Chapter 968 - Biting to Death?

MGA: Chapter 968 - Biting to Death?

“Crap! Murong Mingtian is sneak attacking Chu Feng!”

The members of the Crippling Night Demon Sect furiously cursed. They gnashed their teeth in anger and their faces turned blue. They felt Murong Mingtian was really too despicable and shameless. He didn’t care about honour.

As a senior expert, perhaps it was forgivable that he joined up with another person to attack Chu Feng alone. However, he used a Mortal Taboo martial skill to launch a sneak attack when Chu Feng was preoccupied.


In reality, not to mention the people from the Crippling Night Demon Sect, even the observers were rather speechless. When Jiang Qisha joined in the battle before, allying with Murong Mingtian to fight Chu Feng, at least he made it clear about that.

Yet now, Murong Mingtian was sneakily attacking when Chu Feng and Jiang Qisha were fighting. That was a bit unacceptable.

“Heh, Murong Mingtian, you really want to die, huh?”

But when the Illusory Sword Technique was about to strike Chu Feng, he suddenly opened his eyes, coldly chuckled, and used another White Tiger Slaughtering Technique after the raise of his palm.

*aooo—* It held the exact same strength as the first White Tiger Slaughtering Technique, but it was clear that Murong Mingtian’s Illusory Sword Technique was far inferior to Jiang Qisha’s Soul Sealing Runes.

Thus, when the Secret Skill was cast, it did not exhaust much of its power to break through Murong Mingtian’s Illusory Sword Technique—just one-fourth. After doing so, the White Tiger Slaughtering Technique widened its mouth filled with pointed spikes, and bared it towards Murong Mingtian.

“Illusory Sword Technique.” Murong Mingtian was not flustered. Once again, he stabbed forth with the Royal Armament in his hand, and cast another Mortal Taboo martial skill.

Before this martial skill even reached the White Tiger Slaughtering Technique, it exploded, becoming an extremely violent lump of energy that instantly enveloped the Secret Skill.

“Illusory Sword Technique, Illusory Sword Technique, Illusory Sword Technique!”

Murong Mingtian then cast three more Mortal Taboo martial skills consecutively in the instant the lump of energy appeared. Moreover, every single one of them merged into the lump, doubling its power. After three consecutive explosions, the lump of energy was extremely horrifying. It was akin to a small sun as it stood within the air, emanating deterrence.

Murong Mingtian’s line of thought was actually very simple: he knew his Illusory Sword Technique was no match for Chu Feng’s White Tiger Slaughtering Technique, so that was why he planned out something like this. He wanted to use the power of the four Illusory Sword Technique to cancel out Chu Feng’s White Tiger Slaughtering Technique and protect himself in such a manner.

“Chu Feng, your Secret Skill is indeed powerful, but sadly, you’re too juvenile.” Murong Mingtian wore a cold smile as he watched the exploding lump of energy and felt the disintegrating White Tiger Slaughtering Technique. He muttered to himself, “I am a real rank seven Martial King. You? You only have this cultivation because you used the Immortal Transference Mysterious Technique. Forbidden Medicines are useless to you, and any other pellets or techniques to strengthen yourself are useless. You can only rely on Lady Piaomiao’s tiny bit of cultivation. How long do you think you can last in this battle of endurance?

“Even if my martial skill isn’t as powerful as your Secret Skill, with my cultivation foundations alone, I can just wear you out! Brat, with this bit of battle experience, you want to fight me? You are too young!”


But just when Murong Mingtian felt his plot had succeeded, a tiger’s roar suddenly rang out. Quickly following that was a white figure shooting out from the lump of energy. It was an entirely new White Tiger Slaughtering Technique; Chu Feng had actually used a Secret Skill three times in a row.

“H-h-ho… How is this possible?” Murong Mingtian, who had a smirk on his face earlier, paled instantly when he saw the fierce white tiger.

No matter what, he did not expect Chu Feng to cast the Secret Skill a third time after two back-to-back casts earlier.

The power drained by the Secret Skill was huge, no weaker than if it were a Mortal Taboo martial skill. Especially since Chu Feng’s Secret Skill was so powerful, it meant the strength it exhausted was even more enormous. Even if Chu Feng could cast one Secret Skill, the White Tiger Slaughtering Technique, while casting another Secret Skill, the Azure Dragon Dashing Technique, to do so continuously truly defied logic.

But now, he didn’t care about all that. He quickly turned around, and used a bodily martial skill to flee. The appearance of this white tiger was too sudden; he no longer had any chances to cast a Mortal Taboo martial skill, so his only choice was to escape.

*aoo—* However, the White Tiger Slaughtering Technique was truly too quick. Even though the bodily martial skill Murong Mingtian cast was very strong, he was still unable to rid himself of the Secret Skill. The distance between the two was becoming increasingly small.

“Jiang Qisha, save me!” begged Murong Mingtian. He was out of options in this poorly developing situation.

“Trash! You used so many of my Talismanic Pellets yet you only have strength like this. What’s the use in keeping you alive?”

But as Jiang Qisha watched Murong Mingtian chased fiercely by the White Tiger Slaughtering Technique, he just smiled mockingly. He actually ignored Murong Mingtian, and chose to leave him for dead.

“Dammit! Jiang Qisha you bastard! As an ally, you decide to abandon me?!” Murong Mingtian gnashed his teeth in anger and couldn’t help but curse at Jiang Qisha.

*aoo—* The White Tiger Slaughtering Technique had arrived. With its widened mouth, it engulfed Murong Mingtian entirely.

“Ahh—” A painful cry instantly rang out, and following that was the sound of teeth grinding and chewing from the White Tiger Slaughtering Technique.

It did not directly kill Murong Mingtian. Instead, it chose to torture him first, granting him a painful death.

“Heavens! Senior Murong, he’s actually…”

Seeing the White Tiger Slaughtering Technique that used its own mysterious power to chew madly, nearly everyone’s face went pale.

However, Murong Mingtian wasn’t a simple person. When the White Tiger Slaughtering Technique tortured him, he was using his own technique to fight back and exhaust the power of the White Tiger Slaughtering Technique. As a result, its body was gradually splitting apart.


The White Tiger Slaughtering Technique started turning into light which shone in every direction. Its power became weaker and weaker, and when its body turned translucent, panic arose, especially from the Immortal Execution Archipelago. They couldn’t help crying out loud.

At that moment, blood was all over Murong Mingtian’s body. His arms and hands were gone, and there was even a bite to his brain. More importantly, his ruined body lost its aura completely. Murong Mingtian had been bitten to death by Chu Feng’s White Tiger Slaughtering Technique.


Just at that moment, the remaining power from the White Tiger Slaughtering Technique, in accordance to Chu Feng’s will, made an explosion. It completely destroyed Murong Mingtian’s remains, and didn’t even leave anything behind.

The mastermind behind the rise of the Immortal Execution Archipelago, the old monster who had lived for several hundred years, was killed by Chu Feng in such a pitiful manner.