Chapter 970 - Earthen TabooSlaughter of the Blood Moon

MGA: Chapter 970 - Earthen Taboo—Slaughter of the Blood Moon

Four different Mortal Taboo martial skills merged together. The power was absolutely not as simple as the sum of four typical martial skills.

It was a combination of martial skills, and they weren’t even normal martial skills, but Mortal Taboo martial skills. Such a technique held a very great difficulty, and its power was naturally very strong well.

The body of energy made by the combination of four Mortal Taboo martial skill was incomparably fierce. Although its target was Chu Feng alone, its pressure had enveloped a circumference of a thousand miles.

No matter Zi Ling and the others who hid behind the army, or the fighting Crippling Night Demon Sect and Immortal Execution Archipelago, or the hundred million observers, they were bound by that powerful pressure and lost any ability to move.

They felt dread never experienced before in their lives originating from an attack so powerful it was incomparable to anything they had witnessed in the past. After being bound in place by the pressure, everyone lost the ability to speak. The respect and admiration they felt before had long been gone, and in replacement was trepidation of death.

The pressure itself was already so powerful. They did not know whether Chu Feng—and them—would be killed by Jiang Qisha.

“Hoh…” However, just when everyone was terrified by Jiang Qisha’s combination attack, Chu Feng made a faint smile. Though the horrifying pressure bound many people, Chu Feng was not one of them.

“It’s merely a combination technique. Do you truly think you’re the only one who knows it? You dare be so arrogant with a mere combination of Mortal Taboo martial skills? How about I show you the combination of Secret Skills!”

With a light smile, Chu Feng willed a shock wave to burst outward. Simultaneously, with a roar, four enormous beasts of various shapes but same ferociousness surged out of his body.

The four beasts were not only huge in size, they were very overbearing. The aura they emanated was even incomparably holy.

The beasts were not ordinary creatures. They were the four holy beasts: the Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Vermillion Bird, and Black Tortoise.


The four supreme Secret Skills all had their own abilities, but right now Chu Feng was not using a normal technique. It was an entirely new technique after obtaining the power of the Vermilion Bird Revival Technique—the Four Symbols Slaughtering Formation.


They possessed extremely powerful might, and they were very quick as well. After they appeared, the observers couldn’t even begin to process what was happening when the four holy beasts had already merged together to form a formation.

However, the Four Symbols Formation was completely different from the one that bound Qiu Canfeng before. That was a binding formation, while this was a slaughtering formation. Moreover, the power this had was incomparable to the one before. It could simply suppress anything; this was the Four Symbols Slaughtering Formation.

After they merged together, creating the aforementioned Four Symbols Slaughtering Formation, the pressure emanated by Jiang Qisha’s attack instantly vanished. The pressure that bound everyone vanished as well.

“Heavens, what is that?”

“It’s Chu Feng’s technique! I saw it, it’s something Chu Feng cast! He’s actually combined the legendary Secret Skills, and it’s even four Secret Skills!”

“What? Even Secret Skills can be combined? I’ve never heard of this before!”

Although the millions and millions of people had freedom restored to them, no one was willing to shift their gazes away because they were all drawn towards Chu Feng’s Four Symbols Formation. Their eyes were filled disbelief and shock, because they could feel the power within this Four Symbols Slaughtering Formation was even more powerful than Jiang Qisha’s combination of four Mortal Taboo martial skills.

*boom rumble rumble rumble—*

Just at that moment, the two attacks had woven together. Instantly, a boundless pressure and shock waves surged outward, in layer after layer.

They were really too fierce, and simply no one could withstand that. No matter the Immortal Execution Archipelago, the Crippling Night Demon Sect, or the hundred million observers, no one dared to stay on the spot. They all fled into the distance, afraid they would be engulfed by the pressure and lose their lives within it.



However, even though the pressure had no intent to kill, many people were unable to make it out in time. They were swallowed by the pressure, and amidst bursts of painful cries, they were crushed and became blood.


But when the pressure wreaked havoc, within it came a furious roar. The Four Symbols Formation also appeared.

The four holy beasts were in the air and running around in a circle on a special path. They were putting power into the Four Symbols Formation, and forcing it towards Jiang Qisha. The might was incomparable, and Jiang Qisha had no escape.

“Senior, don’t keep anything hidden. Use that to destroy him!”

Zhao Yuetian’s and Wu Kunlun’s faces changed greatly. They couldn’t help but shout at Jiang Qisha. Even though they felt it to be inconceivable, they couldn’t help admitting that the Four Symbols Slaughtering Formation Chu Feng cast was too horrifying. If Jiang Qisha still held anything behind, he would very possibly die because of that.

“You’ve actually forced me to this state. But that’s fine, today, I’ll widen your horizons.

“You trash from the Eastern Sea Region, open your filthy eyes and watch! This is an Earthen Taboo martial skill, the Slaughter of the Blood Moon!”

After speaking, Jiang Qisha overlaid his hands, and allowed the Four Symbols Formation to press its way forth. He closed his eyes uncaringly as space itself before him shattered while his clothes fluttered noisily.


Suddenly, a mystical wave swept out from Jiang Qisha’s body. When it blew past the Four Symbols Formation, it instantly froze.

Moreover, the mystical wave was extremely fast. It very quickly rushed past everything and enveloped an area within the circumference of a thousand miles.

*hmm* More importantly, after encompassing everything with its instantaneous speed, the world started changing.

The surging sea underneath became so calm it was like a mirror, lacking even the slightest trace of a wave. The initially clear and chaotic sky turned into night, countless glittering stars appearing.

A rush of peace washed into the world, creating a very rarely seen scenery.

“How magical… Is this the legendary Earthen Taboo martial skill?” Many people sighed in admiration at everything that had changed. How did that even look like a martial skill? Simply the world itself transformed.

“An illusion of the Earthen Taboo rank? No, it doesn’t look that simple.”

But just when everyone was attracted by the serenity before their eyes, Chu Feng frowned. He could see that it was merely an illusion, but he knew amidst this illusion was definitely an extreme danger. After all, this was an Earthen Taboo martial skill that came from the Holy Land of Martialism.