.

The power contained within them was several times stronger than the four slashes before. Because this was the Firmament Slash’s fifth slash.

“Chu Feng, don’t kill me!”

Feeling the horrifying bodies of light flying from every single direction, Jiang Qisha was completely terrified. In this instant separating life and death, he suddenly yelled. There was no more arrogance and pride within his voice, and instead a trace of pleading.

Chu Feng willed the blood-red lights to stop a hundred meters away from Jiang Qisha, then asked, “What else do you want to say?”

“Chu Feng, don’t kill me. As long as you spare my life, I can give you anything you want. I can also feign ignorance about my juniors’ death. I can even bring you into the Holy Land of Martialism and give a recommendation to join the Cursed Soil Sect.

“With your cultivation aptitude, you will definitely receive my master’s approval. He will also bring you in as a direct disciple, and at that time, you can be in an equal position with me. You can get whatever you want. You will have no problem soaring in strength,” Jiang Qisha said with a face filled with sincerity and subserviently.

“Jiang Qisha is actually begging Chu Feng…” His words were caught in everyone’s ears. When they saw the genius from the Holy Land of Martialism actually asking Chu Feng for forgiveness, the crowd’s emotions were very complicated.

At first, because of Jiang Qisha’s appearance, they felt they had witnessed a true genius. They felt, in comparison to Jiang Qisha, Chu Feng was no more than trash.

But now, they discovered they were wrong—absolutely wrong. They had all underestimated Chu Feng’s ability. So, as it seemed, Chu Feng was not only a peak genius in the Eastern Sea Region, even against a genius in the Holy Land of Martialism, Chu Feng remained a horrifying existence.

Discussions arose within the crowd. Everyone felt they overrated Jiang Qisha. Though strong, the genius from the Holy Land of Martialism was only so-so.

But Jiang Qisha didn’t care anymore how others looked at him. He only wanted to do one thing now—survive.

So, he once again said with sincerity, “Chu Feng, before I just wanted to get the Misty Peak. I didn’t want to introduce animosity between us, and actually, what happened today is only a misunderstanding.

“Although I had said those words to mock you and Zi Ling, that was only a bait. I just wanted Tantai Xue to come out, and I had never planned to harm Zi Ling and the others. In fact, if it weren’t for me, they might not have even survived up until now.

“I, Jiang Qisha, am a person who treasures people with talent. As long as you forgive me today, I can pretend nothing ever happened. To be honest, with your aptitude, if you enter the Cursed Soil Sect, it’s very possible that you will even lead the sect in the future!

“But without me, even if you can enter the Holy Land of Martialism, it will be very difficult to enter the Cursed Soil Sect. Even if you could, to acquire the acknowledgement of the patriarch will be similarly difficult.

“As they say, ‘If you take a step back, you behold a greater world.’ I, Jiang Qisha, can disregard my juniors’ death. Why must you continue pressing forward?”

“Hahahaha…” However, something no one expected was after Jiang Qisha spoke those words, Chu Feng suddenly laughed. His laughter shook the world and became the only sound one could hear.

Many people tightly frowned. They felt very uneasy. After all that happened, Chu Feng had proven, with no doubt, that he was the ruler of this place. It was an easy action for him to kill any person. Even Jiang Qisha feared him, so who wouldn’t?

But on the topic of fear, naturally Jiang Qisha feared him the most. Because he was arrogant, because he was conceited, he felt his life was the most precious. Similarly, he was a person who feared death the most.

“Jiang Qisha, do you think I’m a fool, or are you a fool? You’re saying such unrealistic things to me?” Finally, Chu Feng stopped laughing, but a mocking sneer remained on his face.

*poof* Jiang Qisha knelt down after hearing those words. He raised his arms and loudly said with a face full of solemnness, “I, Jiang Qisha, swear to the heavens every single word I said today is true! If there’s even half a word of lie, let lightning strike me and grant me a horrid death!”

“Hahaha…” But Chu Feng once again roared with laughter. He said, “Jiang Qisha, first of all, no matter what you do, I won’t believe you. There’s no need to so painstakingly beg.

“Furthermore, even if everything you’ve said is true, so what? You’ve already crossed my bottom line. Let alone only a disciple from the Holy Land of Martialism, even if you were the disciple of god, my actions remain the same!

“Today, you will die! Even god cannot save you!”

After speaking, Chu Feng’s gaze turned cold. At the same time, the halted blood-red lights in the air flew towards Jiang Qisha extremely quickly.


When the blood-red lights gathered together, a horrifying blood-red slash landed on Jiang Qisha’s body with the shape of a cross.

His body split in an instant. No matter limbs or soul, it all vanished. It was true absolute destruction.

The peak genius from the Holy Land of Martialism had been killed by Chu Feng!