Chapter 967 - Sneak Attack

MGA: Chapter 967 - Sneak Attack


The flame-like pillar of light released by Jiang Qisha’s halberd radiated boundless power as it shot towards Zi Ling and the others behind the Crippling Night Demon Sect with unimaginable speed. The target of this attack was clear: it was aimed not at Zi Ling, but rather the unconscious Tantai Xue in her embrace.


The incoming attack evoked great change in everyone’s expression. Bound by the pressure of the pillar, they were petrified as they could not evade the attack.

The strength of the halberd was truly immense. It clearly wasn’t a simple Royal Armament. Be it the aura it radiated or the power of its attacks, it was far superior to other Royal Armaments and could stand on equal ground with Chu Feng’s Demon Sealing Sword. If Tantai Xue were unable to dodge this strike, her death would be inevitable.


However, just as the crowd felt there was no hope, a black wave of energy sliced through the air and collided into the halberd’s attack.

*boom rumble rumble—*

In the instant they collided, flames rose into the sky and spread out into surging waves of fire. Strangely, the remnants of the halberd’s attack did not manage to harm Zi Ling or the others as the blazes halted immediately when they approached ten meters of the group.

Even though the black energy slash also dispersed into an energy shock wave, it seemed as if it had a will of its own and protected Zi Ling and the others.

Jiang Qisha frowned slightly when he saw such a scene unfold. He knew Chu Feng sent out the energy slash which stopped his attack. Therefore, he couldn’t help but cast his gaze towards Chu Feng.

Only then did he discover even though Chu Feng was fighting Murong Mingtian, Chu Feng had shot glimpses over in his direction. Moreover, Chu Feng’s gaze was filled with disdain. In his current eyes, he actually looked down on Jiang Qisha.

“It seems I’ve truly underestimated you.” Although Jiang Qisha replied with a light smile, such a gaze of contempt had still invoked his fury.

In his heart, Chu Feng was no different from the others in the Eastern Sea Region. He too was trash. He was trash unqualified to even cultivate. Yet, such trash dared to look down on him, who could still be considered a peak genius in Holy Land of Martialism. That was intolerable.


Suddenly, a gale arose; Jiang Qisha had attacked. With the fiery-red halberd, he rushed into the intense battlefield. He joined up with Murong Mingtian, and started sending fatal attacks towards Chu Feng.

“You’ve come at the exact right moment.”

But even though Jiang Qisha had entered, Chu Feng remained calm. The Demon Sealing Sword simply sliced through everything. Nothing could stop him. Not only did Murong Mingtian not dare to use his Royal Armament to block the attacks, even Jiang Qisha’s fiery-red halberd was unable to defend against the Demon Sealing Sword. Every time they clashed, his halberd would be forced back by Chu Feng’s Demon Sealing Sword. When Chu Feng fought two alone, he still occupied the advantage.

“This is unbelievable! Chu Feng’s actually fighting two people alone, and he’s even winning! That Jiang Qisha is no match for Chu Feng either!”

“Heavens! Doesn’t this mean Chu Feng’s strength is even above Jiang Qisha’s? Even the genius from the Holy Land of Martialism cannot defeat Chu Feng! He truly is a monster.”

If it was somewhat understandable that Murong Mingtian stood no chance against Chu Feng, it was absolutely unimaginable that Chu Feng could suppress Jiang Qisha in the same manner.

“I do not believe I will lose to trash like you!”

Jiang Qisha’s complexion turned more and more unsightly as the whispers rang out around him. His calm smile had vanished, and replacing it was sinisterness that became increasingly clear.

After being pushed back again by Chu Feng’s Demon Sealing Sword, Jiang Qisha no longer blindly fought. He flipped his palm and raised it in the air.

“Mortal Taboo—Soul Sealing Runes!”

Countless runes flew out from his palm. They were made by Martial power, and contained horrifying strength. It was not a simple martial skill—it was Mortal Taboo martial skill.

Jiang Qisha’s fighting strength was already shocking. After wielding the fiery-red halberd, his strength had risen to a stage that even a rank seven Martial King stood no chance.

In such conditions, let alone a Mortal Taboo martial skill, normal attacks were already terrifying with the strength he possessed!

When the attack was cast, the sky lost its colour, and the sun and moon were stripped of their light. Only on his battlefield was one able to see anything. Based on this attack alone, it wasn’t an impossibility to completely wipe out the Crippling Night Demon Sect’s army of ten million.

“White Tiger Slaughtering Technique!” But when Jiang Qisha cast that Mortal Taboo martial skill, Chu Feng too raised his palm. He cast the supreme Secret Skill, the White Tiger Slaughtering Technique.


A world-shaking tiger’s roar rang out when he struck out with his palm. At the same time, a glittering white tiger that appeared alive shot out from his hand.

It was simply unstoppable when it appeared. It opened its mouth, and gave a roar that could even shatter space itself. When its claws waved, it seemed as if it could break down everything.

Before the white tiger, Jiang Qisha’s Mortal Taboo martial skill stood absolutely no chance—it was torn apart. More importantly, the white tiger was merciless. After destroying Jiang Qisha’s Mortal Taboo martial skill, its power was only cut in half. It didn’t disappear, and instead, ran in the air towards Jiang Qisha as it bared its fangs.

“How is this possible? It’s a Secret Skill! He can cast such a powerful Secret Skill! So powerful that it’s able to destroy my Mortal Taboo martial skill?”

Jiang Qisha was very experienced, so he instantly knew that the White Tiger Slaughtering Technique Chu Feng cast was not an ordinary martial skill but a Secret Skill.

It was a mysterious ability that changed in accordance with the master’s strength. If the master was strong, the Secret Skill would be strong. Likewise, if the master was weak, the Secret Skill would be weak.

Jiang Qisha was shocked exactly because of that. Such power coming from the Secret Skill Chu Feng cast didn’t just mean the skill itself was powerful, it indirectly meant Chu Feng’s aptitude was powerful, which led to the strength of the Secret Skill.

“I do not believe I will be suppressed by trash like you!” Jiang Qisha gritted his teeth and retreated. Overlaying his palms, he cast another Mortal Taboo martial skill—Spiritual Beast Destruction.

*aoo—* An extremely horrifying Martial power was released, and as the ferocious power surged, it released furious roars. In the end, it became a black-coloured tiger.

It was over a hundred meters long, and was several times bigger than the White Tiger Slaughtering Technique. Moreover, the might it had with it was no weaker than the Secret Skill.

*boom* The black and white tigers, though abilities, seemed to possess intelligence. They did not confront each other directly, and instead cleverly fought against one another. It was not only intense, it was very wondrous. It truly did seem like two lively beasts fighting for their lives.

When those two tigers fought each other, Chu Feng and Jiang Qisha also closed their eyes. They seemed to be channeling power into their respective abilities. The intelligence displayed by the martial skill was controlled by the two of them.

“Heh, good chance.” Murong Mingtian sneered when Chu Feng was stalled by Jiang Qisha. Suddenly, he waved the Royal Armament in his hand towards Chu Feng, and with radiance shining everywhere, an enormous sword in the sky filled with destructive power shot towards Chu Feng amidst surging might.

This was the Immortal Execution Archipelago’s Mortal Taboo martial skill—the Illusory Sword Technique.

Murong Mingtian was despicably launching a sneak attack as Chu Feng and Jiang Qisha were fighting it out.