Chapter 966 - As Powerful as Before

MGA: Chapter 966 - As Powerful as Before


The energy slash released by the Demon Sealing Sword was unstoppable. It broke through Murong Mingtian’s rank nine martial skill without any trouble, and after a violent collision, the slash erupted into an explosion, whereupon the remnant shock wave flew towards Murong Mingtian.


Murong Mingtian cursed when he saw the incoming shock wave. At such a distance, he could not cast a martial skill in time, nor could he dodge it. Since he could do nothing to completely avoid this dangerous situation, he could only raise the Royal Armament in his hand to meet force with force. He prepared to block Chu Feng’s attack.


But what he didn’t expect was despite being only a remnant shock wave, its power was still incomparably ferocious. Although he had successfully blocked it, he was still thrown several miles back.

Most importantly, when he stopped, not only did the Royal Armament in his hand tremble even more violently, his arm trembled violently as well. Large amounts of blood flowed down toward his palm—Murong Mingtian had been injured, and it was no light injury either.

“Dammit. Why is this brat’s strength so horrifying?”

Murong Mingtian’s complexion was ashen as he tightly furrowed his brows. He was finally aware of how serious this was because he had never expected Chu Feng to be so strong.

In his eyes, the strength Chu Feng showed was not the slightest bit weaker than Tantai Xue before she was ambushed. At least, Murong Mingtian would have a difficult time fighting Chu Feng with the strength he currently had.

“Murong Mingtian, rank seven Martial King? You are quite disappointing.”

Chu Feng sneered, and simultaneously, he waved the Demon Sealing Sword in his hand again. Layers of darkness enveloped the sky, Chu Feng attacked Murong Mingtian once again. This time, the might he released was even stronger than before.

“This brat?!”

Murong Mingtian’s expression changed greatly as Chu Feng rushed over again. Within his eyes of guile, wariness, and fearlessness, there was a very rarely seen fright. He knew only death awaited him if he continued fighting Chu Feng in his present state.

“Murong Mingtian, how long are you going to wait until you use the Talismanic Pellets?” said Jiang Qisha, who had remained silent all this time.

Murong Mingtian felt he had a revelation. Flipping his palm, the several Talismanic Pellets Jiang Qisha gave him appeared on his hand. He unhesitantly swallowed them all.

*boom* An odd shock wave rippled from the inside of Murong Mingtian’s body to the outside. Moreover, runic markings started appearing on him.

They looked like dragons and snakes as they were all interconnected with each other. They were very strange, but most importantly, after those markings appeared, Murong Mingtian’s eyes caved in. He was akin to a bloodthirsty beast as bloodlust swirled around him. It was very horrifying.

At that very instant, his aura was climbing rapidly. It had infinitely neared a rank eight Martial King, and his fighting strength was even several times stronger than before.

“Can’t win, so you use the pellets? Hoh, that’s fine. Today, you will die completely convinced of my strength.”

Although Murong Mingtian’s power had risen, Chu Feng was still not fearful at all. He didn’t just continue on, he even sped up. As he wielded the Demon Sealing Sword, he fought Murong Mingtian who had used the Talismanic Pellets.


The exchange of blows this time was even more frightening than before. However, Murong Mingtian was not forced into a passive state; he could now put up a fight against Chu Feng but he still remained no match for him. After several trades back and forth, he was once again in the disadvantage.

“This isn’t true, is it? Murong Mingtian used so many powerful Forbidden Medicines yet he still stands no chance against Chu Feng?”

“Even a rank seven Martial King cannot defeat Chu Feng? Has his strength become this horrifying? Doesn’t this mean he can even stand on equal ground with Jiang Qisha?”

The entire fight between Chu Feng and Murong Mingtian were all caught by the observers. Chu Feng, from the very start, had suppressed Murong Mingtian completely. He even used Talismanic Pellets, yet that didn’t change the outcome. Everyone once again witnessed Chu Feng’s strength.

So actually, Chu Feng’s fighting strength was not only powerful when he was a Martial Lord, he was similarly powerful when a Martial King. No matter how Chu Feng acquired this cultivation of rank four Martial King, right now, Chu Feng had indeed suppressed Murong Mingtian, a rank seven Martial King.

The ancestor of the Immortal Execution Archipelago had lived for several hundred years, yet he was still no match for Chu Feng. How could the observers not be stunned?

At that instant, the ones who mocked Chu Feng to be a coward and trash held various emotions in their hearts: some timid, some trepidation, some a mix of varying feelings.

Right now, Chu Feng had slaughtered a way over. And he wasn’t alone—he brought with him the Crippling Night Demon Sect’s army of ten million. Not only did he become sect head, he even had the cultivation to suppress Murong Mingtian.

Was such a strong youth a coward? Trash?

No, he was neither. Chu Feng acted the same as he always had. He did things no one else dared to do. They had all held an incorrect perspective of Chu Feng, and they were also regretting because of their mistaken words.

Chu Feng possessed such powerful strength, so they knew very well if he wanted to kill them, it was simple as easy as stepping on ants. There was no doubt they would die.

*BOOM—* Just at that moment, Chu Feng and Murong Mingtian had another intense clash. Though Murong Mingtian was successful in blocking Chu Feng’s attack, there was a frightening wound on his body—he had been injured.

“Jiang Qisha, how much longer are you going to keep watching for? Quickly deal with Tantai Xue and the useless Crippling Night Demon Sect army!” Finally, Murong Mingtian couldn’t stand it any longer. He fiercely shouted at Jiang Qisha, who was standing in the air, doing nothing.

“Heh, old trash, you can’t go any longer already? I even thought you could hold on until that brat’s mysterious cultivation disappeared.”

Jiang Qisha made a disappointed smile on his face. He too had seen that Chu Feng’s current cultivation did not truly belong to him. No matter how long it would remain on his body, there was a limit, and he, Jiang Qisha, was waiting for Chu Feng’s cultivation to fade away.

“Don’t waste your breath! I can still deal with this brat. Take this chance to remove Tantai Xue, and the trash from the Crippling Night Demon Sect!” Murong Mingtian shouted again.

“Heh, no worry. Everything is within my grasp. Crippling Night Demon Sect? That’s just a group of clowns. I can kill them at any time. As for that Tantai Xue… Indeed, she cannot be kept alive.”

Jiang Qisha wore a cold smile on his face, and his gaze suddenly turned chilly. At the same time, he jabbed out with the fiery-red halberd in his hand. Finally, he made his move.