Chapter 969 - An Attack akin to a Natural Disaster

MGA: Chapter 969 - An Attack akin to a Natural Disaster

“ANCESTOR—” The expression of the Immortal Execution Archipelago’s members turned ashen. They were completely stupefied, unable to come back to their senses until a brief moment later, which they began to heart-wrenchingly lament.

Murong Mingtian was simply too important to them. In their hearts, he was akin to a god—one that led them and one that ruled over the world.

Yet now, their god was killed. How could they accept such an outcome? Like a believer who lost their faith, they lost a direction in life.

“We will avenge Ancestor—”

Amidst such devastating sorrow, the Immortal Execution Archipelago felt their rage and woe merge. They started pouncing towards the Crippling Night Demon Sect in a complete disregard for their own lives. They started trading deaths and paid no heed to what they did so long as they killed.

However, though power arose from their blend of emotions, the Crippling Night Demon Sect too rose in might after seeing Murong Mingtian’s death. They weren’t scared by the suicidal Immortal Execution Archipelago, and instead, they began even more ruthless slaughters.

In a situation like that, it was very difficult for the already suppressed Immortal Execution Archipelago and Three Great Monstrous Clans to hold on.

“This feeling… Could it be…?”

However, after Murong Mingtian’s body exploded, there was a faint power that poured into Chu Feng’s body. However, Chu Feng frowned after it entered. A hint of suspicion flashed into his eyes.

*aoo—* In Chu Feng’s moment of distraction, Jiang Qisha took that chance to cast his Mortal Taboo martial skill. He wanted to pass Chu Feng’s White Tiger Slaughtering Technique and launch a sneak attack as well.

*boom—* However, he had greatly underestimated the White Tiger Slaughtering Technique. Even though Chu Feng hadn’t been focusing completely, the Secret Skill still had its own will. It once again broke Jiang Qisha’s Mortal Taboo martial skill.

*aoo—* The white tiger then let out a furious roar, and leapt towards Jiang Qisha.

*whoosh* Jiang Qisha started quickly flying backwards in the air. He didn’t choose to continue releasing Mortal Taboo martial skills to forcefully meet Chu Feng’s attack. He instead chose to escape.

But the white tiger kept chasing tenaciously and it was very quick. Even though Jiang Qisha had used a bodily martial skill, the distance separating the two continued to gradually shrink.

“Is this real? The genius who comes from the Holy Land of Martialism, and even defeated a Divine Body, is being forced to flee because of Chu Feng?” The observers were exclaiming endlessly at such a sight.

If the act of killing Murong Mingtian made them acknowledge Chu Feng’s strength, then the act of Jiang Qisha forced to flee in such a pitiful state by Chu Feng’s Secret Skill made them approve of Chu Feng’s abilities, as, after all, everyone knew Jiang Qisha was much more powerful than Murong Mingtian.

So even though Chu Feng had suppressed Jiang Qisha, many people still held in their hearts a sliver of hope. They felt the genius Jiang Qisha was unfathomable. There existed an infinite number of possibilities on him, so Chu Feng might not truly defeat him.

But many people’s sliver of hope had started to break. The situation before their eyes did not make it appear that Jiang Qisha had a trump card to deal with Chu Feng.

“Hmph.” But just when many people thought Jiang Qisha was defeated already, he coldly snorted as a hint of resolution surfaced in his eyes.

He then flipped his palm and several Talismanic Pellets appeared on his hand. He opened his mouth and swallowed them all.


After consuming the pellets, Jiang Qisha had the same reaction as Murong Mingtian: runes and patterns appeared on his skin and his aura soared.

*bang* Jiang Qisha suddenly turned around and punched the incoming White Tiger Slaughtering Technique.

*boom* That fist was not to be underestimated. It simply contained the power to destroy this land, and that punch alone blew apart Chu Feng’s White Tiger Slaughtering Technique.

“So powerful—”

“As expected of a genius from the Holy Land of Martialism. It seems that this is his real strength.”

“This is too horrifying. Has he finally brought out his true abilities? It seems that Chu Feng’s going to have something heading his way!”

Many people deeply gasped at the White Tiger Slaughtering Technique dissipating in the air. At the same time, many people who wished for Chu Feng’s death had an eased smile on their faces.

“Heavens! Jiang Qisha is this terrifying! How will Chu Feng stop him?” As for those who wished Chu Feng to live, they couldn’t help but worry about him.

Regardless how much power remained in the White Tiger Slaughtering Technique, it was still a powerful ability that could destroy Mortal Taboo martial skills.

Yet, at this moment, Jiang Qisha had broken through it with his fist. That illustrated Jiang Qisha’s current strength. At least, his former self was not even comparable to him right now.

“Chu Feng, the number of people who can force me to this state are countable by my fingers even within the Cursed Soil Sect.

“I admit. I, Jiang Qisha, have underestimated you. I underestimated the strength that would come out of a bumpkin like you. However, it’s time for this to end. I’ll let you see what a true genius is! I’ll let you see what a true technique is!” Jiang Qisha sneered as he looked at Chu Feng, then his expression changed and he released an explosive shout.


He struck with his fist, palm, foot, and leg, all at the same time. Four fierce bursts of Martial power rushed out from those four places.

The strength those four bursts of power contained was very fierce. Typical martial skills simply could not compare to them; it was even several times stronger than the Mortal Taboo martial skill Jiang Qisha used before.

He was now not only casting four martial skills at the same time, he was casting four different Mortal Taboo martial skills at the same time.


Then, they merged together in the air, and became a body of energy that enveloped the sky.

The body of energy traveled through the air. It was like an enormous wave as it surged forward, yet also like a horrifying black mass of clouds. It not only had four different colours, it brought with it lightning and a storm. It was akin to an apocalypse that would destroy the world.

“My gods! Jiang Qisha has actually cast such a terrifying technique! Is this still a martial skill? Is this still a technique of a human? This is simply more like the work of a god!”

As they gazed upon the body of energy covering the entire sky and surging towards Chu Feng, everyone was stunned. Regardless if they wished for Chu Feng’s death, they were dumbfounded by Jiang Qisha’s move. This was most definitely the strongest technique they had seen up until now. It was simply a natural disaster that could destroy everything!